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  1. Awesome thanks. Will give it a go without a guide to start and see from there.
  2. Picked this up in the current sale. How hard is this game and how hard does it get? I assume it's better with multiple players? Would like to try it with the kids but not sure if they'd cope or not. Any info very much appreciated.
  3. Trying to do the online trophies right now. Uploaded 2 "performances" and it's bugged out. I seem to remember last time I played this the servers were terrible.
  4. It's currently on sale. At least in the EU zone. Nabbed the season pass and also the trophy finally unlocked.
  5. I have exactly the same issue. I tried a new save and it's still not popping for me.
  6. This has been on my wishlist for a while. Great price. Another game to add to the backlog.
  7. They should be either in the home area "arena" bit or on a path. Took me ages to find the 2nd on for Rank 3. Was outside the main area.
  8. I reported a similar message recently. Got a reply back from Sony saying they were taking action on the account.