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  1. Damn, i need to win the lotery to quit my job to get this done. Im glad i already earn 100% on The last of us
  2. Got every breach trophy last month, had no issues or glitches
  3. If you enjoy Gwent go for it, i got my 6 arena wins on really good Scoiatel deck i put together after playing 3 weeks. Im not gonna delete this game after i got plat cause i enjoy it. That's all you have to know if you want to go for the plat
  4. Whitetail Challenge Worst ps3 game ever. Dont go near anything this company makes. Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth Hated this anime soap opera, im not the target audience Heavy Fire Shattered Spear This game is bad and glitchy Rugby 15 Broken rugby, plat is easy but the gameplay is bad Prince of persia 2008 Awful plataformer, i hated this game, got the 100% to complete the Prince of Persia series.
  5. No, i got the 100 barrel trophy, no problems
  6. Counter him, then blast him with warp strikes, with dragon whisker he wont last much.
  7. Just heard about this. Here is mine, i got this on January. #200 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition
  8. I so glad i did it in april, servers were free for us and always worked at 200%. Kudos to everyone who got this platinum.
  9. I got this platinum last month, you are gonna dedicate your gaming time on this, online took me like 3 weeks, cause i got a job and visit friends on weekends.
  10. Final Fantasy IX I want to plat every Final Fantasy game and this is the hardest to get.
  11. Twisted Metal, Starhawk, Payday, Grid 2: I hate those games, and i dont plan on doing the long multiplayer grind to get trophies on games i hate and are on my list from a year i didnt care about completion. Resistance 2 Servers are closed and the grind to get 10.000 almost put me out of trophy hunting cause i didnt know how to boost, didnt care when i see servers going down. Street fighter 4: My friends who only play fighters cant get it, i will never achieve this since im not that good at this genre
  12. My rarest plats
  13. I Just waited in the campfire, until i hear the deer footsteps. Took longer, but i didnt have to deal with this game`s awful mechanics.
  14. Also had this problem on ps3, Australia freezes when you got the rain+fog weather, i went into a new season of WRC, choose another tea, give up every race until Australia, then with just foggy weather i was able to finish this stage, and get the last trophy to plat it
  15. I got this plat last year, this is awesome, you could do all the Fates and levequests grind, that takes 6 months, then pay the sub to get everything else