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  1. For the most part yes, after looking through both lists the majority of the trophies are the same with upgrading some trophies from bronze and silver to silver and gold (Completionist went Silver -> gold etc) and the removal of "get x kills with y weapon" trophies. Renegade and Paragon bronze trophies from the PS3 version were combined into Principled which is gold. All the new trophies seem pretty easy and look to be earned naturally as you progress the story or going for Completionist. Also, disregard the roadmap. The biggest change between the ps3 version and the ps4 version is that I've heard you can play on Insanity from the very beginning so one full playthrough is all you need. An extra part of a playthrough for the engineer/biotic, although it seems commanding a squadmate to do one of these actions counts, I think it would be easy and less tedious to just do it yourself.
  2. Yeah, this is really annoying, should really have an official feature for this, I imagine it's really easy to code too. Also, as some people have stated above, not being able to join or make a gaming session for a game you own is a pain. The number of times I've seen an open gaming session while I was out but by the time I get home to download the game but the session was already full is more than zero. It's really annoying.
  3. The game has 4 separate trophy lists with 3 platinums. For some reason, the trophy lists for the 2nd and 3rd games haven't been added to the site yet.
  4. People are complaining about getting 3 gold and 3 silver trophies for completing 3 single-player missions? I wish more games had double the trophies just for completing the game. Imagine if Call Of Duty did this, the only trophies would be the story and the collectibles.
  5. This is the result of countries like the US and Europe pushing all their manufacturing into countries like China. Political parties like the Republicans in the US and UKIP in the UK are constantly ridiculed for wanting to bring manufacturing back to their respective countries. It's ironic that if people pulled their heads out of their arses we wouldn't have this production shortage. Secondly, Sony has more than enough parts to continue production but they're refusing to do so. They're hoarding the parts so they can produce and sell the PS5 redesign, which is likely going to have an increased price tag. It's like how diamond companies artificially lower their stock by outright refusing to sell so they can increase demand. I think it's highly likely that Sony is going to have more than enough PS5 redesign consoles for sale on day 1.
  6. The trophy requires you to do this on a single save file. It's best to do this with between 16-19 dwellers. This stage of the game has the highest random event chance that has a high Raider chance. People say under 30 is your best bet, the higher your dweller count the more likely a raider/ghoul/deathclaw attack will be but the overall chance of ANY random event is much lower.
  7. The doctor and woodworker roam almost the entire homestead. Firstly, make sure there aren't any conversation icons on the map, if there are any of these it could be that they are in the conversation and you need to interact with them before moving on. Secondly, if that isn't the case just go to where they're supposed to go and watch Netflix or something until they show up. For example, one of the woodworkers is fixing a fence that occurs all the way down by the farmers. Just wait and they should show up. Thirdly, do not stand anywhere near their homes. If you're waiting outside their homes sometimes they just don't come out or just stand there all day until night time. Lastly, I've seen similar questions and people have been saying the weather affects what actions the NPCs do. This is NOT the case. The only thing that affects what the NPCs do is the time. Sadly, there is nothing you can do to speed this up. It's entirely up to RNG.
  8. I did it with a fully upgraded ship. Go full speed then when you're about to hit it, press circle twice so you stop. Make sure that your bow hits the other ship's bow and grinds alongside it for a second. If you get a direct hit the ships will sink. If you're having trouble lining up just sail away for a bit and turn around. Below is a diagram to show which part of the ship to ram. I was trying to get this for about 2 hours before I googled this and got it second try.
