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  1. Currently loving that guy who made 6 topics in a row in the same game😂, bad day for work! @Beyondthegrave07

    1. enaysoft


      Not sure if it's a problem with the forums taking so long to load and people repeatedly pressing the Submit button because the page isn't loading, but it's happening a lot lately. I saw someone 9 times the other day over a game dispute.

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Me over here late-night modding:



    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      haha i just noticed that too thinking wtf...


      @enaysoft probably hitting submit too many times. I have 0 load issues here. Site runs pretty damn smooth for me

  2. That looks bad. They'll probably stop selling them at some point and the only option will be using generic ones, except if you have bought avatars before. It was a cool part of the customization on PS and it's a shame they stopped. Thankfully some games are still giving avatars in deluxe editions or promotions.
  3. I think the death of the universe is more important to me.
  4. Do you know if avatars ever go on sale? I think since the Outbreak Day (The Last of Us) I haven't seen one with a discount.
  5. Yeah, and attacking zegetta has more than one achiever!!
  6. Sign me up!! I hope Stray doesn't have a 90 hours platinum, and I also love cats❤️
  7. Is Overwatch (physical) cheaper now? Since it's going to be free/disappear in October I guess the physical edition will be useless, just like Destiny or Rocket League. I haven't bought a physical game in a year or so and I wouldn't mind another one..

    1. Anxiety


      If you want a physical game I suggest Ni No Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch. Don’t go for Overwatch if it’s going to be free. 

  8. #8 - Ape Escape No Ape Can Escape! I'm not the best trophy hunter but I really enjoyed getting all the trophies. Also, the name is really good! Hard to think a better named platinum, except for those that actually mock you for getting it😂. The game is pretty aged right now but the graphics are still enjoyable and the minigames are fun. I would not recommend the last level, but the game in itself was really advanced for its time. Using the L+R to swim? It was really innovative at the time, and the first game to use it. Also, it uses it everytime. This and the level design put this platformer between the best of its age.
  9. Mercedes Master: Finish 3rd with shaking camera mode activated😂 You can always wait a few months until ranked gets easier. At the beginning it will be pretty hard but with the time most casual players will be entering ranked.
  10. Sorry, I couldn't finish the game. I was a bit lost last month and my mental health worsened a lot, along with study/responsabilities. I'm doing better now but in the end I didn't begin it because of my health, so at least I'm on topic :). Thank you beyond for keeping the talk about the topic. It's really important to know that many people struggle. Not every disease or injury is visible, and people is unfair because of that. At least in this tiny space we can safely talk about that and things we like (videogames!). Remember, you are not alone, there's always a way out and I'm glad someone helped me when I needed it. Help is coming your way. I promise I will buy my game in time and comeback next year for the end of the most waited trilogy, Trophies for Mental Health III😊
  11. Kids today know nothing about videogames. I know because I was there, while the kids listened to The Doors, in home trophy hunting. This century is just the worst time ever to be a player. Proud of my 50 years old account lol



    1. Icebrand1270


      How did that happen?

      You are right though. The teens never believe me when I tell them there were Ninja Gaiden games on NES, long before the ones on PS3. At least I tried!

    2. Jeanoltt


      @Icebrand1270 the trophies with missing timestamps don't have any date on consoles, but the app seems to have a glitch where all of them show the 1969 date.

  12. Maybe this is off-topic, but I wonder if Head Turner is harder now since half of the skins in the shop are locked behind paywalls. I have like 100k kudos now, but if legendary items don't appear in the kudos shop then the trophy requires you to pay for it. PD: I know there are two legendary items in the pass, but you need to get to lvl 89, and still wouldn't get the trophy. (You need four)
  13. I read somewhere that RDR2 is leaving in a few months, but I don't see a leaving note in the store. Is there any confirmation on this?
  14. GeforceNow is incredible! I don't have the greatest pc but for some reason I have hundreds of games in there. I was recently playing A Plague Tale on a notebook and I couldn't believe how it looks! It's the same feeling that I had when I jumped from PS2 to PS3. The cloud is the future😌

    1. KingGuy420


      I agree. GFN is pretty incredible, expensive compared to other cloud services, but incredible lol. I was using it to play Warframe on my phone and it was great.


      Honestly, I prefer Stadia. If you buy a game you can play it without a sub, full controller support, etc, etc. But GFN definitely has the superior graphics.

  15. I got chills..



    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      much better. That blue hue filter suits Resident Evil 

    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Leon really looks like he's seen some shit, that's for sure