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  1. I'm sure you will be able to otherwise you'd end up with two versions of the game on your console, and this title doesn't have two trophy lists for a disc version and digital one.
  2. Brazil 2 - 0 Belgium
  3. @Zolkovo I also said Brazil would get 2 and Mexico 0.
  4. Brazil 2 - 0 Mexico
  5. Serbia 0 - 1 Brazil
  6. Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica
  7. Brazil vs Switzerland 2-0
  8. Option B: Latvia's Funny Girl.
  9. I see a lot of people say they're not impressed by the graphics anymore, that they've just come to accept that standard of quality, and they're more likely to complain about poorer graphics than they are to praise great graphics, so I wonder, do people really want graphics better than what the latest God of War can provide? Because looking at that, Detroit: Become Human, and other recent games and ones to come I just get the feeling that I would be fine if graphics just stopped evolving from here, and the next console can just provide the same amount of detail but with better performance. I don't know though, because I don't think developers should stop trying to evolve, but what always comes to mind is that they got The Last of Us to run at 60fps on the standard PS4. Would people sacrifice the fidelity of these graphical games to have the fidelity of The Last of Us to then have the performance of such a game? Are you really wanting better graphics from the PS5? You probably are, at least some of you, but you really do get better input and a clearer image from a higher frame rate, and it's not always down to the game just being 30 either. Uncharted 4 and Ratchet and Clank use a high volume of motion blur to make the action look smoother because of the lack of 60fps, and are blurrier in motion because of it.
  10. But I voted Brazil.
  11. My favorite game is The Last of Us. I don't have 50 posts, but I pass on everything else, could I still enter if I donate the winners to charity? I would really like to do that if I could, but I'll understand if I can't.
  12. I'd like to enter, pretty sure I qualify for everything under the requirements.
  13. Top 10 01. The Last of Us 02. Yakuza 3 03. Max Payne 3 04. Mass Effect 2 05. LA Noire 06. The Walking Dead 07. Yakuza 4 08. Yakuza 5 09. Resident Evil 6 10. Uncharted 2 Flop 5 01. Amy 02. Hydrophobia 03. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 04. Wonderbook: Book of Spells 05. Sonic 06
  14. The Last of Us.
  15. I've only played the game on PC and PS3--I've platinumed it on PS3, and I think it's worth getting on that old console. It's definitely like you mentioned, it's like going back in time before all the updates and getting to play it in its original form. But if you're someone who really gets annoyed by low frame rates, don't touch it. It was okay before the patches, but when they patched it the frame rate dipped, I haven't seen anyone analyse it and I don't have the eye for these kind of things, but it seems to me that it hangs around 20fps when action is going down which can be annoying with the small field of view bundled with it. If you're fine with that, go for it, though I should also mention some trophies are pretty difficult, but I think they're in the PS4 version as well anyway. If you're worried about nobody playing, don't, there's still many people playing the game, and I think a few here still do for trophies.