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  1. I just watched the trailer for this game and it actually looks fun. If it's not super expensive, I think I'll get it.
  2. After watching the Grind trailer as well as reading an article from the Developer, this looks like it could be fun. I don't think the trophies will be overly difficult (depending on the difficulty of the in-game mini games, of course).
  3. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. Agreed. I think charging $7.00 for the "Break" games is one thing (of which I have purchased them all), but charging the same for the "Run" games is very excessive (of which I have also purchased them all). LOL, so agreeing with you but also still spending the money.
  5. How about you let people play what the fuck they wanna play, you play what the fuck you wanna play, and leave it at that.
  6. @StygianWolf4 - Is it possible to log on using my alternate account on one console (PS4 for example), then start a match with my main account on another console (PS5), then farm the wins that way? The online element would be a deal breaker for me unless something like this works...
  7. Has anyone heard or have any advanced information on what the achievement/trophy list is going to look like for this game?
  8. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. LOL
  9. I am strongly considering buying this as I really enjoyed the last game.
  10. This stinks. I wonder if there's any chance another development team could procure this game and patch it... seems a lot of work was put into the game for it to be left in the wind.
  11. It's been a while since I played the PS4 version, but either the 3rd or 4th level should be all coins and no powerups, with the only powerups coming from mini bosses. Try completing that level without dying. The faster your ball is traveling, the more points you earn, plus each coin gives you additional points, and completing without dying or only dying once should be more than enough to hit 40k.
  12. Yes! My Wife and I really got into this show!
  13. Give it time, or maybe Breakfast Break.
  14. Does anyone have any useful tips on how to run over 5 workers? Do you have to jump off a ramp on top of the worker, because I can't seem to run them over by rolling straight through the obstacle in front of them? I just die.
  15. I'm following this thread as well for my Wife, who is playing the game.