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  1. You only need to complete / finish each rally for each country (all stages). It is not necessary to win. It's a time-consuming trophy to get, but at least it's doable even with one eye closed and the other sagging.
  2. Thank you very much. It's really a shame. Another cool game for never-never land 😰
  3. Would anyone know where to find this game? I didn't find it on the PS Store, unfortunately. Maybe just on second hand disc?
  4. I bought a used disc of this game this week. When I got home, I went to test it to see if it was working and put it in my backlog pile. I entered the game and just opened the configuration menu and, just for that, I won a trophy. I didn't even start the game - and I wouldn't yet, now I'm forced to go ahead. It's the most bizarre trophy I've ever won. Never in my life have I had to BOO a warm welcome 😂
  5. I love indie games with all my fat elephant heart, whether easy or difficult. My wallet explodes every sale like that. I have a huge library of indie games and have been researching different ones, checking their difficulty and trophies lists. I've already listed at least 50 games of my interest and I should purchase most of them LOL. It's surprising the amount of "broken" games on sale though. I mean with glitched trophies, which prevents platinum or 100%. I recognize that not everything in life is about trophies and that there are games that are worth it even without all the achievements attainable (or none at all). I recently purchased some used ps3 games myself whose servers have been shut down, but which are still worth it. My main question concerns the quality of the NEW final product I am buying. Would I buy my child a toy car without one or two wheels? A drone without propellers? As a rule I would say no. How is it possible that Sony keeps these games in its store? I see the PS Store as a supermarket with lots of products from different manufacturers for sale. Wouldn't it be the merchant's responsibility not to offer these broken products to the final consumer, requiring that they be minimally fixed so that they return to the shelves one day? Cyberpunk is a recent example of this. It's frustrating as hell to know that, despite their potential and interesting looks, most of the games on this list below will never be fixed and will be broken forever. Antigraviator Bit Dungeon Plus Boris The Rocket Circuit Breakers Conarium Cube Raiders Dungeon Rushers Grave Danger Headsnatchers Incredible Mandy Legrand Legacy: Tale Of The Fatebounds Lost Castle Neversong Omen Of Sorrow Protocol Puss! Seeds Of Resilience Shadows Of Adam Space Ribbon The Long Journey Home Legrand Legacy: Tale Of The Fatebounds The Padre Think Of The Children Tribal Pass Tyd Wag Vir Niemand Unit 4 Verlet Swing *-* These games are just the ones I could see among those who are at least 50% off. Surely there are so many others How do you see this issue of "broken-new" games? I confess that I get a bit divided. I heard that Neversong is a great game, for example, but that it will probably never get fixed. Would you buy it anyway?
  6. Naturally I found the game on UK store too. It will count as a European version, is that correct?
  7. Yes for sure. I imagine now that it is possible that this game has never been on PSN Portugal, which is the store where I buy my European versions. I hadn't looked for him there before. As I didn't find the game in the place I'd like, I'll settle for playing Super Meat Boy. In the end it's all the same...
  8. I finally saw this game on sale on PSN NA and looked for the EU version, but I couldn't find it on PSN Portugal. Was this game delisted from the European version? The world is bad enough don't give me sad news 🤓
  9. bani24jj and ConAir, Thank you very much, your help was essential for me. No words to thank you for your kindness to a newbie. In fact the last EA online game I had participated in was Fifa 19, but my EA account was made back in 2016 from Fifa Mobile. I managed to solve the problem of connecting to EA by entering the site and recovering the password. There was an alert that my account or password was expired or something similar. After all, when the game starts, it never manages to log into the EA by itself, but when I go through the menu the login happens almost always without problems. My best greetings! 👍
  10. Please, could someone help me with a newbie question? This is my first game on PS3 and I was interested in getting the platinum trophy. But what the hell, I can't connect with the EA NATION at all. Even if I go to the Online menu and try to login, the message I get is sometimes none, sometimes I can't access EA NATION. My copy of the game is original. I do not know what else to do. I also unsuccessfully searched for an assertive answer on Google, even searching for hours even on steam or Xbox related pages. Has anyone here ever had and overcome this issue?
  11. Would anyone please know how many players are needed for the game's only online trophy? Did I get it wrong, or does the trophy description require you to complete a full eight-player lobby?
  12. oh my god, i installed the game just now, played for 40 minutes and no trophy popped up. I went to check the list of trophies on ps4, but says there are none 😕