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  1. IT'S DONE!!!!!! IT'S RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!
  2. tenth weeks...
  3. ninth weeks...
  4. I'm french and I phoned to EA France but they say have no solution... T.T
  5. eighth week... sic...
  6. seventh week... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!
  7. sixth week...
  8. I created a tweet for visceral games:
  9. don't forget!!!
  10. fifth week... maybe for christmas... or not...
  11. fourth week... -.-
  12. down again...third week... -.-'
  13. I'm not sure what you mean. missing timestamps is only if your console has never been connected to the internet. if you earned trophy, they will not have a date and time... it's missing timestamps. here, my completion is fucked because I can earned this last ten trophy of the dlc. The servers being unavailable. I hope this is only temporary... sorry for my english, I'm helped by google trad...
  14. he's sick now!!!
  15. yeah... ><'