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  1. Starting hopefully by next week I'll finally be playing on a PS Vita for the first time ever having never played on one before, but I look forward to it.

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    2. AlchemistWer


      A great system without a doubt. 

    3. Edunstar84


      Welcome to the family!

    4. Kurumi-and-Noire


      Honest first thoughts after getting and setting up the PS Vita: Those are some small buttons to press and for some reason I thought it was gonna come with a charging stand (probably thought that cuz it reminded me of the Switch). Its not half bad though honestly.

  2. Having played this, quite a few of these trophies are a grind to get can confirm. Unless you get a few friends to play with for some of these trophies some of them will take a while to get. Like the win games one. 😖
  3. So I've been playing this game 'ShellShock Live' on PS4 about a week after I had no idea it was even on Playstation Store (September 13, 2019 was release date). Its been about 7/8 months since its been out, but unfortunately they still have not fixed the trophy problem to this day. (Also if you play the game for a certain duration and get a challenge done that is also a trophy it won't pop up until you restart the game and play a single game. Happened multiple times for me.) When you try to view them the following always happens: 'an error has occurred, cannot load trophy information, (try again or view trophy information saved on PS4).' I have just gotten the Platinum for the game yesterday (4/25/20), it being my #114 Plat. even though you can't see the game trophies on my PSN. (Took a little break between December and March/April from finishing the game btw.) So I'm just posting the information that my PS4 it self has saved as proof that I did Plat. it.1zmZFrT.jpg6M1Q6Pn.jpgbVeNZmr.jpglM6oRCZ.jpgIP56q85.jpgbVpij2V.jpgOeHQNWA.jpgWgN99Nc.jpgEd32I7E.jpginxQKt3.jpgzQxAcvD.jpguQvccUL.jpgcXt3e10.jpgdtg2y6e.jpgFte3GJL.jpgIn9Mn9I.jpgUYPwtua.jpgSlFG2dE.jpgbwOoKa5.jpg

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      That sucks. I hope they fix it.


      Congrats on plat!

    2. DamagingRob


      That's pretty crazy you still can't sync the game after all that time.. Congrats on the Plat!

    3. Kurumi-and-Noire


      So update, just went on to PSN Profiles and saw that ShellShock Live trophies can finally be synced up. Took 'A LONG' while, but glad its finally happened.

  4. Summary and Honest Thoughts On Having Having Finished Up Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel For The First Time (Story, DLC, and Side Missions + Blind Playthrough)



    -A PSN friend of mine while we we're playing Borderlands 2 and finishing it up for 100% and Platinum asked if I had ever played The Pre-Sequel before. Answer: No. They told me it had some bad reviews apparently and I was curious as to why. (Didn't even check a single review or the scores the game was given yet.) They wanted my feedback when I did get around to playing it and I said, "OK."

    -I have never seen any trailers or gameplay for the game yet.

    -This will be excluding the trophies for the game.


    So for starters it plays about the same (in terms of gameplay) like Borderlands 2 did, mostly. (Never played or seen any gameplay for Borderlands 1).

    -1- Four weapon slots you can use and switch up. Pistols, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Snipers, and Rocket Launchers, and also a new weapon added in. The Laser Weapon Gun. Honestly... tried giving it some chances... wasn't a fan of it though. Felt too weak to me compared to the other guns. It was a cool concept though I will say.

    -2- Then there's the Shield, Grenade, and Class Mod, but instead of there being a Relic there's something else. An Oxygen Mod to help you with breathing on the moon. Not something that should be a thing, but apparently is. To be honest though, I just rolled with it and just payed no mind so...

    -3- Customizing characters was still the same as was the vehicles.

    -4- Upgrading max grenades, different weapon max ammo, backpack and storage slots was still the same also. The only thing they changed was Eridium to Moonshards. I guess it worked and made sense to be honest.

    -5- Corrosive, Fire, Slag, and Electricity Elements are still in play for this game. They did add a new element effect in though. Cryo Freeze. I definitely had some fun with this one, I will say that. Stopping enemies from moving and attacking made fights easier for me (Especially with the gravity slam).

    -6- Moon gravity and double jump (if you can really call it that) being a feature was new and took about a few hours to get used to. Fighting while moon jumping was... I don't know... interesting... I guess? I don't really play space type games so I can't really say much on this subject.

    -7- (Negative Problem Inbound) So one thing that did bother me a bit while playing was the getting to cover when low on health (I'm used to it by now from many games). Only thing though that really annoyed me we're enemies that had laser attacks or weapons. Most of the time I was behind psychical objects and they just shot it through them and kept hitting me... WAS NOT OK WITH THAT AT ALL! All the other weapons and attacks enemies used didn't have that problem occur and I just hated it.

    -8- New and old enemies we're definitely fun to fight against. The bosses we're alright. Half I liked, half I didn't. (Not saying which ones).

    -9- Main and Side Stories we're fun. Most of them definitely. Unfortunately some took about 20 - 30 minutes to finish up. Which kinda ruined some fun for me. Especially since traveling back and forth repeatedly in the same area felt like a chore and made me want to take a break a lot. (And adding the movement speed of your character and the map size makes it feel even longer).