  9. So I've seen a few of these and thought why the hell not? I've been trophy/achievement hunting on and off since before trophies were a thing. I've had multiple accounts but decided to start fresh and hopefully have this account be at 100%. I'm going to be splitting this collection into games I've completed the platinum for and/or gotten 100%, games I've started but not finished, and games I own I plan to start after my backlog is gone. Here I'll be cataloging my platinum's and giving a brief review on how fun, challenging, and time-consuming a trophy list was. Current goals Complete the PS4 assassin creed games up to Valhalla in order. I went ahead and got the MP trophies in Black Flag and Unity though. At the same time work on completing my backlog. Play games like Bloons TD5 while watching Netflix Section 1- Platinums/100% Section 2- Actively Playing Section 3- Backlog Section 4- Games on a Black Account These are games that are staying on a blank account until a specific trophy has been earned. I really wish MP trophies could be earned on a blank account. Modern Warfare Remastered- Best Of The Best - This single trophy is such a pain in the ass. I've spent over 10 hours trying to get this. Almost as long as it took to beat the BO3 campaign on realistic. 19 times I have come in at 15.2, and once 6 times in a row. I really want to just go trade it in but the game is only worth about £0.80 now. Stardew Valley- Fectors Challenge Section 5- Games I Plan To Platinum Section 6- Reviews
  10. Sex Education.
  11. 37 Homestead missions A few hours sitting and waiting for an NPC to do a specific task. Complete all 4 clubs that are extremely tedious 100% sync all Naval missions 100% sync all Main Story missions Collect over 100 collectibles Level all 6 assassin recruits to max Do all the delivery missions 100% sync DLC Boston in a single session 100% sync DLC Frontier in a single session 100% sync DLC New York in a single session That doesn't seem too bad until you get to the bugs. Lighting bugs that leave some full syncs left entirely to luck. Some homestead missions simply might not appear Some homestead missions that you have already unlocked might disappear if you finish the Main sequence before completing them Having to restart and do a mission again since you didn't have the equipment needed for the optional objectives, or screwing up and having to leave the mission and go to the store since death or reload doesn't replenish your items. Naval mission optional objectives are really hard to get since your ship does too much damage that you sink ships before you're able to expose the areas you need to specific hit to get the kill Doing anything other than the main missions as Haytham will cause your progress trackers to disappear when you get to Connor but the overworld objective is gone. Nothing worse than getting 99.99% and the only thing missing is that single almanac page you got as Haytham by accident right outside a mission start...
  12. The graphics are a downgrade from the original. One place this is really noticeable is when I was doing the full sync for Battle Of Bunker Hill. When I played the original I got it first try, in the remaster everything is so bright that when you get close to the objective the entire side of the screen you need to be watching just turns an orange-yellow color and you can't see the enemies you're aiming for. It was so bad I had to change my brightness settings and that didn't help at all. As someone else said, I got so bored trying to figure out what I was doing wrong I watched a video, and then I realized that you were supposed to be able to see the other half of the screen. It wouldn't have been so bad if there was also an audio clue. To make matters even worse this I bought this, odyssey, and origins all during the same sale. I bought AC3 first and got the other two when I got paid, only to find out that odyssey or origins(not sure which and I bought both at the same time) have AC3 as part of the season pass. I've bought games in the past that I've regretted buying but I've always had a little fun with a game. But this. This game has been nothing but a chore from the start. I get the feeling they decided that most people would be getting the game from the season pass for free so the devs just lied to the higher-ups about actually working on the game. This was worse than the PS3 port of San Andreas. It really pisses me off because I loved the original.
  13. True that. The only reason I buy digitally is when I see DLC at 80% off. Really wish they'd lower the price like what happens with physical games.
  14. Not that they're easy, just not hard enough for the DLC to be 3-4 levels higher in difficulty or take 100+ hours longer than the base game. Should be kept at the same difficulty as the base game.
  15. I don't mind DLC trophies in most cases, yes they lower your completion but they're usually cheap and quite fast to finish. The singular exception to this is trophies that are much, much harder and/or time-consuming than the main game. Even worse when they add a DLC trophy that is time-consuming, hard, and online with a huge amount of luck with the RNG. For example; GTA V- Doomsday heist Dantes Inferno- St Lucia All the Arkham games All Call of Duty/Battlefield games Last Of Us- MP DLC Uncharted 3- 250 MP wins