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  1. The real different between ps4 & vita is most of the trophies to get the platinum are prob by the jailbreak that unlocks the trophies, and yes they can manipulate time stamps.. everytime I see an account game list with lots of hard low % vita platinums the first thing that comes to my head is prob hacked. I know It shouldn’t cause a good amount of ppl out there do it the right way. I wish Sony would do something about it and banned and brick the accounts like Microsoft does. I see all these cocky ppl on Reddit” I’ve been unlocking trophies on vita for years now” “ Sony won’t banned Me “ “try me Sony” … it disgusts me, I hope they do one day.. I know they abandoned the vita and wrote it off as a fail system but sony should treat it like console jailbreaks for ps4. If any console jailed comes online it’s flagged banned and bricked as much as I agree with some jailbreaking, like getting free games and cheatsFor offline use only, that’s how it should stay. The trophy system is broken enough with these 5 min plats with 6 stacks 🤦‍♂️ Damn PS Store every month is dumpster diving for shovelware sale games ffs . … anyways I don’t know if anyone is going to read this but sorry for the rant.. just alittle tickd cause I told myself I want to get my ultra rare trophies up for 2022 and all I’ve been seeing is big difference between ps4 & vita rarity’s %% 🤔🤔🤔😡🤬
  2. Looking to do war party, I’m not even gonna try and platinum the game before I get this trophy in the bag so if anyone hosting a confirmed 16 player match add me Toxicmatic-
  3. Click start and go to quest & progression then go to mastery. Those are your mastery cards, all you have to do is complete any weapon card. Not the affinity card just a weapon
  4. I was thinking of getting this Game but the price for a 2 hr platinum isn’t for me. Plus the trophies should of went in a different direction, like being a bit harder or Grindy to get. I haven’t played it but looking at the list and a guide gameplay it’s just another easy platinum that’s corrupting/ruining the trophy system..
  5. Same here, if i find a fix or hear anything about it, ill update
  6. I dont know if anyone else is having this issue but i booted up dauntless ps4 verison and got a bunch of autopops for the new trophies. they didnt sync with the list even those i clearly saw them pop...I alreadty tryed the sync feature and that didnt work. Not sure if the new ps5 verison is like this aswell caise i dont like stacks of the same game. anyways if your having this issue and no how to fix it let me know
  7. platinum for the ps5 verison but not ps4 ? mmmhm
  8. Top 5 -The 100 - Alice in borderlands -Snowpiercers - Another Life -Money Heist
  9. **update i ended up getting it, cant remember how long it took but forsure longer than 6 hours
  10. Kinda pissed you gotta pay $60 for the dlc pack, i hope its worth it... trophy are worth it alone but hopefully the content is enough for the price im paying
  11. Update **** I ended up getting it, its very glitchy and i got it in 7 shots for some reason lol Also, theres no glitching this trophy, you cant use the portpotty to jump through the hoop or fly in the hoop or drop the ball in the hoop. you needa do atleast half court shots
  12. Anyone whos has "pro baller" trophy i need help.. ive gotta 15 in a row and twice now 10 in a row without missing but trophy aint popping.. can someone tells me that has it how they did it and if im using the wrong net... please ty
  13. Yee idk if you can still get it but they emailed it out to a lot of ppl
  14. I got it by killing the same insurgency soldier over again and again on the first mission . Just make sure you kill him then kill yourself and then respawn but wait for the phone call to finish before you Jill him again. Took me 5 times and the trophy popped..
  15. I had the same issue after I purchased the RPG from the vender and couldn’t purchase any more weapons after that.. I tried closing the game, reinstalling the game a few times and nothing worked ffs. I think the save file is corrupted idk why. I ended up getting the platinum anyways without fixing it and didn’t come across an issue on needing to buy a weapons cuz the only trophy needed for weapons is finding all 49 unique weapons. You can get those through treasure hunts, side missions, story process and chest around the world . I know it’s a piss off but I can’t across a few glitches playing through the game.. especially some times when I left the camps 3rd person was stuck and wouldn’t go back to first person view..