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  1. Complete some on a old account but still pretty large for the number of games I own, completed loads tho.
  2. Yeah I ended up pikcing this one so I wouldn't change it It's litreally just my name I've had about 3-4. Had this one since Jan 2013 tho.
  3. If it's a fat model (I had this issue with one) change the thermal greese (mine still has really loud fans tho) I ended upgrading to a used slim model, you can get them for a good price now.
  4. Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty Terraria Wipeout HD Pain
  5. Can anyone list PSN games released on disc for PlayStation 3? (I already have the Journey one)
  6. Ugh just do it on PS4 so we can match it. We started it by putting trophies in Wake up Club on vita anyway. TBH I don't mind it too much, still stupid tho.
  7. Windows 7 Ultimate (Sold my legit copy of Pro) Anyway, I want to use Linux but it's not easy to switch because of apps.
  8. I'm guessing this is a "PS PLUS US" trophy boasting group. UK and Europe gets better plus games, maybe someone should start a group for that?
  9. 329 British Pound Sterling equals 533.21 US Dollar 399 Euro equals 540.68 US Dollar See how much MORE Europe and the UK pay for these systems then America with tax? $130 - $140 more (American price does not include state tax, Europe and UK ones do) Of course we're going to get the Japanese factory, we pay so much more for the systems they better f**king work. You get it for less, we get it for more. You get it from China, we got it from Japan. Hopefully the rumors are true. Anyone, less likely to have bad build quality like the Chinese ones that were used in a protest by them dilabritally making faulty units.
  10. Now then, I love PlayStation Plus but I'd like to know a way to backup MY save data for MY games for when I uninstall them from the TINY memory cards, I have used Plus to back them up for the time I've had my Vita however I may be taking a month of so break inbetween my plus subs and I want my saves saved from games I don't have on my vita. Is there any offline way to backup save data for after you uninstall the apps from your Vita?
  11. Meh, I use my name as my PSN id. I couldn't give a s**t , What you gonna do? Google me?
  12. My little brother played this on my account (He loves Lord of the Rings and was pleased to find I got it for free) and he got 64% on a play throue on average settings without going for trophies. He says he liked it.
  13. http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/129/626/mmmhowabou128546398964510000.jpg
  14. Burn them. (jk)
  15. Started playing it today with a buddy. It's already one of my favourite games to play with friends (split screen or whatever it's called)!