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  1. There are some really impressive plats here, mine ain't too special Neverwinter PS4 - 0.65% Ninja Gaiden Σ2 PS3 - 1.88% Deadrising 2 PS3 - 1.98% Gauntlet PS4 - 2.13% Pillars of Eternity PS4 - 2.30%
  2. When you create a character you get to pick online or offline mode. Once you pick it you can't change it.
  3. I used a katana, dual swords and warrior of the west 4 piece until I got to way of the wise. Try and get yourself the magatama that reduces set items required by 1 so you can mix and match some sets. You can destroy all human enemies with tempest and with yokai get them confused and whack away. I used the first guardian spirit the dog and the first wind one the bird. Most enemies are weak to certain elements but I found lightning is useful against almost everything. Once I was in way of the wise I replaced that set with the etheral susano set. Marobashi is a good to place to level and get some gear, also changing the stats on your weapons and armor with umbracites helps immensely. If an enemy was really tough I used a lightning talisman and once they are under that elemental effect I would use a couple of guardian talismans until they get confused, then if you’re quick enough you will melt them before they can recover.
  4. I hope the trophies aren’t glitchy like part 2... I completed the game twice on Fearless (imported character and a fresh one) and didn’t get any trophies.
  5. I know they were, I was pretty much supporting what they said. No need to apologise mate, you didn’t do anything wrong.
  6. There will always be a group of people that will complain, its just the way of the world now unfortunately...
  7. Shadow of the Colussus
  8. No Pacifist trophy makes me excited to run through and steam roll everything with a barbarian.
  9. Vanquish - Damn that challenge #6 its been many years since I’ve tried maybe its time to go back
  10. From what I remember I just kept playing and taking over the outposts and my last follower came when I was in the last area.
  11. DOOM 3 - The long load times are a Nightmare
  12. I’m glad it worked it, congrats on your platinum!
  13. Have you tried killing alot of NPCs in the main cities? You probably spammed too many Potions, the game is glitchy sometimes. I checked my list and I unlocked it after ‘Serve the Hybrid’ ending. What I woild suggest is to try and kill all the NPCs in a few main cities then try and go for the ‘Serve the Hybrid’ ending. I remember the other cold trophy unlocked during a dialog, maybe you need to unlock it like that. Good luck I hope you get it.
  14. Space Hulk, good stuff. Its one you don’t see everyday
  15. MKX, would be a nice plat to have