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  1. 1/10: My Aunt Is a Witch (PlatPrices) 2/10: Mythic Ocean (PlatPrices) 3/10: World of Final Fantasy (PSNProfiles) 4/10: Ni No Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch (PSNProfiles) 5/10: Disgaea 1 Complete (PSNProfiles) 6/10: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PSNProfiles) 7/10: Kingdom Hearts - Re:Chain of Memories (PSNProfiles) 8/10: Disgaea 4 Complete+ (PSNProfiles) So got my second game done. The others... will take a while. !BadDriver! put this game as 1/10 and My Aunt Is A Witch at 2/10, and I sort of agree with him, but I don't decide PlatPrices difficulties. *shrug* All you have to do is talk to a lot of people, swim around a big ocean, and find portals to a library to get 18 pages. It's not a big deal but the gimmick is that you have to give 4 pages to one NPC and 10 to another, but he promises a better reward if you give you 18... and you only have 18. Not a bad game, there is no consequence to the dialogue options and all and all the music is chillax.
  2. 1/10: My Aunt Is a Witch (PlatPrices) 2/10: Mythic Ocean (PlatPrices) 3/10: World of Final Fantasy (PSNProfiles) 4/10: Ni No Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch (PSNProfiles) 5/10: Disgaea 1 Complete (PSNProfiles) 6/10: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PSNProfiles) 7/10: Kingdom Hearts - Re:Chain of Memories (PSNProfiles) 8/10: Disgaea 4 Complete+ (PSNProfiles) Finished my first difficulty trophy, going from easiest to hardest. I decided to do a bronze tier because I would probably just rather screw my life than try to bang against a wall. I do intend to play Binding of Isaac as that game is fun, but I uninstall and reinstall it so I can do the Challenges trophy without hating my life. (I have been able to do the harer challenges with the data sync trick but #45 in Repentance - ugh.) My Aunt Is a Witch is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of Visual Novel and Point-and-Click. The graphics are a cute storybook style with some animated scenes. Be warned you will have to mash text a lot because there is a LOT of visual novel in this game and you can't skip text like you can with, say, the Sakura Succubus series. It took me all morning to plat this because I didn't know how to mash text properly(alter-tap between X and Circle) and mashing X tend to get you thrown into the save menu by accident. But all in all, it's a cute game where the hero finds out that his aunt is a sorceress and has to deal with the World of Witchcraft. (Sorry, have to make a WoW joke.) I also changed up a few things. I do plan on working on Dream Drop Distance but I felt like I could handle Ni No Kuni better as it's more turn-based combat and I would have to spend a few months grinding up the gilder because, unlike the original version, there is no duplication glitch. (The dupe glitch in the original used a bug in the PS3 hard drive to duplicate items when you wipe and get a Game Over.) So I'll be up all night playing Platoon and praying to RNG not to screw me. But since I plan on doing some Forever Incomplete Platinums including Ni No Kuni II, I wanted to at least give the original a fair shake. Also Final Fantasy XII would take a lot longer to platinum due to my ADHD, so I replaced it... with another grindfrustfest in the most simple Disgaea ever. Still, I love Disgaea and I know of videos I can research of people doing platinum speed runs of this game. Might replaced Kingdom Hearts Final Mix depending on where I can find another 6/10 game I might like. Kena is replaced by Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories because I platted that game on an older account and know it can be done. EDIT: Nope, nevermind. I had to get to Silver Tier when I saw the difficulty rating on PSNProfiles for another cool Disgaea game, Disgaea 4 Complete+. Yes, this will be Hell, literally, but you gotta love Fuka, Desco and Nagi Clockwork.
