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  1. Hitman 2 - you must be a master assassin
  2. I doubt he is right considering he got all the spec op stars without killing a single juggernaut.
  3. That would’ve been fine if you had one or two trophies out of order but you collected 150 logs and all weapons... and the first chapter you completed was chapter 7.
  4. Street Fighter V (o’,’)-o good job
  5. In no particular order 1 - Final Fantasy VII 2 - Chrono Trigger 3 - Lufia 2 4 - Parasite Eve 5 - Breath of Fire 2 6 - Vagrant Story 7 - Tales of Phantasia 8 - World of Warcraft 9 - Dead Space 10 - Nioh Honorable mentions Zelda Ocarina of Time Bloodborne Super Metroid Suikoden 2 Seiken Densetsu 3
  6. You can cheese O’rin of Water. Stand behind the graves she is infront of and just thrust attack (hold R1) through them. Not really a cheese but you can also throw a shuriken at Lady Butterfly to cancel her aerial attacks, it made that fight so much easier because you can punish her standard combos.
  7. The enemies in the castle will change after you kill the monk and ape. So before you kill those major bosses you need to kill the guy infront the castle (the one that has like 4 enemies around him) and the samurai in the upper dojo because they will get replaced.
  8. The reason why you should back up your save after killing the ape and monk (the first time) is so you don’t lock yourself out of 3 endings (Return, Purification and Immortal Severance). If you follow the guide that op posted you should be fine, but you just back up your save just incase you miss out on the eavesdrops required for Purification and the steps required for Return. You should also save Shura for your NG+ playthrough to get all bosses trophy (backup your save again before you talk to owl, obey the iron code, kill the two bosses, get the ending then reload and kill owl so you can proceed to Fountainhead Palace to get the remaining lapis for upgrades)
  9. Killzone 2 - I’ve heard the valor trophies were brutal, good job!
  10. Doom 3 - I need to get back to it
  11. It would be funny if Sony implemented an update which shows if a person earned their trophies through shareplay.
  12. I don’t think it has been mentioned yet but if you use a shuriken while she is in the air, you can cancel her attacks, its really useful in phase 2 since she loves spamming kunai + butterflies.
  13. Each to their own, really. There are some people who had to suffer with FF Mystic Quest as their first... There are some people who were lucky to enough to experience FFVII as their first (Guilty as charged). It doesn’t matter which FF you start with, many are masterpieces in their own right. Someone else’s opinion shouldn’t influence your choices, try the franchise for yourself. I’m about to be hypocritical with what I’m about to say... But, **ck it. FFVII was my first FF. I experienced it in ‘98 at a friends house; His father had a PlayStation that consisted of Adult Themed games... Games like Tekken and Broken Sword. I was mesmerised. I had never experienced these style of games. The story, the gameplay, the graphics... (at the time, the C.G graphics were groundbreaking) were ahead of their time, by miles... Thanks to technology (emualtors, ROMs, the internet) you can experience any FF. If you are a true gamer, you’ll be like a appraiser; you’ll spot a sloppy zirconium and then, you’ll spot a pure diamond. Sorry, I believe I’m ranting on about pointless sh*t, but alcohol brings out the best of us, doesn’t it? ..at times
  14. Mortal Kombat (o’,’)-o o-(‘,’o)