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  1. The method in neos video still works, only thing I would suggest is I'm not sure if he mentioned it or not, But definitely turn the injuries all the way down on the sliders, A couple of times I went AFK and I came back and it was bouncing around one of the menus because my picture got injured
  2. I used to reptar setup mentioned in this thread. I also used three extra controllers to cut out some of the AI racers, And it was still a miserable and infuriating experience. Good luck
  3. This was one of the most frustrating and trying experiences I may have ever had playing a game. I used the setup with reptar mentioned here, And I also used the three extra controllers method, And I still was screaming and infuriated and literally almost brought to tears of frustration at some point. Finally got the plat though 8 or 9/10
  4. Thanks. It makes sense because people would get the PS4 version without needing a disc so essentially they can just pass along a PS5 version and all get it for free on PS4, so I can understand why the devs would have done that. Guess I'll just wait for the inevitable digital sale then
  5. GameStop has it used as their deal of the day for $25 today. The game is cross buy both ways digitally, But if you buy the physical PS5 and you can't get the digital PS4 with it then I'll just wait for a digital sale. I don't believe they made a physical PS4 version
  6. Can you download the PS4 version if you buy the game physical for PS5 or only if you get it digitally on PS5. Thanks
  7. I missed the session. If there's any way anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Super meat boy!
  9. I wasn't fringing it this whole time. It gets to a point where you say the hell with it, but every once in a while I'd fire it up for a miserable half hour or so. The only plat I have hanging over my head now is finishing that friggin grind on beach buggy racing. It's an amazing game but the drive x amount of miles or kilometers trophy is ridiculous
  10. Holy fucking shit!!!! It FINALLY happened!!!!!!!! I hit square and saw is interested in photography and nudge nudge next to each other.....Shit went a little slow motion as I was trying to comprehend what I was actually seeing.....I thought....Oh shit...PLEASE! Glanced up and there was "your wife". What a shitty fucking experience for an otherwise fun game. Can't believe I finally got it. First trophy was a year and 3 months ago.....So yeah.....Good luck to anyone else going for it.
  11. Once you unlock the 4th impa, just bounce it off a wall into an enemy. I waited till one of the crabs was almost on me and then just threw at a wall to my right.
  12. I hate this game so God damn much
  13. I kept cancelling the update file and wound up unlocking this no problem. Hopefully this may help someone who had the game for a while and didn't get the trophy. I don't know how the hell it works. Just don't DL the update. Best advice I can give