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  1. Super meat boy!
  2. I wasn't fringing it this whole time. It gets to a point where you say the hell with it, but every once in a while I'd fire it up for a miserable half hour or so. The only plat I have hanging over my head now is finishing that friggin grind on beach buggy racing. It's an amazing game but the drive x amount of miles or kilometers trophy is ridiculous
  3. Holy fucking shit!!!! It FINALLY happened!!!!!!!! I hit square and saw is interested in photography and nudge nudge next to each other.....Shit went a little slow motion as I was trying to comprehend what I was actually seeing.....I thought....Oh shit...PLEASE! Glanced up and there was "your wife". What a shitty fucking experience for an otherwise fun game. Can't believe I finally got it. First trophy was a year and 3 months ago.....So yeah.....Good luck to anyone else going for it.
  4. Once you unlock the 4th impa, just bounce it off a wall into an enemy. I waited till one of the crabs was almost on me and then just threw at a wall to my right.
  5. I hate this game so God damn much
  6. I kept cancelling the update file and wound up unlocking this no problem. Hopefully this may help someone who had the game for a while and didn't get the trophy. I don't know how the hell it works. Just don't DL the update. Best advice I can give