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  1. To anyone still needing these trophies, in the most recent update 3 new events were added which give out more Rep than completing the daily quest for the foundation/crater. Test your metal Eviction notice Moonshine jamboree
  2. 2,250 atoms or about 17 - 18k score
  3. 258 hours played and I’m at 250km, I thought I was close to it popping about 100 hours ago but that puts my mind at rest now I know how far I am from it.
  4. This event sounds pretty fun and I have been meaning to expand my horror game collection so I might aswell use this as an excuse so that I can buy more resident evil games. Dark pictures: Man of Medan Dark pictures: Little Hope Dead rising 2 Resident Evil Revelations 2
  5. Mafia 3. If you end up going for it, good luck man because the amount of bugged trophies it has is unreal.
  6. There has been a lot of discussion on easy platinums lately so I wanted to share my take. All that matters is you are playing games you enjoy, if you like getting the easy platinums then good on you, I think you shouldn’t listen to anyone else and carry on with what you enjoy. Whilst i don’t exactly care if someone is getting easier platinums, I will admit that I am more impressed when people show off their tough and grindy platinums than I am with easy platinums. As for the leaderboards, I have only ever looked at them once, they are something I want to be impressed by but I find that on most of the top list I have to scroll through 100 of what’s pretty much the same game just to get to an actual game, it would be nice to have the opportunity to get on the leaderboards but I know that unless I start playing games that I don’t enjoy then it’s unlikely to happen so I don’t take much notice in them.
  7. For me, it is ‘A Quiet Time’ from RDR2, it’s so simple and silly yet so perfect.
  8. You only have a few trophies remaining for Outriders so I wish you the best of luck with that.
  9. 18, honestly jealous of all the older people though because of all the good games they grew up with.
  10. My completion rate would be looking a lot nicer and I would have my hands on the shiny fortnite platinum, impressive list.
  11. I think it would kind of punish people for people for platting genuinely fun games just because of the high completion rate. I also don’t really see what it would solve because there are some easy games out there with a low percentage rate and there are also some tough games out there with a high percentage rate.
  12. You can do them both together, however the most important thing is to use auto aim when Jacob is in the bushes. With auto aim on, the game won’t kill Jacob and it will mean he can get bitten later on, whereas without auto aim you will need to shoot Jacob for Butterpops and he will of course not make it to be being bitten.
  13. Unfortunately Emma needs to make it to chapter 6 for the clues, I also forgot about the trophy for telling Emma the truth which you need Jacob and Emma alive for but Jacob to be not bitten. What I would personally do is: Playthrough 1 All alive Jacob tells Emma the truth (can be done in play through 2) All tarots Hard pass All evidence Butterpops (can be done in playthrough 3) All Hackets dead Side with Travis Misc trophies Replay on chapter 9 for the motel ending Playthrough 2 - Replay on chapter 2 All clues Tarot reading Flesh wound Everyone infected Playthrough 3 - replay on chapter 4 Everyone dead Replay on chapter 9 so Ryan lives Replay on chapter 10 so Kaitlyn lives
  14. Make sure that you collect the bracelet during as a precaution in chapter 1 Tarot run also can’t be done in the same run as killing everyone because
  15. Wanted to mention the next double XP should be on August 18th - 22nd
  16. Ah, I see, that makes more sense sense now.
  17. Might be wrong on this but it could be that the games have reached a limit on the amount of trophies or DLC packs.
  18. Honestly I don’t think immortal fame should be there, It didn’t seem too grindy but instead challenging, surprised that Friday the 13th wasn’t on the list.
  19. I started over, it was on patch 1.02
  20. Same thing happened to me on chapter 5, I made the wrong choice and decided to close app but when I tried to load back in, it wouldn’t let me.
  21. To be fair, a survey with a thousand people doesn’t represent the whole playerbase, I would argue that it is mainly adults who take part in surveys. My guess would be that it’s a mixture of kids/teens and adults who are spending money.
  22. Part of me is happy, the other part is a bit sad about the situation. The one thing I wanted from Rockstar is even the slightest of communication, so the newswire mentioning that there won’t be any big updates because they are working on GTA6 is better than randomly adding a lacklustre update and pretending that the game hasn’t been abandoned for over a year. Then and again, RDO had a lot of potential, I still to this day prefer RDR1 to RDR2 which is purely because of the online, if RDO would have gotten more care to it then it could have been better but chances are even once GTA6 is released RDR2 won’t ever get a big update and won’t have the chance that GTA5 had in the first couple of years.
  23. If you aren’t using auto aim, the only way to get the Butterpops trophy is by killing Jacob, this would make blood pact unobtainable throughout the play through as the only time Jacob can get bitten is chapter 6 However with auto aim on, the game won’t kill Jacob yet the Butterpops trophy will still pop, meaning Jacob will survive until chapter 6 to get bitten, making blood pact and Butterpops doable in the same playthrough
  24. There are 2 requirements to combine peanut butter butterpops and infecting everyone Swap over to auto aim in chapter 4 so that Jacob survives the combat encounter Dylan must get bitten during chapter 5 and not chapter 8 Other than those 2 requirements, you can follow both trophies normally
  25. Sell your gear to a vendor then keep buying in back, rinse and repeat. Make sure your on easy mode so it sells for more. If the trophy doesn’t pop when it should, exit the vendor then sell some more gear.