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  1. My bad, I thought you were talking to me because I specified the game and I didn't see the cooking Mama: Cookstar thing.. 😅
  2. Who, me ? I'm not in Europe I'm from North America.
  3. I got the same problem because of splitgate I guess..
  4. I'm playing abzû, there is no platinum trophy but the 100% take only 1-2 hours. The game is so relaxing, and It has a beautiful underwater exploration, I recommend you to play it if you didn't yet. edit: the game is not that easy when I said it can be done in 1-2 hours, their is some ultra rare trophies.
  5. Well done
  6. Upload your save using the in-game Sync option. Delete all save files on the game, exit the game completely. Restart the game and download your save using the Sync option. Trophies should pop. Repeat if not all trophies popped.
  7. I recently played splitgate and now bcs of this game I cannot sync my trophies very well..