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  1. Goodluck. I did my trophy run the hard way in one sitting. a total of 7 tries because of crashes. I think its gonna be a smooth breeze on your run.
  2. very unlucky. which district was your second last racket ?
  3. Just a tip. Don't save and quit the game if you didn't complete 34 levels in one playthrough. It will save your time and you can finish this game maybe more than 30 mins. Level completion counter will reset if saving and quitting the game. Thank me later.
  4. No Shit. I thought killing the two Zerstorer be my last problem. Tnx. just doing my practice run right now.
  5. During mein Laben run, Killed by Engel at the Epilogue. is that possible?
  6. yeah Mafia 3 on ps5 also runs like shit. Thats why I put hangar13 on my blacklist for being a shitty developers. I played on my Ps4. I need to be lucky that the game will not crash.
  7. You're welcome. Some of my fail runs are cause by random crashes. It is better to PLay the game offline.
  8. Sir Take a break on your Mafia 3 trophy run and play some other game that you haven't played or completed. It sucks when your game crashed before you take on your last racket boss kill / flip.
  9. I Finally Got the Platinum trophy. It took me 7 playthroughs in 2 months to achieve this glitchy trophies. Never again glitchy trophies in the next Mafia game please Hangar13. For those who have difficulties in downgrading their game to 1.09, playing the game in one sitting without shutting down the console ( 5- 7 hours straight but with short breaks) is the option for those who are aiming for the 100% and the Platinum. Playing in my Ps4 is nerve wracking! praying for not crashing the game.
  10. Maybe I have to correct this.If you Ignore the story related missions, you can't unlock the new district rackets and racket bosses. The game have the tendency to crash without warning. Based on my experience, the game crash when i went trough the downtown mission to kill Tony Dizario. And maybe the mission to kill Uncle lou Marcano. I'm afraid that mission with all the explosion and shit probably the game will crash. Here Some of my advise if you want to speed run all the glitch trophies. Estimated 10 - 12 hours. - Make sure You have time to do this. ( OFF DAYS, NO WORK, Don't do this if you work in a hospital like me) - If you live in a tropical country, make sure the temperature of the room is not too hot ( The console will crash if overhearted). - Make sure to check your local electric company if they announce for blackout for emergency maintenance. ( yup it sucks I always do this ).
  11. THANKS FOR THAT! After "Platinumed" dishonored 2 and finished Dishonored 1 Daud's Dlcs, I might gonna try this dlc just for the experience. Getting the easy trophies is my target then give up the rest ( If I can't do it anymore). I'm already happy with the platinum.
  12. There's one trophy considered missable that is " Hide and seek". HK and EU versions of the game had different ways to obtain the trophy.
  13. I have the same problem also. the game crashed while doing the main mission ( the hotel mission in downtown) in order to unlock the new district and the 2 remaining racket bosses. waste of 10 hours.
  14. How did you get the 1.09 update? I got the patch 1.12. The game crashed while on my kill run for 10 hour straight. Good thing I got the kill run trophies but the no loose ends ahhhh men, the counter resets. the game crashed while going in the main mission ( hotel mission). I got 2 racket boss left to kill to get kill no loose end trophy. I have to do all over again. "no loose end" and "the new boss" trophies are the concrete wall blocking my platinum of this game. I have ptsd on that classic race of mafia 1 def ed.. The audacity of mafia 2 "not" definitive edition is to add another 30 plus wanted posters. Probably they are the ones who made mafia 3 with all the glitchy trophies. I got mental when the game crashed while doing the kill run in one sitting.
  15. GOOD LUCK friend. I've never encountered any trophy issues on mafia def ed. and mafia 2 so i 100% complete these 2 games. No need to worry about it. just worry about mafia def ed. classic difficulty race mission. if you knew this just try harder on that mission. in mafia 2, well, too much grind trophies.