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  1. I got the Platinum for PS5, but went to PS4 and cannot get this trophy to pop as I have already made a team and they synced to one another; therefore I cannot start a team. Any tips?
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. I remember seeing that list and wondering where it went so thanks for listing that. This is good information. When I do get the game I'll just update in here 100% you cannot in case someone else is wondering without the game.
  3. Was thinking of getting this game soon and was wondering if playing the PS4 version can be ported into the PS5 version and get some of the trophies. Seeing the trophy numbers, it doesn't appear so considering the PS5 plat has a lower percentage than the PS4 one.
  4. Any tips for winning 3 times in a row on strip? Getting beat by someone getting a 32x on black or red is super annoying.
  5. Wow, thats crazy. I'm glad I talked to you about that. Nonetheless, I'm nowhere close to actually attempting that, but it is nice to know. Thank you.
  6. Hey, thanks for the replies from everyone. I did watch most of the run, I just wanted to clarify if there were two Coda clears, one with phasing mode and one without it. I guess to clarify, did this run pop the Coda trophy, or did you need to do it on all zones mode (no phasing mode allowed)? The low % makes total sense though lol. I am still a noobie to this game (~100 hours) but I want to learn as much as I can when I'm not playing. Thanks a bunch.
  7. What a great run. Somewhat off/on topic, but did you do your all chars low % and coda run with or w/o dlc? I seem to be deleting and redownloading the dlc when I feel like the trophies are harder or easier, depending on which ones of course. Also, did you use the phasing ring in your coda clear? Thanks.