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  1. I wish they added trophies for the DLC, it'd give me a reason to go back and play the DLC
  2. This looked fun and right up my ally, such a shame it looks like the bugs wont be fixed. I'll check back in a few months and hope
  3. For sure i've started doing that too, I'm at 100 hrs gameplay and still need the same 2 items, makes me mad when I see people got so much more lucky than me and got the trophy in the first day or two lol
  4. I thought this would have been the most tedious trophy, but for me it's actually the Accessory Collector trophy, I need 2 more items to get it but can't get them, it's getting to the point where it's just like fml now lol, been looking for the same 2 for like 20 hours, 70-80 hrs total play time
  5. It's such an enjoyable game, to get the plat it's literally a collecting game, just doing runs upon runs upon runs, collecting damage, combos, items, and all the rest. There's even a collection log in game that you need to complete for one of the gold trophies. I have 18 hours in it right now and not even half way. It's a time sinker but good fun.
  6. There's a few bugs, i got stuck in the air mid attack and had to reset, and a few times during arcade mode where if I join a party online I won't load into the next level and have to leave which is super annoying. The arcade trophies will for sure be the most difficult but the game is super good, the art and the music is bopping.
  7. Saw they did a patch, but nothing mentioning the trophies in the patch notes, anyone know if it's been fixed?
  8. I want to get this game, does anyone know if trophies are fixed/are likely to be fixed?