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  1. Hi all. Does anyone know when trophies will be released for "Night Lights"? It's been released in the PS Store, but there isn't a trophy list to support it on PSNP.
  2. I like it so far, only played 10 levels thus far, but going to tackle another batch hopefully later. I know they will get progressively more challenging, but these kind of puzzle games I enjoy.
  3. Thanks for the info, Eli, and definitely looking forward to tackling this one initially without any guide, then maybe will use a guide if I stuck/frustrated. LOL
  4. Easy or not, I think Treefall Studios make some fun games. I've enjoyed the ones I've played so far. Just my humble opinion of course. 😁
  5. There's still no PS4 Trophy list.
  6. Yes. @General_Spankys confirmed above it will be released in the US Store.
  7. Does anyone know if this will be released for PS4, and is there any information out there about this game? I Googled it and could not find a thing. LOL
  8. I can only speak from personal experience, but I had no problems with either the PS4 NA or EU stacks. All of the trophies unlocked as expected and relatively within the timeframe they were earned.
  9. Thanks for the updated info!
  10. BBQ sauce gets no love. 🙁
  11. Thank you @OverHypedG!
  12. Thank you. The site says Nov. 5th for PS4, but as of this morning, it's not in the PS Store and there's no PS4 Trophy List.
  13. I personally love this game so far. It is exactly how Overhyped Gamer described, very grindy, but also very therapeutic. It's a great feeling when you get stuck in a section, make enough money to upgrade and then blast through that section. 😀
  14. Are you surprised? LOL I think with some of these, they could definitely time them a little better and probably get more sales.
  15. Looks like a kids game. LOL