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  1. The servers were shut down in November of last year but it just reverted back to a peer to peer system, so as long as there are players it will always be alive.
  2. "When displaying 4K HDR content at 60hz the color will be YUV422 or YUV420 instead of RGB due to HDMI 2.0 transfer speed limitations." And then down below in "Frequencies (HDR)" 24 to 60hz is limited to YUV422 (this error could just be on my screen). Most of the games I play are 60fps anyway so it doesn't matter, and why I upscale 1080p. But it seems like HDR monitors aren't exactly supported if you are displaying at 4K (even downscaling 4K to a 1440p screen) since it won't allow the peak whites and peak blacks of monitors (RGB Full), and just give the television version (RGB limited) which results in the washed out colors, dull whites, and grey blacks. Which is why the PS5 needs to have native support for 1440p since I think that would resolve at least that problem. But the over-bloom of the whites and crushing of the blacks I imagine may still be a problem after that since HDR might have not been optimized for RGB Full. HDMI 2.1 monitors would also get around this problem, and anyone not interested in HDR this shouldn't be a problem at all, although developers seem to be moving on from SDR, and optimizing games for HDR more, an example of this being the Resident Evil: Village demo that has grey blacks in SDR.
  3. Have you noticed whites over-bloom and blacks possibly get crushed with RGB set to Full (the intended setting for monitors) with HDR on, and with RGB set to Limited the blacks are grey and the picture quality is completely washed out? I can't tell if this is poor implementation of HDR for monitors, or poor implementation with 1440p monitors that make use of upscaling a 1080p image or downscaling a 4K one. I choose to upscale the 1080p image since the HDR implementation seems even poorer on the latter, for example; in areas where it goes from dark to light you can see pixelated greys in-between, it's poorly transitioning from the dark to the light, upscaling from 1080p avoids this though. The reasoning why this is (possibly) is HDMI 2.0 can't do RGB Full with HDR on, only HDMI 2.1 can. I've seen people say online that does not matter, but from experience it does, you need RGB on Full for the console to use the whites and blacks the monitor is capable of, otherwise the whites are duller and the blacks are grey, and this creates the pixelated transitions. I've tried it on my computer, and HDR implementation is accurate there, which I'm imagining is the same for the Series X from what you said. And I have messed with the HDR settings on the PS5 for ages, it's something I keep going back to to see if I can just get to work, but I get the same results whichever options they are on. I refuse to turn HDR off though since I have still grown accustomed to the image quality and the HDR image with all its flaw still has more depth than the SDR overall. I think anyone looking to buy monitors, especially 1440p monitors with HDR or even maybe just HDR alone, should be aware of this since no one is talking about this online, and if they are, not many are and they're hard to find.
  4. The Last of Us Remastered has an error in its multiplayer where you cannot see your character's model in the customization screen.
  5. The comeback three and a half years in the making. You get my reputation, I enjoy the absurdity of that.
  6. A lot of people didn't know about it, that's why, and the people who did are the ones that would seek it out and accept it. These kinds of games weren't Manhunt or Grand Theft Auto, if they were that well known ten years ago I'm sure news networks and moms would be showing concerns. Over the last ten years the gaming community has expanded, and because of forums like this people are more aware what's out there.
  7. It is louder than the PS4, especially with media other than games. The PS4 plays movies really quietly even at the highest volume, the PS5 you don't even have to have it at its highest to get decent sound. I have no experience with the Xbox consoles so can't answer that comparison.
  8. Absolutely no argument to be had, Kuleshov Effect from the video game Bound. Like come on, my second rarest trophy is a trophy that makes the player just play the game for a second time but in a different order? Rarer than the trophies required for the platinum in Payday 2? No way. I think this is one of the rare times where peoples' dislike of a game has made it super rare in the trophies department.
  9. If this is in relation to the PS5 still, stick with what comes with the console which is the HDMI 2.1. Even if your display doesn't have HDMI 2.1 support it will still take the HDMI 2.1 cable in the normal HDMI port. You won't get 4K 120hz if the TV doesn't support it, but the HDMI 2.1 still will do everything below that HDMI 2.0 can.
  10. So they wouldn't care if they were all changed to be consistent. So there's A. pleasing the vocal minority while the silent majority is fine with whatever, and B. ignoring the vocal minority while the silent majority are still fine with whatever. So A pleases more people. Why do people make this argument over and over on this forum? It's terrible.
  11. People shouldn't criticize something that this whole forum has been built around to hear, the board of executives who made this decision never make any mistakes and know better than you, thank God the world runs on the silent majority because I can't take the opinions of others they make me mad. PS I don't care, but people should stay critical, not stupid.