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  1. Started the game,and im enjoying it. I played for a day and got to the point where i got my scrap crew. And im gonna log everyday until i got the challenge out of the way, Do a backup when i got 2000 scraps. Im gonna finish other game first
  2. I got it on a boosting session a 2 days ago. When we got 5 large and 5 medium on the stats screen. We escaped. Trophy poped with no problems.
  3. Yeeeeessss. I unlocked all endings in ps2. Now im gonna get the platinum trophy. This is gonna be ultra hard.
  4. Finished the DLC boss on Paladin and it wasnt thaaaat hard. If you can beat Dark souls, you can this. Takes a lot of patience but its not imposible.
  5. 40 games. But it got long games like gta iv. Dragon age origins nino no kuni. And tales of games. I won't finish it until 2021. Working on dark souls 2 atm.
  6. Save corrupted on me last night after a crash. Luckly i read the warnings and backed everything on the cloud. Lost 10 mins of progress.
  7. This is so disappointing. CDPR should do better. I got my plat on June but i hope they provide a fix so anyone can 100% this amazing game
  8. I got my ps3 backlog down to 25 games, with another 20 optional games i finished on pc. Mostly Bioware rpgs. When i finish all that or my ps3 dies, thats when i stop playing.
  9. Looks very easy. Just need a guide to do all collectibles and you got a new platinum.
  10. Gta v. That plat requieres dedication.
  11. Damn, i need to win the lotery to quit my job to get this done. Im glad i already earn 100% on The last of us
  12. Got every breach trophy last month, had no issues or glitches
  13. If you enjoy Gwent go for it, i got my 6 arena wins on really good Scoiatel deck i put together after playing 3 weeks. Im not gonna delete this game after i got plat cause i enjoy it. That's all you have to know if you want to go for the plat
  14. Whitetail Challenge Worst ps3 game ever. Dont go near anything this company makes. Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth Hated this anime soap opera, im not the target audience Heavy Fire Shattered Spear This game is bad and glitchy Rugby 15 Broken rugby, plat is easy but the gameplay is bad Prince of persia 2008 Awful plataformer, i hated this game, got the 100% to complete the Prince of Persia series.
  15. No, i got the 100 barrel trophy, no problems