  3. Oh, I can think of a few factors: Insane difficulty with no checkpoints Boring dialogue and almost no plot or plot that is so disgusting you run away in the first few seconds(like having a ton of NSFW sex content, but then again that wouldn't get pas the ESRB ) Stupid mechanics that make you want to slit your wrists out of frustration Let's just make Mugen Souls(the original) have a love baby with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus's Mein Leiben mode and call it a day. That's my opinion of what would make a game be Montezuma's Revenge and get 1/10. In other words, a game that is no fun to play for anyone. I saw someone popular in Games Done Quick do a speedrun of this game, it looks interesting.
  4. So I decided to just go for the bronze tier of 7 games. I know it's a bit of a copout but I really don't see myself paying $50 for two games that might make me slit my wrists in frustration. Also, I have never played a Crash game and don't intend to right now and I heard the Crash 4 trophies are bugged. I do enjoy Binding of Isaac though but if I do go for the trophies, I will do so on my own time. Why I am not surprised? Ach, mein leiben!
  5. No, I wasn't implying anything. I know you took that face from a clip, and they took the video clip. I know it's not you. Glad to learn the trivia behind that clip, though.
  6. I've seen that face in FFXIV highlight streams but never got a name for it. What a weird man. Anyways, great trophy list. Also, if you are working on the Spyro series, I platinumed the Reignited trilogy and loved it. It's a nice flashback to the old games. You platinumed the Witness? I tried to, got all the puzzle except the challenge. That was the worst experience in my life because the puzzles shut down once the songs end and you only have six minutes to do it and the puzzles are random every time. It's just me, I am not good at puzzle solving as you are(which is why I used a guide the majority of the game). Congratulations on that!
  7. Since everybody and their parents are doing this challenge, I might as well throw my two cents in. I wrote up a list but had to use PlatPrices because some of the games suggested were a bit too tough for me. I'm not fond of doing difficult games but maybe this will help me out. It'll also help me get some games I have to complete. 1/10: My Aunt Is a Witch (PlatPrices) 2/10: Mythic Ocean (PlatPrices) 3/10: World of Final Fantasy (PSNProfiles) 4/10: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (PSNProfiles) 5/10: Final Fantasy XII-The Zodiac Age (PSNProfiles) 6/10: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PSNProfiles) 7/10: Kena-Bridge of Spirits (PSNProfiles) 8/10: Rabi-Ribi (PlatPrices) 9/10: Crash Bandicoot 4-It's About Time (Platprices) 10/10: The Binding of Isaac (PlatPrices)
  8. Sorry to necropost this, but to this poster: Good luck in life if you expect FATEs to be the best way to level Blue Mage, it's not. This is because Blue Mage gains experience differently for all the normal jobs due to it being a LIMITED job: You gain tons of experience just by going out and killing normal overworld mobs because they give a HUGE exp boost for kills. This only works for OVERWORLD mobs: Dungeons, levequests and ESPECIALLY FATEs do not give you decent EXP, only killing normal enemies wandering the world do. That's the fastest way to get from Level 8 to Level 70. However, this EXP bonus drops if you kill enemies five levels below you, so you need to keep traveling to fight enemies around your level. I got Level 70 in the Ruby Sea after a while. Quick tip: Get The Ram's Voice from either the final boss of Cutter's Cry or Azulmagia in the Masked Carnivale, then when you get around Level 61, go to the Peaks and find the Kugamoto bugs near Gir Alania to learn Ultravibration. Ram's Voice will 100% freeze normal mobs and Ultravibration will one-shot them no matter how much health they have, but only if they are frozen. Get Hydro Pull at Skala too, this is the best AoE and can be spammed. But until then, get what you can. There are blue magic lists online. I hope that clears up the misconception. Oh yeah, and I want to redact my prior post: While it is possible to get high level skills on a Level 8 Blue Mage, you have to get them to aggro you and they will probably one-shot kill you before you buddy can pull aggro on them, so you also need a healer to revive you.
