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  1. If you want to see, I just got the 5000th collectible and decided to pop the trophy image in a very interesting place...
  2. Here's my secret for getting 5000 crafted collectibles without losing your sanity. You can buy the Skybuilders' materials for very cheap now(I got 99 Approved Grade 4 Skybuilders' Switches for under 5,000 gil on the marketboard) and other than the Acidic Secretions for Grade 4 Skybuilders' Ink and Aldgoat Skin for Grade 4 Skybuilders' Leather, the secondary material can easily be bought in various guild suppliers - iron ore from the Armorer's Guild in Limsa and both Armorer and Goldsmith need it for their Grade 4 Skybuilders' recipe. I am talking about the Level 20 craft, not the others. The level 20 craft is the cheapest to mass produce due to only needing 5 Approved Grade 4 Skybuilders' items for every one piece of secondary material, the others require three or even FOUR ingredients and the Level 80 ones require all rare Skybuilders' items that are super-expensive on the marketboard. Stick with the Level 20 craft. Buy 1000 of the Approved Grade 4 stuff and 200 of the secondary material, then make this crafting macro. You will need a Level 70 or higher crafter to get the required actions and be kitted with Handking's gear(which can be exchanged for scrips in Rhalgar's Reach) to have the stats to make this macro work. /ac "Reflect" <wait.3> /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3> /ac "Basic Synthesis" <wait.3> This will allow you to auto-craft the Level 20 Grade 4 Skybuilders' item in eight seconds, meaning you can just spam the macro over and over until you fill your inventory with collectibles. Then go to the Firmament, talk to the collectible appraiser and turn in those crafts for 150,000 EXP for your relevant crafter as well as 15 skybuilders' scrips for each collectible turned in. Rinse and repeat until you run out of materials(or shards - each collectible costs two shards of two elements - shards are a bit pricey on the marketboard so you may need to go out and chop a few trees or rocks in early game areas to get them, or hire a botany/mining retainer to collect tons of the needed shards in ventures) and you will have advanced 200 collectibles towards the trophy. You need to do this 25 times but it's faster than other methods, and it got all my crafters to Level 78 except for three I had already got to 80 earlier by the Crystalline Mean quests and got me two of the 8400 skybuilder scrip mounts which I flipped for over 900,000 gil to pay back all of the marketboard trips I made. You can do this with lower-level crafters but the macros will need to be larger because you won't have the proper actions and the weaker actions take more CP and time. You need to be a minimum of Level 20 to make the crafts but the experience you get will shoot them up 50 levels with all the stuff you are making and, as I said, as of now, Approved Grade 4 Skybuilders' stuff is cheap right now. Also, slower macros means you can just AFK longer and multi-task other games or watch movies on Netflix while briefly pausing to restart the macro.
  3. Actually, let me relax your thoughts: I have Shining Pearl and it's an exact remake of the original games. No Mega Evolutions, no Dynamaxing, and they even made TMs consumables again and have you use HMs again. (Only you don't need an HM slave, it's like Poke Ride in Sun and Moon, a wild Pokemon nearby helps you out.) The only thing different is the Underground, which is now more fun because there are Wild Areas areas called Pokemon Hideaways, giant caves of various biomes where you can influence what type of Pokemon roam there by putting statues in your secret base which you mine from the walls. Other than that and the Contest changes, it's the exact same game. No changes in the original story or post-game, no ancient evil. (That's being saved for Legends Arceus coming out in January.) It was also made by a different company. So they went back to their roots and it is a lot of fun. Unlike Nexomon if your review is to be believed.
  4. Nevermind, I just got to a roadblock: Unlocking the feckin' Lost. I need to pray for a trinket I unlocked(Missing Poster) and then hope a sacrifice room spawns once I get it. I can't uninstall Afterbirth+ as I bought the DLC on the same account as the Rebirth game so it will always upload it. Besides, I wouldn't be able to use the trick with just Rebirth. *sigh* Another game I love but can't platinum due to stupid RNG. Well, I am not buying Repentance and deleting this game off my account so I don't accidently open it in my main account. As the last challenge says: DELETE THIS.
  5. Yeah, that's my plan too. You can buy the Skybuilder's materials for cheap on the marketboard and all but the Acidic Secretions for the Skybuilder's Ink are easily purchased for cheap in guild suppliers. I bought 200 Iron Ore at a time and managed to level up my Armorer and Goldsmith with buying Skybuilders Rank 4 Iron Sand and Iron Ore and then just AFK'd with macro-crafting near the mender in the Firmanent. It took me hours but I managed to get 80-90 collectibles in 30 minutes as long as I kept clicking when the craft finished to continue a new one. Also, repair your gear after a session JIC. I managed to get enough skybuilder scrips for the expensive mounts.
