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  1. Yes! Day one buy for me. Was actually starting to get worried if this would ever get released.
  2. Nevermind my post about glitched trophies, it worked later last night when I had rebooted the PS vita. Had to replay all the missions though.
  3. Yes to all of them. :/
  4. A bit to easy game tbh but since the vita lacks of td games I'm gonna try to enjoy it as much as possible. But I think there are some glitches trophies. Per ardua ad Astra didn't pop for me also I have completed all acts 100% but the final horizon hasn't poped for me either. Is there anything else I need to do for that trophy? Edit: yeah just did a challeng with 4X multiplier push through the barrier didn't pop either. Everything worked fine yesterday. Anyone else experience this?
  5. I have been awaiting this game for so long so I actually sent a mail to the developers asking about it and got this answer: "The game has been approved by SCEA and we are waiting for SCEE to put it on the store." Really doesn't say much though :/
  6. This! Took me two try's.
  7. Hmm isn't the price a bit on the high end? 369 SKR (around 40€). Is it only me feeling that way?
  8. Yes! This is happening! Brings back some memories.
  9. Why did you have to post this didnt notice it before I saw this. Now it can't be unseen....
  10. Idunno just courius i guess, I tried NBA2K14 that was just a mess to play on the vita, Killzone worked out pretty ok I guess. But having big hands is not an advantage with the backpad for R2 L2 situation.
  11. How much have you used the remote play though? I used it a few times but never really liked it tbh, I really thought the vita and the PS4 would work with eachother more in someways than it has so far.
  12. Yeah pretty much how has the sales going for the vita now? I spent some time trying to keep updated on this in the beginning since I bought the vita on day one, mainly to be insured that it would be getting some love from Sony and game developers. So far I have been happy with the range of games and been enjoying my vita alot. I know there where alot of people ruling the vita out, that it would be dead in the near future. Whats everyones take on this? Have Sony made any official statement of the vita beeing a sucess/dissapointment/what ever, latley? And how do you think the future looks for the vita?
  13. Haha okay should have seen this coming, it's a love/hate game and nothing in between. I bought it anyway yesterday still trying to figure out what side Im on though. Right now just trying to learn my way around the whole thing (will probably take some time) but I think this will be a great game for what i wanted, something to chill out with an hour before bed. Really can't be botherd with something hectic like Rayman or something like that if you get my point. Anyway! Seems nice, works out great on the vita even though it's alot of menues to navigate between, works smoother than I thought it would since i have big fingers and hands.
  14. So if i download the game now for free on PS4 will i get it for free for the when it's released on the vita?
  15. So Im having some thoughts about picking this up later today, Im just affraid that I won't like it. It's been a long time (really long time) since I played any Fotball manager games, not sure why but It's just been that way. Anyway, so why Im actually intressed in picking this up is caus Im looking for a laid back game just to chill out with in bed before i go to sleep. Somethin to just bring the puls down a bit before i finally go to sleep, so yeah 2 questions then. Will this be a good game for that and how is the game in generall? Ive read some reviews and most of them have been positiv. I really don't know why Im having second thoughts on this one but I just need some more opinions on it to get me over that last bump before buying it.