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  1. This game is amazing, I hope it marks the beginning of more rhythm games to come, along with Melody of Memory. @Rebourne07 have you tried it yet? You're probably the only person who knows every song😂

    You deserved that award, amazing work😊

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    2. enaysoft


      Oh Congrats dude! Only just heard the news

    3. CelestialRequiem


      Thanks a lot @enaysoft :)

      Good to see you around again. Hope your trip to the UK was good.

    4. enaysoft


      Unfortunately not had a lot of time recently to visit here, or play many games.


      Lots going on, and work is busy, and then my 4 years old son, he's basically into and touching everything now, my hands are full all the time, except not holding controllers lol.

  3. From my short experience on 3DS, I would recommend: - Kid Icarus Uprising - Luigi's Mansion - Mario 3D Land - Mario Kart 7 - Detective Pikachu - Phoenix Wright exclusive games - Bravely Default
  4. Note: Chess Ultra requires you to boost with 32 accounts for an online trophy, so if you are a completionist take a look at that before.
  5. Is it possible that third-party partners are making their own ports with Sony's emulation system? That could explain why we haven't seen any of those games on Premium. Valkyrie Profile, the only game that makes use of the software apart from Tekken, has been released on it's own.
  6. I loved this game when they released the "battle royale" mode, the servers were always awful😅 but the concept was excellent. Trophies looks like a grind, specially if you aren't so much into the game, so I would recommend to play it on a second account so at least you try it before.
  7. I'm sad he didn't survive and I agree the backstory was too long. The moments between Ellie and Bill are some of the best lines in the whole game. I guess it doesn't affect that much because, going back to the story, this is the best videogame adaptation ever. I wonder how good does the series look if you haven't played the game. Is it good? Is it slow? Is Joel boring? I'll never get to know..
  8. Yeah, I mentioned the Crash Trilogy. For some reason it never dropped out of 20$ and I always had the feeling it was going to be PS+ game in a matter of months. Never happened lol. Also sekiro, never less than 30$.
  9. Me waiting to play Sekiro & Crash for free:
  10. Off-topic but I would like to know why "literally" lol, it's a word I use a lot, specially in my language. It always has existed so it's not a creation from this century.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to make the thread, it's really useful for those who are more into premium than myself. I only had problems with Toy Story 3 last year; the audio used to crash constantly, and the loading menus were laggy 90% of the time. I assume it was a problem with the PSP emulation because every other game was fine, but maybe the team can improve this. Another solution could be replacing it for the PS2 version which is the same, although it would take months. I also noticed that the mini-games are behind a paywall which doesn't exist? I don't remember if these were only available on the PSP store and now are impossible to access from emulators, but that's probably the problem there.
  12. The last days were simply beautiful. Servers full with people ranking from level 50-onwards, a lot of skeletons, one of the most fun experiences I had playing online. I hope the team that reactivates servers can one day revive the MP.
  13. There's a lot of pshycological aspects around this post that there's no need open now, since a lot of comments already did that. I'm just gonna add that you should take gaming in a calm way, and understand that there's no time to experience anything on earth. There's something very real called FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, which is the real fear of missing on games, movies, series, sports events, or whatever is going on currently. Consider searching how many shows does Amazon, HBO & Netflix produce every year and then multiply for a promedium of 8-10 hours. Impossible to see them all. When we talk about games, we have games ranging from 1 hour, all the way to 300-400 if you are into JRPGs, so there's no way to play it all. Best we can do it's just enjoy life as it is, and going back to when we were kids and played bad-looking games in bad-looking TVs, but still enjoyed every bit of it. Good luck on the journey
  14. Oh yes, Maneater.
  15. Didn't know about it, thanks for the tip!