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  1. They need to be locked from beginning. Where is fun if all is unlocked from start? No money for devs, etc. You need to unlock them by playing and paying (ingame or rm, as you wish).
  2. More than 250h, i think. Because of additional classes. Or you probably can buy it with real money
  3. 10-20$, I suppose, but'll see it tommorow
  4. Only 4 PvP trophies, I think. Win 10, 100 battles and kill 50, 500 immortals. Not much grind, actually. On the other side complete upgrades to all classes is a disaster...
  5. Disinformation, again. Stop it, please. He only confirm about 100% completion in DLC's trophies.
  6. Diablo 3 reaper of souls. Only a few trophies left for you. Hardcore is not so hard, anyway.
  7. «Get a Little Blood on the Tires» from Borderlands.