  9. Already platinumed this game on both stacks. No need to buy a cartridge of this game for yet another stack.
  10. As expected the majority want me to suffer through Red Mage. (I am not against Red Mage, but the tech is very complicated for me to handle. I guess I do need to practice with it so I will try to do Heaven on High to learn the tech. ) Anyways, now that the Endwalker trophy list is out, let's see how many of my predictions were correct... Duh, no surprise here. Every expansion had a trophy dedicated to completing the MSQ of the main expansion, so it was obvious Endwalker would have one too. Also, I was correct in new trophies for getting Level 90, as a new level cap means that it was necessary to have trophies for reaching those levels. 4/4 Correct I was correct in there being trophies for the 8-main raids, Pandaemonium, but I didn't except them in this list but in a later list. Then again, they were unlisted when the expansion dropped and then made available once the raids came out. Also, I was surprised that there is only one trophy for normal and Savage instead of one for each tier, but then these raids have four tiers instead of three like previous raid series. Maybe because these raids are current content. Also unexpected was the glut of trophies in this DLC List based on stuff like completing the Sightseeing Log, getting 99% of the Triple Triad cards, spawning insanely rare FATEs, and raiding the new Endwalker treasure dungeon. But then again, the alliance raids won't be until 6.1 so they wanted to fill the list out somehow. I find this refreshing as I think FFXIV is not just battle content, it's doing a lot of interesting things and this list satisfies those who love doing odd things. As for now, I dunno whether to complete that list as many of the trophies are very grindy or difficult, but I might get End in Sight as long as I don't have to do stupid jump puzzles like in Kugane to get to a sightseeing spot.
  11. I decided to change the subject of this post to something to promote discussion since I have made a decision to do all the MSQ with my Scholar and Summoner to burn up the Road to 70 buff, which might upgrade into a "Road to 80" buff come Endwalker. So I decided to focus on that, since it is less than one month to that expansion at the time of this post edit. (Sadly, I don't think you can delete the poll. ) Namely, my predictions to what the trophy list will be for Endwalker. Note: When I say "Trophy List for this game", this is for the PS5 version as the PS4 version will never get an update or rework due to how PS4 lists are. Also, these trophies I predict will be DLC trophy lists because there has never been a precedent for a game suddenly adding trophies to the required list for a platinum. If there is, let me know. Now, after some thoughts, here is what I predict: We get two trophy lists for Endwalker. The first will come out on the drop date or two days before(like what usually happens - Ben Qui really frustrated me because they dropped the trophy list for that before the PSN network updated so I didn't get any trophies until 24 hours later) and it will include trophies based on 6.0. Then, after 6.5 launched in 2023, they will add a new trophy list with the rest of the stuff. This is because the stuff in this second list will include everything released after 6.0. From my experience with the FFXIV trophy list, it is broken into several sections: Story-related, normal raids, alliance raids, and grinding. So here is what the first Endwalker trophy list will be come 6.0. The names are based off of precedents. All of these will be bronze trophies. 4 trophies Endwalker: Complete the main scenario quest "Endwalker." (Every expansion, not ARR - which had the quest name "The Ultimate Weapon" - has named its final X.0 MSQ as the name of the expansion, so I don't see it ever changing.) The Art of War V: Reach Level 90 with any Disciple of War or Magic You've Got the Touch V: Reach Level 90 with any Disciple of the Hand Green Thumb V: Reach Level 90 with any Disciple of the Land (since the level cap will be raised, they'll have to add new trophies reflecting this, and will do so with every expansion they raise the level cap) Then this is the second list they will put out after 6.5. Names are placeholders and not real because we don't anything about the raids for Endwalker. All of these will be bronze. 