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  1. @rahulrx0 Ye ^^ I’m curious on the scores myself. like I said before man, if you’re busy & don’t have time to do it, there’s always ppl willing to help man, I know I would .
  2. @rahulrx0 so for June challenge i finished “Marvel Spider-Man miles morales” can I use that for “S” .. let me know I know it was prob answered somewhere up there ^^ if not I’ll figure something out
  3. "There will be only one Winner" 😅
  4. @rahulrx0 just curious when you gonna update the sheet ?
  5. It’s a good ideas but there’s so many series out there that can be done quick like farming sim, some assassins creed, god of war etc
  6. I feel like July is pretty easy, actually excited to finish up assassins creed and start bioshock again on this account . Which bioshock is my favourite series of all time
  7. I’m trying to to figure out what’s going on so I don’t get out for not understanding lol just a bit of confusion cuz you said using the first three letter on your psn id but like you said up there ^ “Ican use games starting with R, A, H, as well as Q, S, Z, B, G, I” .. but Q, S, Z, B, G, I aren’t even letters in your PSN name so how can you use them ?!? This is why I’m confused and reason why I’m pushing on understanding so I don’t eliminated. 😅 so to be clear if I play a game that starts with “T” & pop 10 trophies, I’ll be okay?
  8. Honesty that’s what I thought but the way he worded it sounds like 10 trophies for just one of the three first letters. “you can use first, second, or third letter of your PSN ID,” if it was 10 trophies for each letter then he would of said that but he didn’t ., another confusion lol @rahulrx0 please explain better
  9. so you saying i just needa obtain 10 trophies from one game That starts with the T in my PSN name?
  10. @rahulrx0For the July challenge, idk if it’s been asked already but do remastered version count ?? For example say I do Last of us, last of us remastered & last of us 2. That’ll be alright ?!?
  11. Anyone know if the farcry 2 server will be returning?! They have been done for a while now & it just happened randomly without notice. They fixed the servers on Xbox (so I’m told) but they don’t seem to care about PlayStation servers. Yes,I know the servers have been dead for years now & anyone that do play multiplayer just want to boost. but my goal was to platinum it this year to complete the whole farcry series. If anyone has heared anything, let me know
  12. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count … gotta make sure to look first
  13. @rahulrx0 I dont if you havent done april yet on the sheet and you just mark off the easier one but ive already done april aswell 1. The Raven (Point & click) 2. Observer (Adventure) 3. Infamous Second Son (Shooter) 4. Surgeon Simulator (Role-playing) 5. Planet Coaster (Simulator) Ive forsure !00% more than 10 games and got more than 5 Genres so im just letting you know and making sure, i write everything down in my notebook to know what i have and need to get done lol
  14. you really should make a discord server with mods or something besides forums lol But now for July challenge it’s minimum 2 series needa be completed and in those series minimum of 3 games needa be done for it to count as a completed series?! Correct me if im wrong
  15. I get ppl are mad about the changes made for the monthly challenges and I feel that cause I’m involved in a lot of forum challenges, discord challenges etc and there’s nothing I hate more than rule changes and changes to the challenge. Especially when you already have games plan out and know what you’ve done and now you gotta go back do it again.. yes I know what I signed up for, squid game like challenge, ppl getting eliminated if they don’t meet the requirements for that month. So I knew this was gonna be rough but whatever I guess, I can still mean the requirements that were changed, hopefully lol but I feel everyone’s frustration here cause they prob had there months planned out and boom it’s changed. I understand it just you and you’re the host of this challenge and you can do whatever you want but maybe you should make a discord server and discuss with the ppl of this challenge the changes you want to make. Cause if ppl don’t like these changes and like now are saying wtf is this well this is dumb I’m out, you going to have know one left.