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  1. Kinda wish the character limit for a PSN name was more than just 16 characters. 🤔           -Feeling semi-disappointed-

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    2. Kurumi-and-Noire


      Out of curiosity are you considering changing your PSN name? I know I am, but gotta edit down the name a bit now, because of the character limit. .-. Also nice name your brother chose for you. :P                                                                                      Edit: Accidentally deleted this comment the first time by mistake.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Lol actually not really. It just sort of stuck with me and so it doesn't feel right to change it after all of those years. And haha we're always teasing each other and just cracking jokes all the time so yea I'm cool with it. 


      Besides that , atm the risks or rather the bugs associated with name change is just not worth it imo. Psnprofiles goes wonky and when people click your current profile after the name change it'll say it's private so they would have to manually search your new username up to find your profile. 


      For PlayStation itself the majority of games are unaffected however there are a few that could screw up your online tracking in MP games or perhaps exclude you from playing DLC you payed for and a few other misc stuff. 


      So yea I'm fine with my current username! 


      Edit: it's hilarious when I play online with a mic and people try their best to avoid saying my username because it sounds stupid when you say it out loud :lol: . I get a kick out of it haha. But some do and it's pretty funny. 

    4. ResoluteRock


      @PooPooBlast you’d better not change your username, it’s iconic