  6. I've downloaded Afterbirth+ and enjoyed it a buttload(no connection to the scatological references in the game) and I was trying the Data Sync trick(where you upload your data to the cloud and download it every time you die or mess up something to erase that bad progress, which was mentioned because it was the best way to avoid getting a huge death streak when trying to clear Hard Mode with the Lost, who dies in one hit from even a bullet) and was playing it on old accounts(finally, some use for my discarded accounts!) to try out the trick. It works for me so far(as long as I don't accidentally upload when I meant to download), and after watching Sinvicta's runs on Youtube, I was tempted to try out Repentance but I saw how horribly hard the new bosses and alternate paths are, which put me off of downloading. (Also, I was overcharging my bank account too much from many FFXIV Mog Station purchases, curse you holiday sales.) So does the Data Sync trick still work here? I know it won't work on the two part boss fight with Dogma and The Beast because it's a two part boss rush but I know this trick can help with making decent builds with what you got(by finding out which pills are bad for you, seeing if using the reroll machine is worth losing all your bombs, etc.)
  7. I think you have to do a provisioning or expert delivery for them to get the trophy to pop if you transferred from PC. I have no idea. I never played this on PC.
  8. The Ishgard thing is only available after you defeat (spoiler) and complete the quest "A Litany of Peace' which is the end of patch 3.3. Then there is a poster near the main aetheryte which is a quest that leads to access of the Firmament, a separate area. There are a few videos but I'll link to a guide to Isghardian Restoration.
  9. I have no idea why I chickin' said this. Gathering collectibles is tedium. X_X Yeah, basically what he said. You have to craft collectibles, which are completely different from crafting normal items, and you don't get the option to find collectibles until you clear all of the 2.X content and complete the quest "Coming to Ishgard." Then you have to do a side quest in Mor Dhona to get the option to find collectibles.
  10. Yes, but the stuff you gather in Diadem is used for crafting collectibles. The Skybuilders' stuff you craft at Level 20(Alloys, Ink, etc) are all collectibles and you can get max collectability on them with a simple macro if you are Level 60 or higher in your class easily and quickly. You can buy the Skybuilder's approved stuff from the marketboard as people are selling it off for junk.
  11. Sorry for necroposting, but I can't log into the official forums and I wanted to put a rant here: Get a competent healer. I did a Level 73 dungeon in leveling roulette and the healer refused to heal us on the second boss so it murdered us. I immediately abandoned the duty after that with salt in my lungs. Seriously, I may just have to level cap Astrologian so I can control the heals because playing as a Monk isn't giving me any favors.
  12. I understand your pain, Cassy. I want to platinum all these games I started trophies in(Dragon Quest XI S, Disgaea 5) but until I get FFXIV out of the door, that is not happening. I'm almost done with the game's platinum... I just need to grind out 13000 collectibles and clear 3000 dungeons and FATEs combined. Also, won't be earning 100% Stormblood or Shadowbringers until the level cap rises to 100 because *bleep* Savage raiding. After failing to get a mount drop and claim it after 99 Suzaku Extreme runs, I just gave up and traded 99 tokens. The bird is a *bleep*. 😡
  13. Also, if you are high level like me, with a Level 60 Blacksmith, you don't really need that many Basic Touches after the Innovation because I wasted three of them after that last part. I only needed one Basic Touch after Innovation, so feel free to edit as you will depending on your skill.
  14. What is this recipe you speak of? I want to know as it might be helpful for me. I crafted 475 Near Eastern Antiques as discards and if I can find a better and cheap method I would be most grateful as I only have 114,000 gil left.
  15. Oh definitely, the Made to Order and Living off the Land trophies are even worse grinds than the ones in the PS4 version. The Levequest trophies there were bad grinds because they were time-locked due to how allowances are doled out over real time. However, you could eventually get 1000 levequests after 166 days as long as you burned off all your allowances when they capped. The collectible trophies are far worse because you can't sell collectibles to vendors, you have to physical discard them from the inventory, making it SLOW AND TEDIOUS. Because of that... I have to cancel FFXIV as my 200th platinum because it'll take hours to get 8000 gathered collectibles and 5000 crafted collectibles(and I will need over 3 million gil to get the components to craft the remaining 4525 collectibles I need so I will have to get stuff and sell it on the marketboard, meaning even more time wasted waiting for some dope to waste their money on my junk), so yeah, you'd better lock yourself up and put on some relaxing music if you intend to marathon this. And yes, everything requiring dungeons or duty finder content can be done with randoms.