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  1. I think the flaw in the argument of comparing the security of online on PS4 to PC is; it's on the developers. Rockstar is terrible at moderating their games, other developers are not. Dead by Daylight on PC is very good with hackers, you can play that game for a thousand hours and never see a single person cheating, obviously there are exceptions. So this isn't on PC improving to meet the standards of the PS4, this is the developers needing to improve so they don't have to fall back on the security measures consoles have in place. Now onto the cost. You can easily get a PC that runs better than the Pro under a thousand pounds, but let's say you can't to compare to your calculation better. So you spend eight hundred and fifty pounds in ten years on the PS4 excluding the games, in all that time you never had a computer for work or entertainment? And if you did that computer cost you around a hundred pounds if you didn't get the best graphics card, monitor, etc, and just specifically wanted to use it for work. So in the end you're just fifty pounds away from a thousand. So really you could have spent a thousand pounds on a computer, didn't need to pay all those online fees, and also had a machine to work on in all that time too. And if we consider you probably can get a computer that runs faster than the standard PS4 at three hundred and fifty pounds, you will also have five hundred pounds extra you can use to purchase games with, which would have just been an added cost onto the original PS4 calculation. And this isn't even considering the overall disappointment at the Plus games every month, or how the PS4 hasn't gotten ten years, it has been given seven by the announcement of the PS5, so within those ten years if you want to upgrade that will be eight hundred pounds not accounting the Plus subscription, thousand and three hundred if you do. So I'm still not seeing how the consoles are less expensive. And for those who bought this Mafia 2 game on day one both times, that's eighty-five pounds. On PC: pay sixty pounds once, get the rerelease for free. This is the PS4 needing to improve to meet the standards of the PC, because it isn't impossible for a game to be shared across consoles, Hotline Miami can be played on PS4 if you have it on PS3, but there must be a flaw in the system where it requires it to be the same version, so owning the original digital copy of Mafia 2 won't click with the Definite Edition we have here. Actually for once maybe something that isn't on the developers.
  2. GTA V: Releases on PS3 with hackers filling every server. Rereleases a year later on PS4 with only an improvement in graphics instead of performance, and a yearly fee to play online. Rereleases on PC with improved performance and graphics, free online, and cited as one of the best triple-A ports to the PC platform. You chose a poor game to argue on. PD2: Terrible frame rate on PS3, around the 20s. Rereleases on PS4 years later with only an improvement in graphics, locked at 30fps, and with a yearly fee to play online. PC: free online, great performance on most any PC, and a pretty great anti-hacker system that autokicks whoever tries to cheat. COD: PS3 filled with hackers that will happily try to get you banned from these forums by auto-popping trophies for you. Pay a fee on PS4 to have that not happen to you. And not to forget, these last two games are first person shooters, games best played on keyboard and mouse. And this all from someone who plays on a five year old laptop, a laptop that can run games better than the standard PS4, and if the comparison has to be made to a Pro, we're talking about here; buying GTAV on PS3 if you want to experience the story first, buying GTAV again and a PS4 to experience it without hackers if you got the rerelease on day one, and then upgrading to Pro after all that. This isn't even taking into account the Epic Store gave the game away for free for PC players. And to make this relevant at all to the topic at hand, those who bought Mafia 2 on PC (I actually got it for free from Greenmangaming back in the day) got the rerelease for FREE (yes, including me who originally got it for free), those on console got completely screwed even if this version was absolutely perfect to a T. So an argument can't be made that the PC platform is more expensive.
  3. Considering they're putting in crunch time on Cyberpunk 2077 I doubt they're listening to anyone outside the development house, especially those asking them to work on something else in this period. Harsh but true.
  4. Exclusive avatar to all those who donate to the RSPCA through Kojima Productions before 29th of February. Donate here. There's also a shirt.
  5. If this was discovered in something like Max Payne 3 (The Shadows Rushed Me) the reaction would be starkly different. It only seems to me just because this is such an uncommon case an exception to a rule has been made. I can't imagine if suddenly every game, or at least a good majority, were discovered to also have debug modes like these nothing about this site would then change, since there seems to be an importance made on upholding rarity and keeping the levels genuine. And I'm sure most people collect trophies because of that safe feeling that those things will stay the way they are, because I'm sure most people here don't see their trophy count as a convoluted estimate on how much they spent. You either let everyone cheat, or you let no one cheat, it's instead a muddy middle ground where players can use very similar methods to actual cheaters to unlock trophies in seconds with little to no effort. I'm not telling anyone how they should go about things though. I just noticed this topic and had that thought about it, and posted that thought, especially when I've seen the harsh judgement passed before on actual cheaters, members berating them for not actually earning the trophies. Maybe those same members wouldn't use this cheat, maybe they would. Though I'm sure a lot of members hate actual cheaters. and most everyone who would use this cheat would also hate if the games they worked hard on got flooded with fake times by the actual cheaters. That's all. I'm not interested in getting into a debate over this, since my stand is honestly just in the middle. It's neither wrong or right to me, it's just a weird exception I felt pointing out, and maybe you can think about before you decide to use this cheat or not.
  6. Film: The better Birdman, and Birdman's a great film. If you liked Birdman and Who Framed Roger Rabbit this is a brilliant melding of the two, that branches outside of Hollywood and speaks about humanity as a whole. If you dislike abstraction this probably won't be for you, but it is far more than that. Game: There's nothing to say that hasn't already been said. But I have a deep respect for any work that can make me feel something without killing off their characters, Joel's daughter aside. There hasn't been a game since that has given me the amount of immersion this game delivered. I look forward to what is to come. Series: One of the most atmospheric works put to screen. If you let the world take you in you will forget you are watching a show, and take that from someone who has trouble immersing themselves in shows and movies. It's a show where you will get more out of yourself from watching it, as the answers lie within. Album: A rebellious fun psychedelic ride that is coming from a honest musician.
  7. The sale isn't up. The links to old January sales stay up and don't disappear. Here's another as proof:
  8. Yes please.
  9. I'm sure you will be able to otherwise you'd end up with two versions of the game on your console, and this title doesn't have two trophy lists for a disc version and digital one.
  10. Brazil 2 - 0 Belgium
  11. @Zolkovo I also said Brazil would get 2 and Mexico 0.
  12. Brazil 2 - 0 Mexico
  13. Serbia 0 - 1 Brazil
  14. Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica
  15. Brazil vs Switzerland 2-0