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  1. LOLZ Good Luuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Seriously, you have to be as rich as Donald Trump to 100% LEGO Dimensions as this is a toy-pad game and there are over 20 story packs so you need to buy EVERY one... and they ain't cheap. Not to mention it costs $60 to get the game and the LEGOs needed to build the pad. I played and completed the base game and the Fantastic Beasts story pack and trust me, it's not worth it. You're looking at over $350 in packs. Most expensive DLC ever. Still, I will probably have to buckle down on my current account and plat some LEGOs because I'm running out of games I can do progressive trophy hunting in. I had to pick up two easy games in Oceanhorn and Legend of the Skyfish just to fulfill my current quota. 😖 Hell, maybe I'll go for the current LEGO project, LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. I've seen the original Star Wars trilogy and ZPTV23 was having loads of fun with it so why not? EDIT: Also, you need to capitalize it properly. You need to capitalize the ENTIRE word, LEGO. That's how it is listed, in all caps. No exceptions. I know it's hard to hold down the Shift key, but that's what Caps Lock is for. Just saying.
  2. When Persona 5 Royal comes out for the PS5 in October, we can talk. Also, you'll have to update this list when Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable come out for PS4.
  3. WTH are these? I have never heard of these animals before.
  4. Just to note, they put up a trophy list for Deiland: Pocket Planet. Yeah, I think it's just another name for the same game or something, I dunno why that's here when nobody played the first version. ;p Also, working on my new account, just got 15 platinums in it. The nice thing is these are games I can do in chunks instead of one-hour done and dusted plats like POWGI. I find it satisfying If anyone cares or is interested on what I am working on in the new account, I can make a forum account for that account and put a trophy checklist thread here. On this account, I am slowly working to 1000 levequests in FFXIV and working towards 2.0 completion for the PS4 platinum of the game before Patch 6.2 hits in late August. Not doing FFXIV in my new account as (a) I need to make a new Square-Enix account for that, (b) I don't want to have any incomplete plats in this new account and they'll add DLC packs to FFXIV until the cows come home and abduct the servers making the game cease to exist and (c) the DLC packs are insane - I can't even clear Alphascape 4.0 Savage to get 100% Stormblood trophies and now they want me to raid a treasure dungeon which is BS RNG? NO WAY, JOSE. X( I need to complete the PS4 FFXIV plat on this account before I am satisfied and will spend the rest of my FFXIV career customizing my own Island Sanctuary come 6.25.
  5. Binding of Issac. I had to play without any of the expansions due to how annoying the trophy for doing all the challenges is. I am not doing #45 and I am not doing 100% on Repentance even with the cheat that lets you autosave at every room.
  6. Probably gonna burn some bridges by saying this but... who among here is begging for a Disgaea 2 Complete? Disgaea 2 was my first love and I really want it to come to PS4/PS5. Especially my waifu there, Yukimaru. ZAM.
  7. Sorry, I haven't kept up with the lore. Still, as I said, they probably have 90% EZPZ games and visual novels in 9 different stacks.
  8. I'd say that mine would be the Platinum for FFXIV PS5, because right now it has only 180. That's understandable as you have to do Nael von Darnus on Second Binding Coil Savage, which is supposed still the hardest boss fight in FFXIV even with Endsinger's Aria out, and three of the trophies are tied to high-grind achievements (5000 crafts, 8000 gathers and OMG 3000 FATEs, you don't know how frustratingly boring THAT was ) which no sane person would ever do.
  9. Yeah, seriously, I don't know why people are panicking about this. The only person in the world who has over 1200 platinums is Hakoom and that's because he's platinumed so many cashgrub games the devs of those games are paying HIM money. Trust me, even this current account only have 320 platinums and that's not even half the old limit. The chance that anyone will ever hit the cap of 8000 in their lifetime will be a whelk's chance in a supernova so just enjoy your games and don't worry too much if you pop a plat or two.
  10. Actually downloaded Nexomon and Nexomon Extinction as part of my new account after reading your reviews on them. Just got to the Phantom Region of the original Nexomon and am really enjoying it. Then again, I'm a Pokemon fan so the mechanics aren't too difficult to grasp, although I did tend to run out of stamina and forgot to refill. Thankfully you waste a turn to restore 30 Stamina. The boss battles are pretty cool. EDIT: Just got the platinum, didn't expect that you had to save, exit, and reload the game to get the last seven, it's so annoying. And I'm going to do it again as I found out that there's a PS5 version with a stack. ;p
  11. Expect to see Disgaea 2 Complete in 2024.
  12. Actually, I'm going to be creating a new forum account for my current account, so my new forum account will be Taruta13 instead.
  13. I don't drink coffee. My caffeine drink of choice is soda pop, especially Mt. Dew. I love Hoenn, I've played Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald. I played the Alpha and the Omega. I loved those games... but when you have to use Surf and get attacked by Tentacool if you ran out of Repels for half the game is stupid. Love the reviews, Cassy. There's actually a Pokemon survival fan game called Pokemon Wilds which is based off the Generation 2 engine where you have to steal Pokemon eggs and use your Pokemon to build your base, and one of the bosses you can fight is Armored Mewtwo.
  14. I'm guessing Green Z-Saber is gonna make a speedrun video for 100% trophies once this game comes out and it'll release at the end of July. Overall it looks similar to Disgaea 5, only it's more extreme. And I'll probably be torturing myself with it, since I platinumed Disgaea 5 on two accounts already.
  15. Maybe Dunkin Donuts will take over the coffee shop conglamorate and put Starbucks out of business. Also, I think I bought Lost Words on my old account and never thought to play it because I was unsure of whether I could take the platinum, but it seems that the review is good - not too difficult and nicely narrated. Might look into it later.