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  1. To do this, you need to eaves drop on the two people talking on the orange floor of the building. Very easy to do if you enter through the back entrance you sneak too. This will give you the command with 2-Bit. Then you add the 5 batteries to the Rocket Control area.
  2. I would recommond equipping the trinket that allows the gun to keep its damage from a distance. it may be that the bullet is weaker at the distance you are shooting from. Also, I found a better way to kill Aleksi rather than waiting for him to be grinder food. I immediatley went to the rooftop and killed everyone with the Nexus link. Then ran to the Grinder room and linked everyone in the room from the balcony. Killed everyone inluding Aleksi immediatley. Ran off. Didn't even give the game enough time to summon in Julianna.
  3. This is not true. I tested this and commented on this in my original post. The two commands I was testing that did not allow trophies to pop after a save and reload were the nocost command and the item command. I used both of these commands to create the material and then save, reload and create the Penguin. No Trophy.
  4. Just realized I can re-do the requests to fight bosses other than Dire Shadows.
  5. Hey all, I have beaten the game and the post game content and I'm level 78. Any recommendations on the best way to grind to level 90? Merciless is just to damn hard for me to run through. So I figure I would just start a new game+ on hard and work my way to 90 and grab lucifer, but if there is a good grinding spot I can do in my current post game, then I would prefer that. My bond level I will just automate on Remote Play.
  6. For anyone as confused as I was and was having issue with the instructions above. See the video below:
  7. And a reminder. The best and easiest way to increase your security meter is to escape battles, that way you are not winning the fights and only getting marginal increases to security.
  8. I just started the game. Do you know at what point I can get these skills?
  9. After doing some research, It seems there is some confusion to how Console Commands interacts with trophies. Console commands disable trophies. After some testing, I have found that some don't disable trophies after a save and reload and others do. Currently, I was able to make the penguin trophy pop after turning no damage on and then save and reload. Then I was able to make the snowfox trophy pop after using Bob the Builder then save and reload. The two commands I was testing that did not allow trophies to pop after a save and reload were the nocost command and the item command. I used both of these commands to create the material and then save, reload and create the Penguin. No Trophy. To Summarize: Save and reload works with Trophies --------------------------------------------------------------- bobthebuilder nodamage Save and reload does not work with Trophies --------------------------------------------------------------- nocost item I have not tested these with story progression, but have tested them with penguin and snowfox. I plan to use bobthebuilder to build my gear and then finish the game. I will update if bobthebuilder doesn't mess that up. Update 1: I have now unlocked the Cold Suit Trophy. Final Update: Plated the game.
  10. Here is a vid with a timestamp. It's this room. And you can see the Cipher pretty clearly here.
  11. Hey All, I am stuck on Biome 3. I am missing a Cipher. I feel like I have done parts 1 and 2 a hundreds of times at this point and the big temple a handful of times and cannot find this cipher. I already have the one in the water. Anyone else know of any Ciphers they had a hard time with?
  12. Found it! It was in a room that I had been skipping numerous times because I had been in there twice before and was certain there wasn't a cipher in there as it was a simple room. It is the Arena area (Mountain top section) that always spawns in a triangle door and has a long hallway that ends in a dead end and another Triangle door across from the arena entrance.. I went over the room this time and still didn't see the cipher until I checked my map and saw a collectible but nothing obvious in sight. Went over to the wall and there it was. Would have skipped over it again if it wasn't for the mini map and to think it was just sitting out in the open.
  13. Thanks for the help, unfortunately, I have already gotten this one, just went and double checked. Back to looking!
  14. Still having issues finding this last one for Biome 2. 1) I farmed the mountain area and found the cipher mentioned previously, where you have to shoot the blue ball 2) Found the one in the hand within the temple 3) I already have the one in the laser room that sends you up high (I actually double checked that one once I read the above comment.) I'm just at a loss at this point and I'm paranoid that it may be an obvious one I missed, so I have done a couple full room runs through the wastes. Still No Luck....
  15. I'm still trying to get the trophy for Biome 1 and I think the same thing happened to me. If I get the trophies, I'll update