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  1. hello All, I'd like to play this with someone. If you're interested in trying to play it over shareplay leave me your profile name mine is Taz-themlw
  2. I'm looking for a co-op partner to play throughout the majority of game with. i'm not just looking to boost. but sure I can put this info there too. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I've just started the game yesterday and I'd like to partner up with someone to play the game regularly. Mainly for the trophies but also for fun. I'm looking for serious team play. going with the pace of the story and conversation. I speak English and Arabic fluently. Hope someone will join My available time slots are: Saturday - Wednesday: 14:00-19:00 GMT Thursday - Friday (weekend) Free. Taz
  4. Soul Calibur 5 - wind of battle (move total of +80k meters in battle) not that it is hard or anything......I got all the other trophies so far and thats the only one left. Been walking for hours now and stil didnt get it!! I'm just pissed off at how stupid this trophy is!!! it's not like its a challenge or fun in any way!!.....what's the point of this????
  5. I think that's a solid suggestion. for many reasons that you can all imagine. It's not that big a deal if a session is cancelled or the player doesn't show up, but it can be really annoying if the person doesn't even notify. The feedback system wouldn't be really for giving thumbs down to "no show up"s but also for recognizing trolls etc.
  6. Not aiming for no damage? Piss easy!! Very enjoyable though. Revengance no damage? Phase 2 ....I was actually sweating while playing it!! I didnt want to cheese it and just keep running around so i was battling him most of the time. and spent 2-3 hours on that phase. The rest of the fight was easy.
  7. If u haven't got it yet, this is just the thing for you http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/960699-metal-gear-rising-revengeance/faqs/66773 You might not like how he did some of the things but there are some very important tips there. And more importantly, the ranked battle locations!!
  8. I love the game and pretty much everything about. Except for the few irritating things it's got. Mainly the camera view and how that messes up most of my fights. An option to change the view and give it a wider angle wouldn't have been too hard to manage right? And at chapter 6 cutscene....when he's on the bike...... It's like he's going on 40 Km/h for gods sake! No no not in a rush to save millions from disaster at all. OH BTW! Soundtrack?! Orgazmic!! Specially Sam and Monsoon fights!! Sam's fight is cool as it is! But with the soundtrack -specially the intro- pure epic!
  9. I love it! Basically being able to click on of the categories (number of trophies, platinum a golds, completion, etc) Also I would really REALLY like it if the number of " games played" is added In The player stats on the leaderboard. Whether sorting feature was implemented or not.
  10. Personally I never liked 3D whether on games or movies. It's never been that impressive to me and I it puts a lot of strain on my eyes. The only 3D things that I actually liked was the "Hubble" movie on IMAX 3D and one of the pirates of the carribeans I watched on 3D. Avatar had some o.k 3D but still prefer normal HD
  11. I'm surprised that I dont see any of the crazy GT5 trophies here.... So far I only have 3 games im close but didnt get the plat yet Vanquish - %91 - 1 tophie (challenges) Soul Calibur 5 - %85 - 7 trophies CoD: Black Ops - %73 - 2 trophies (exluding DLC)
  12. Nearly a million users awesome!!! This site is way better than anything Sony could come up with! I love it!