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  1. Two things I've noticed: Touchpad presses also work, so you can alternate between X and touchpad to speed up the manual taps and help keep your +70% combo bonus (starfield with warp). If you're fast enough, you can press down twice (with the upgrades window open), click the upgrade, then press up once and not lose your combo bonus. RESTARTING YOUR GAME (where it asks if you wanna delete your save!) NOW DELETES YOUR BLIPBLOP PROGRESS. So while the game now autosaves after every upgrade, you can no longer start a new game and keep your progress! Don't be me and delete 3 prestiges because I wanted to go back to the beginning of the game. EDIT for clarity: I mean starting a new game where it asks if you want to delete your save. Clicking yes on that will also delete your Blipblop progress. You can close and start up the game all you want - just don't do the "delete your save file" route!
  2. Dang thanks for the link - it doesn't show up in google search (yet), or maybe I need to drop the colon in the title.
  3. It's not working? I could have sworn I picked up the 100 Free Play trophy doing this; it's a bit of a grind to 250 to double check, so I'll take your word for it. My apologies guys! EDIT: Apparently the latest patch made all Free Play campaigns set to "Reset any time" which may have messed up the trophies. I'd stick to going to level 50 before resetting as before, but right now I can't test if they still count toward trophy progress. EDIT 2: They DO count toward "Complete [x] Patron Free Plays" Milestone, but apparently not toward the trophies.
  4. For the complete 250 Free Play trophy, if you qualify for a patron, you can simply start any Patron Free Play map, then immediately complete it, and it will count toward the trophies. A lot faster than waiting to complete level 50 before resetting! EDIT: This apparently doesn't count toward trophy progress, see below. Sorry!
  5. Hello Ivaylo_7. This was on patch 1.01 PS4. I had subtitle skip enabled but did not use it during the prologue. I got the prologue trophy just now by starting a new game. I'm going to try the Sharpshooter trophy again when I get there - maybe my game's shot counter bugged out and I should've quit out then restarted the game. Quick edit: I did get all the other trophies just fine though, by following the guide over on ps3t.org. Edit 2: I still cannot get Sharpshooter. I did notice that, over the course of 5 or 6 plays where I would completely quit out of game to XMB and restart between plays, sometimes I would deposit the drink in the trash can on the bridge, then play some BBall, and when I would go back to the bridge to check, the drink would respawn on the table and not in the trash. Sometimes it would remain in the trash can. Every time I quit out and restarted the game, it would correctly respawn on the table, since there's no autosave between tossing the drink in the trash and playing basketball. I'm going to move on from this game now. I'll check back again when the next patch is out.
  6. My playthrough bugged out. I have no trophy for completing the Prologue (easy to fix by starting a new game, I guess), and I couldn't get the Sharpshooter trophy no matter how many times or where I sank the ball. And yes, I did correctly throw away the can in the Conference Room. The trophy for Sharpshooter says throw away trash in the Bridge though? If I can be arsed to do another playthrough, I'll check that.
  7. It's unfortunate, but it appears that the Collect 20 Costumes, and Collect All Costumes trophies are bugged. This may have to do with me accidentally activating New Game + mode in my first walkthrough by accident - I held the activate button next to the #3 NG+ spot because I thought it was a treasure room, then went to the Neutral Ending because I had no idea what was in that room. Fortunately if you don't activate the NG+ shortcuts, it appears that the Costume Collection trophies work fine, as someone in the EU trophy list has the 20 costume trophy, but this means you'll have to do 2 legit playthroughs first to get all the sidequest costumes before doing a quick NG+ third game for the final ending.
  8. The answer is yes - Patron variants count toward the variant trophies. I just unlocked the 48 variant trophy while doing a Patron variant run.
  9. Halon_50 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception At the time, I worked for Sony San Diego (SCEA-SD, now SIEA-SD) and had early access to test builds. It is on these builds that I earned trophies. EDIT: Also, this was a PS3 game where you could link your np account on PS3 devkits and testkits. This is no longer possible on PS4 devkits and testkits.
  10. Maybe - it seemed like the incorrect segments were copy/pasted over by accident from another section of the walkthrough.
  11. I used the psTrophies walkthrough in conjunction with the Steam walkthrough to get 100%. The PSTrophies walkthrough has incorrect drinks listed for several days, which makes it pretty much useless as a standalone walkthrough, as you won't get the Employee Of The Month trophy as soon as you enter an incorrect drink.
  12. As is Living with Style. I had to make a separate save with neither leopard print wallpaper/tablecloth set, then set the tablecloth, then set the wallpaper to get Cyberfunk. Living with Style popped when I quit to XMB, restarted the game, and loaded up this separate save.
  13. Yeah there's no "complete all magic defense flawlessly" like the previous entries, just complete all HOG with no hints, complete all puzzles without skipping, and complete game on Expert. There's only 1 set of collectibles too, unlike the others which had 2 or 3 sets.
  14. Weird that this game doesn't have a JayIsGames or BigFishGames walkthrough. I guess it was only released on Steam/Console and not as a Flash game.
  15. The game was fine up until the part where you have to beat the Ship Captain boss 3 times. Fortunately I accidentally died at the same time as killing the boss once, so I didn't have to walk all the way back there a third time.