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  1. I read on xbox achievements site that the skull machine glitches out completely if you fail the game. Basically a black screen that wont allow you to go back in . Is the glitch prevalent still
  2. You can damage lazaravic by literally shooting him and you can complete the phases by either shooting tree sap or throwing a grenade at him this works for brutal as well
  3. Are online passes needed for either 2010 or warfighter
  4. Yoy didnt have to do the base online in one go because your account was made way before the psn nane change update (around 2019). Any new accounts from that point on don’t have the stats save despite it it only takes about an hour to do all the mp trophies and you can split screen too
  5. For those who arent aware if you made a PSN account after the 2019 name change update a number of COD titles have loads of issues regarding multiplayer, while this game doesn’t have multiplayer trophies there are two spec op missions requiring a partner. Will i be able to do the spec op missions with someone else in a private match or do i have to couch coop it?
  6. Hey for newer accounts made after the psn nane change update is it still possible to do the firewall and fire mission spec ops missions with another online player in a private match or do i have to couch coop it
  7. Whats the status on AC brotherhood Splinter cell and future soldier i tested driver and AC rev those games are gone
  8. If it is 11am japan time then that means it shuts down tonight in the US at 10PM
  9. Bro I thought this was a server shutdown notice
  10. I did bo3 mp legit 5 months ago I didn’t really run into cheaters a lot of the time. Most of my games were legit for the most part I had also played the chaos moshpit which gave me nuketown constantly
  11. AW season pass is indeed a cross buy I bought it for $20 and it gave me both versions ghosts however isn’t a cross buy since none of the dlc showed up on my PS3 download list
  12. I doubt its your PS3 that's the problem its the game. i had the Sprint GP races glitch on me twice and both instances that it glitched after I turned my PS3 off before earning the trophy so to approach the trophies you'll basically have to do it without turning off your PS3 or quitting to the XMB. thankfully the levels didn't glitch but for the game mode ones just do it before you quit game
  13. Driver San Francisco hopefully everything goes well and everybody’s golf just finished sc blacklist mp