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  1. What else is left? I wrote to them every 3-4 days for a month, but they only wrote what I needed to contact Sony. I think if there are many such requests, they will at least think about it.
  2. Guys! Let's write a lot of messages to the mail to HouseMarque so that they turn on the non-working servers to which they send us at least for a week. 3 months have passed and every day I go in with the hope that I will see a list of ships. Let's start pounding messages from today! Email them at least once a day. If there are 10 of us from different accounts and write such messages every day, they will think, I'm sure. E-mail: [email protected]
  3. I used D-Pad, but for charge combos - left analog. For example - Shuma-Gorath. Because you need hold and with quick rection -
  4. Thank you! It was my first hard fighting. Next - SSF4 😄
  5. There is playlist with all 500 missions with buttons. Using the buttons, you can understand some points. For trophy, you need complete 480 missions, but in PS4 version have Jill and Shuma-Gorath (+20 missions). The coolest tip for me - Jump Cancel. If you want to do attack with jump (for example Nemesis with rocket launcher in jump, Chris with revolver in jump), you can use this. For example you need do + + , you can do on ground use + + diagonal up+right and then in same time . You will jump on minimal height and then do attack. Second tip - jump cancel for Magneto (10th mission), Strider Hiryu. For example - Magneto, you need to do S and then cancel this move, + diagonal down-right + + diagonal down-right + + diagonal up-right and then 2 attack buttons. Patience and skill!
  6. And also you can see my video with Toys for Bob relics.