    -10- Lastly we have the story. It definitely cleared up and explained some things. Not all though. Was it stretching it too much? I don't think so.


    DLC 1

    Survive a few rounds in an area. Same thing like Borderlands 2. Nothing really new. Was fun!


    DLC 2

    Inside Claptrap. I definitely had fun in this one. It may have been hard (probably because of my level a little bit), but I had no problem with that factor at all. Recommend playing it!


    With all being said and done (aside from the trophies and the platinum) I really had fun experiencing the new things in here and the story I didn't know about. This is just my own rating overall having played this the first time, but I give this game an 8/10. I don't think this game is as bad as whatever bad reviews have given it (aside from bugs and glitches) and recommend trying it out.


    -Post Note: I don't write reviews for games, but maybe I will again in the near future. Don't know if it will be on this site though.-

  5. Honestly there shouldn't be a reason to cheat in gaming in general, both just playing and trophy wise. If a game has them inputted in the game already like, for example: collect 10 easter eggs and unlock this cheat, than that's a different story. Besides that still sticking with my answer being no for this poll.
  6. Glad to be able to use PSN Forum again after the name merge was taken care of. 😎

    1. ResoluteRock


      Welcome back! :D

  7. Thank you! Couldn't find an answer when I tried searching.
  8. Don't know if I'm putting this in the right thread and I apologize if this was already asked and answered, but I'll ask anyway. When you change your name for PS4 does it carry over your PS+ you had with the old name?
  9. i still miss qurare

    1. Kurumi-and-Noire


      I miss it as well. Wish they had just kept the service for it up still. Was the only card game on PS4 that was fun to play. Never bothered looking for a replacement card game for it yet. .-.

  10. ( @Roughdawg4 and @Hakoom ) Probably gonna regret saying this but... does it honestly really matter if a trophy was gotten solo or by group!? A trophy on Playstation is just a trophy on Playstation! The fact that you both are still going at it on something like this specifically is accomplishing nothing and is childish. T_T
  11. Whatever the reason may be for whoever does retire from trophy hunting in the past, now, or the future, at least you did as much as you wanted to for it and I would honestly say that's an accomplishment you should be proud of even if you don't think so (some exceptions may apply). That's what I think at least.
  12. As someone who has owned the Nintendo Switch version for a while, I'd recommend it if you like moving around to the beat as a shape. The story mode is fun, but still have mixed feelings about it as a mode itself. A lot of the tracks are really addictive, some are hard though, I will admit that. I don't know if they are going to, but I know the Switch version had some additional music that was added on to it for free (Example: Mortal Kombat track). Haven't tried the online due to reasons, but hopefully the PS4 online won't be too laggy. As far as using your own music and creating your own levels, nothing like that was put up for Switch "yet," so its probably gonna be the same for PS4 at the moment. The trophies by the way honestly aren't that hard from what I see. Probably 2/10 or 3/10 difficulty. Hope this paragraph sums some things up for you. At the end of the day though up to you if you want to give this game a go. I know I will... but a little later than I'd like to. 😅
  13. Kinda wish the character limit for a PSN name was more than just 16 characters. 🤔           -Feeling semi-disappointed-

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    2. Kurumi-and-Noire


      Out of curiosity are you considering changing your PSN name? I know I am, but gotta edit down the name a bit now, because of the character limit. .-. Also nice name your brother chose for you. :P                                                                                      Edit: Accidentally deleted this comment the first time by mistake.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Lol actually not really. It just sort of stuck with me and so it doesn't feel right to change it after all of those years. And haha we're always teasing each other and just cracking jokes all the time so yea I'm cool with it. 


      Besides that , atm the risks or rather the bugs associated with name change is just not worth it imo. Psnprofiles goes wonky and when people click your current profile after the name change it'll say it's private so they would have to manually search your new username up to find your profile. 


      For PlayStation itself the majority of games are unaffected however there are a few that could screw up your online tracking in MP games or perhaps exclude you from playing DLC you payed for and a few other misc stuff. 


      So yea I'm fine with my current username! 


      Edit: it's hilarious when I play online with a mic and people try their best to avoid saying my username because it sounds stupid when you say it out loud :lol: . I get a kick out of it haha. But some do and it's pretty funny. 

    4. ResoluteRock


      @PooPooBlast you’d better not change your username, it’s iconic

  14. Touch44444444 - Glutton for Punishment (Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time) 😖 Timestamp is missing and don't know how its my first trophy
  15. So after reading through many different things in regards to the PSN ID they implemented about 5 days ago (games that support it for PS4, PS3 and Vita not supporting it, and critical errors for some games), I've decided that I'm more than likely going to change my PSN user name (within the next week or two). To what you may ask? Something that I personally believe will suit me better than my *cough* current name. If you want to know how my current PSN user name came to be I don't mind telling the story, just ask. Before I get the ball rolling with that though I'm probably gonna take care of any trophies that I should've taken care of a long while ago on the PS3 (excluding the online multiplayer ones and DLC I don't have bought for some). (Yes... I'm still a trophy hunter by the way).                                                                                                                                                                                             -Goodbye PSN User: touch44444444 / Hello PSN User: ???