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  1. Awesome job!!! I made it on for a few hours and jumped up 7 levels. Hope they do another 3xp weekend soon!!
  2. Lol. I figured it was a new released mode
  3. What is the new game mode?
  4. Thanks again for the help the other night.  It will be nice to get that plat all wrapped up.

    1. skateak


      No problem man. I got another person in the session with 2 PS4's so we should be getting a date and time locked down in the near future. 

  5. Hey smash!  Nice job keeping a perfect trophy record.  Go get that #100!!

    1. --Deleted--


      Wait...where's Assetto Corsa?

  7. Finally!!!! i have all the dlc characters downloaded(big mistake) so i had a total of 245 abilities available. last night during the multiverse event for a random ability I received ability 197; cat call is finally mine. one trophy and one plat later i have finally retired this game.
  8. Now I think this game is just messing with me. Last night i did an inventory of all the abilities and unfortunately i have all the dlc characters downloaded so my total available abilities is 245. I started opening boxes last night and one of the boxes gave a catwoman ability. but, not the damn one I wanted. I am at 143 abilities so far and with my luck ability #244 will be the cat call ability. Curse you injustice 2!!
  9. I don't know how to feel. do I hate you or do I congraulate you. What a dilemma. Oh i guess......CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  10. Including the dlc characters there are 245 total abilities. Here is a list of all the abilities and gear sets for all the characters.
  11. Damn. I was hoping that I was just doing something wrong. Grind away!!
  12. I have all the other trophies. just keep on opening boxes and playing the random ability multiverse. grinding away right now for the legendary multiverse. i hope one day it just surprises me.
  13. I have tried to use the multiverse save method to the cloud to get ability's but when ever i load my save from the cloud it says i have completed that event. does this method not work anymore. I followed the steps listed in the trophy info. any ideas?
  14. Oh man this is great. I should have Whiskey Foxtrot done in no time. All I had left was the 25 kills for Oscar Mike. Its hard enough getting in to a match with Oscar Mike but having to kill him 25 times was a pain. I love this new patch. Great job Gear Box.
  15. yes they can be done in any mode.