9 trophies "Raid 1": Complete the final raid of tier 1 of Endwalker 8-man "Raid 2": Complete the final raid of tier 2 of Endwalker 8-man "Raid 3": Complete the final raid of tier 3 of Endwalker 8-man "Savage 1" Complete the final raid of tier 1 of Endwalker 8-man (Savage) "Savage 2": Complete the final raid of tier 2 of Endwalker 8-man (Savage) "Savage 3": Complete the final raid of tier 3 of Endwalker 8-man (Savage) "Myth 1": Complete the first part of Endwalker alliance raid "Myth 2": Complete the second part of Endwalker alliance raid "Myth 3": Complete the third part of Endwalker alliance raid Here is also something I would like to see, a DLC trophy list exclusive to limited jobs, because GDM, I want them to respect Blue Mage! (I know that means they will have to make the Art of War trophies nerfed so you can't get them with Blue Mage, though.) Names are my creation. Some of the trophies will reflect the eventual upgrade of Blue Mage to include Shadowbringers content and a level cap increase to 80, this is not going to happen anytime soon, I understand that, but I am sure it will happen because Yoshi-P is not going to drop Blue Mage. The reason I made the list this way is because only the leveling and spell learning(which is easy) should be bronze, everything else will be a lot more difficult especially the ones requiring a synced blue mage only party with no Echo. And this is just my "wet dream" trophy list, I know this will NEVER be reality. 6 bronze trophies 7 silver trophies 8 gold trophies Bronze trophies Blue Fields I: Reach Level 50 with Blue Mage Blue Fields II: Reach Level 60 with Blue Mage Blue Fields III: Reach Level 70 with Blue Mage Blue Fields IV: Reach Level 80 with Blue Mage Azure-o-Pedia: Learn 50 Blue Magic spells Encyclo-Cerulean: Learn 100 Blue Magic spells Silver trophies Behind the Mask I: Clear 10 unique stages in the Masked Carnivale Behind the Mask II: Clear 20 unique stages in the Masked Carnivale Behind the Mask III: Clear 30 unique stages in the Masked Carnivale Battle Blue I: Complete 10 unique routine missions in the Blue Log Battle Blue II: Complete 20 unique routine missions in the Blue Log Battle Blue III: Complete 50 unique routine missions in the Blue Log Blue Battlemaster: Complete 100 unique routine missions in the Blue Log Gold trophies Mightier than the Primals: Clear all Realm Reborn Extreme Trials with a party of Blue Mages, synced, with Echo silenced Mightier than the Dragon: Clear all Coils of Bahamut with a party of Blue Mages, synced, with Echo silenced Mightier than Coerthas: Clear all Heavensward Extreme Trials with a party of Blue Mages, synced, with Echo silenced Mightier than the Machines: Clear all Alexander trials (Savage) with a party of Blue Mages, synced, with Echo silenced Mightier than the Kami: Clear all Stormblood Extreme Trials with a party of Blue Mages, synced, with Echo silenced Mightier than Omega: Clear all Omegascape trials (Savage) with a party of Blue Mages, synced, with Echo silenced Mightier than The First: Clear all Shadowbringers Extreme Trials with a party of Blue Mages, synced, with Echo silenced Mightier than Eden: Clear all Eden trials (Savage) with a party of Blue Mages, synced, with Echo silenced Feedback on your thoughts. Am I crazy for including a whole DLC list just for Blue Mage? DLC trophies are optional so you don't have to do them.
  12. I've downloaded Afterbirth+ and enjoyed it a buttload(no connection to the scatological references in the game) and I was trying the Data Sync trick(where you upload your data to the cloud and download it every time you die or mess up something to erase that bad progress, which was mentioned because it was the best way to avoid getting a huge death streak when trying to clear Hard Mode with the Lost, who dies in one hit from even a bullet) and was playing it on old accounts(finally, some use for my discarded accounts!) to try out the trick. It works for me so far(as long as I don't accidentally upload when I meant to download), and after watching Sinvicta's runs on Youtube, I was tempted to try out Repentance but I saw how horribly hard the new bosses and alternate paths are, which put me off of downloading. (Also, I was overcharging my bank account too much from many FFXIV Mog Station purchases, curse you holiday sales.) So does the Data Sync trick still work here? I know it won't work on the two part boss fight with Dogma and The Beast because it's a two part boss rush but I know this trick can help with making decent builds with what you got(by finding out which pills are bad for you, seeing if using the reroll machine is worth losing all your bombs, etc.)
