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  1. Tbh i dont know because I've only started and finished the game during the last week. However, I already did 11 of the 12 challenges with a golden score and only have 1 left to go. If you follow youtube guides it gets easier. However, it still requires some skill and lots if patience!! 



  2. Hey guys! So the 1.08 patch is up and amongst many other fixes, the main one is finally here!

    • various PlayStation Trophy fixes


    Let’s try now to get this platinum ehehe good luck everybody!


  3. 3 hours ago, onyxske said:

    Yes. It promises to be tedious. Phat Station and the Sanctum were responsible for many deaths of mine. The You’re (Not) On Fire! Trophy I’m also expecting to have a hard time with, having just done a no death run of Level 1 and sustained damage without ever noticing it. 

    That trophy is actually quite fast. Just go for the easy difficulty and find the first hidden jelly. You can see more easily if you get damaged in the HP meter and if so, just restart the game! 


  4. Tbh just keep going, it won't get harder than that. Except some sequence later you'll see. 

    Anyway, it's normal, you'll eventually get better. My tips before the no deaths run is, do the bad ending one, so you got more familiarized with the levels and also do most of the badges (not all cause the trophy is bugged) to train the levels. 


  5. Hey guys! 
    Is any of you having problems with this trophy?

    The Light, It Burns!
    Scared off at least 500 Sleeches


    I’ve already cleared the level 6 times, 1 in the first playthrough and the other 5 via chapter select and I doubt I didn’t already scared off at least 500 of those sleeches. Can somebody help me? Thanks


  6. Hey guys! Is anybody having problem with the following trophy?

    The Light, It Burns!
    Scared off at least 500 Sleeches


    I already did the level 5 times, 1 was the first playtrough and the other 4 via chapter select and I still did not get the trophy.

    I very much doubt I didn’t scare 500 sleeches already....


    Thanks for the help!


    Edit: got it guys, thanks anyway!