  13. Thanks for the link. I guess I could use Co-Op as I have two controllers. Running the game on a new account, and put in Repentance. That add-on is really cool and I can't wait to unlock the Alternate Path. Challenges aren't too bad, even the annoying ones like SPEED! and Onan's Streak(you just need a great item on the first item room - shame you can't take item rooms if you want to get a Planetarium). I apologize for my previous salty rage, I tend to get frustrated easily. Thanks again.
  14. I generated a card for my own amusement but I am not going to participate. I am too busy trying to get the last trophies for FFXIV (PS5) so I have two trophies left before that platinum. (Still haven't gotten any Endwalker trophies except for the Level 90 Disciple of the Land one.) This card might help me figure out what games to work on to get to #250. EDIT: NVM, my card vanished because I reloaded the page.
  15. Uh huh, I know. My Reaper is getting close to max level so I might think about doing that. Probably will put up a Party Finder request to see how easily we can rip through Omega 12S with all Level 90s. I am definitely waiting until that happens to get the trophy. I have 73 cards so far.
  16. What do you think? I think this is just the same ZJ the Ball level 1 with less coins to find in more difficult places like high in the air or in blocks. What? No thanks, I already played your first ZJ the Ball games.
  17. This page has information on how to get those FATEs to pop. I wondered why they made those FATEs into trophies, then I saw the rewards. Seriously, they want you to get those elephant costumes. Also, thanks to those people who talked about how to level up your Trusts. I might do that once I finish the MSQ. Right now I just need to finish up some beast tribe quests(finally got all my Heavensward tribes to Allied Status) and then get those final 191 gather collectibles for Livin' Off The Land IV. Not sure if I will 100% Endwalker in my life time as finding out you have to be excellent at Triple Triad to get all of the cards is painful. I don't really like card games. Still, I hope that now I can get that final Stormblood trophy(clearing Alphascape V4.0 Savage) because it bothers me that that raid is as hard as Shadowbringers Extreme Titania.
  18. Isn't saving and reloading restricted to Afterbirth+? Rebirth alone has two things that are easier(unlocking The Lost and getting the all challenges trophy) but one note: DO NOT INSTALL REPENTANCE. That expansion adds a ton more stuff and new dungeon floors and it gets much harder to 100%.
  19. Do you need to do all challenges for Repentance too because I don't want to buy Repentance if I can't get the platinum due to the Repentance challenges, which are much worse than the Afterbirth+ challenges. I can do April Fool's easily(spam a standard active item to get OP attacks on the Bloat bosses), and I could cheese Backasswards and Ultra Hard with data sync, but after seeing DELETE THIS challenge, I realize that if you have to complete ALL challenges, then I can't play Repentance until I get that one trophy for beating the challenges. This is the worst Isaac trophy ever. This is what is stalling me from starting the game on my main file, having to complete the tougher Afterbirth challenge. But I can't data sync if I just uninstall Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ because of the RNG.
  20. I found the first Endwalker collectable gathering spot - Thavnair, just west of the first community you enter, Yeldihmald. There is a small triangle of Grade 85 vegetation with Rareified Thavnairain Perilla Leaf, and it's not unspoiled nodes so I am moving my gathering routine from Ahm Aerang to this place.
  21. I bought this game on PS5 but I can't find the DLC update. It's not on the add-ons. Is the new add-on only for PS4?
  22. My nominations: Piece of Cake Award: Goes to Sakura Swim Club. The raunchiest visual novel I ever played and despite having some bronzes, it's so easy to platinum as your choices do not matter, you will get the platinum no matter what you answer. It's Like Dark Souls Award: I didn't play this game on my main account but I played enough of The Binding of Issac Afterbirth+ to know it's not friendly with RNG. Also, even though I didn't play it, I would put The Binding of Isaac Repentance as I saw Sinvicta play through the new bosses so many times to know that I would get creamed into a bloody paste by the new bosses and the new challenges. Bad Ass Award: I'd say my badass moment was finally getting the RYNO EXTREME into Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and watching Sly Cooper slam down from a rift and destroying everyone. Here's to the rumors being true of Sly Cooper getting one more game in 2022! Grinds of the Year: I haven't gotten the platinum for it yet, but FFXIV put me through the grinds. Having to grind a zillion Ifrit Runs to get Thrillseeker IV and crafting 5000 collectibles in the Firmament for Made to Order IV were taxing, and now I have to focus to get 5000 more gathering collectibles for Livin' off the Land IV and get over 480 FATEs for Destiny's Child to get the platinum, and with the ultra-long queues booting you out after half an hour due to the servers getting clogged, FFXIV is going to be a super grind for those last sets of trophies. Luckily, those grinds are the last trophies I need for the platinum. The Endwalker DLC trophies, however... Finally Done Award: Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, not because it took me forever to play, it's just that I put off playing it until now. I guess the server crashes in FFXIV helped me put my priorities into perspective and FINALLY get that game platinumed. King of the Internet Award: Goes to FFXIV again, especially picking up the new jobs Reaper and Sage and playing around with them. I have gotten Reaper to Level 77 and will eventually go back into the story. But the award goes to the entire MSQ, from the very beginning when Cisi Arashi met some moogles on the road to Gridania to register as an adventurer to the very end of Shadowbringers. Worst Online Experience: *points up at the last parts* FFXIV servers melting because of Endwalker release, I can't get on the game until after midnight. Best Music: Do I really need to repeat myself? FFXIV, and the La-hee of Rat'ika Greatwood as I was mining Rarefied Manasilver Sand. Sleeper Hit of the Year: I can't give an award here because I haven't gotten much from digital sales, sorry. Biggest Bomb of the Year: I really regret earning a trophy in Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. I got hyped because of the FFXV crossover event in FFXIV and seeing Noctis in Eorzea that I bought and put a trophy into this game because I was told it was an easy platinum. Maybe I am giving it undeserved hate but I really don't feel like playing this game now that the event is over. Best Trophy Image: Heartless Hunter from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix since I started getting back into that game. That was the first trophy I earned in that game. Worst Trophy Image: All of the trophies in the ZJ The Ball series, because they are just the title screen, copied and pasted and all of the trophies have the same image. Talk about being super-lazy! Best Female Character: Rivet from Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Best Male Character: Maxmillion from Dark Cloud 2. Best Plat of the Year: Clearly Masters of the Multiverse. Even though I skipped the story and the game was super easy, it was fun to go through and just having to enter Challenge Mode just to buy the last two weapons was fun. Wurst Plat of the Year: All five ZJ The Ball games. Having religious themes is a bit too much for my gaming experience. Most Anticipated Platinum of 2022: Maybe Hogwarts Legacy because it would be like Wizard101 in the Rowlingverse, or LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga. (I had played a bit of The Force Awakens but never got into the LEGO Star Wars games as the only Star Wars movies I watched were the original trilogy.)
  23. Okay, I am sorry for putting this post. I knew what I got into, I just did not expect so much 90% nudity. Sorry to enrage you people. We can lock this topic now.
  24. Is it me or is this game skirting the ESRB? I mean, the CGI shots show WAAAAY too much T&A from the female characters. I know this game is made by the guys who made the raunchy Sakura Succubus games but I don't think this game is Safe for Work. EVER. Forgive me for ranting, but I grew up in a Catholic household and my parents look down on these sorts of things. If they found out I was platinuming these games they would think I was being a pervert.
  25. It doesn't help that now it's impossible to log on until 4 AM because if you long in at any other time, you get hit with a huge queue and eventually the game boots you because the world is full due to everyone jumping on at 10 AM. It's times like that which make me wish I had never become a trophy hunter.