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  1. Played this on PC for about 5-6 hours and the game is brutal in terms of difficulty, unforgivable.
  2. Is this the sequel to the second game that was available on PS Plus some time ago?
  3. Why the hostility?
  4. It's funny but the same coin you guys are talking about I have found in one of the locations from A Walk in the Park DLC. There was only one coin for me in the Recycling area of Central Prod B. It seems a bit random but the fact that I have completed the first part of A Walk in the Park DLC (up to the fight with Chief Helvig) before I actually got to Recycling area in the main campaign probably had something to do with its random spawn location. I knew that the game was full of bugs and shit, but luckily I haven't experienced anything out of order apart from that random coin spawn.
  5. So I've been playing this game for a few days now, starting to understand the importance of your God's ability and item build & how crucial it can be in turning the tide of the battle. At least four times my team has finished the game with more than 100 tickets left in the Arena. No trophy. I must have killed 400+ minions easy. Again, no trophy. I have killed 21 Gods in one match, without dying a SINGLE time. No fucking trophy. Also got at least 10x Triple Kills in the Arena and surprise, surprise - trophy hasn't popped. Although to be fair, with the last trophy I'm not sure what is meant by qualifying matches and whether I can achieve it in the Arena. But I do not see a reason why the others haven't popped. What is going on? Do I need to pay/spend money to earn these trophies? I remember that DC Universe Online had a similar thing going on where you had to pay for the game to be able to earn the trophies. Does anyone know why is this happening? Is the game glitched? Or am I being extremely unlucky? Thanks for help. 🍻 J
  6. See, I'm on the complete opposite. FC3 was good, but Ubisoft pretty much perfected this sandbox formula over the years and improved on it in FC4 and FC5. I think the fifth one is the best one so far when it comes to outposts liberation, buddy system etc. Even the story is bearable.
  7. Just watched first 20 minutes from this game on YT and it looks really good. Love the aesthetic. If it's below £20 mark I will definitely be grabbing it. It just looks fun.
  8. Well, that pretty much clarifies everything, thank you very much guys! Also glad to see that this thread has helped few other fellow gamers, not just myself. Thanks! You're the best! J
  9. Hi, I have started playing The Binding of Issac this week and I'm already hooked up, it's such a fantastic game. Generally I struggle with the ideal of roguelike, but this game seems to be an exception for me. Had it for ages in my library, downloaded it when it was free as a part of PSPLUS subscription and never really installed it which is a shame, because I instantly fell in love with it after I played it for the first time this week. I have a question regarding the DLC and the DLC trophies. So as far as I'm aware two DLC packs are out right? Afterbirth and Afterbirth+. Now - do I need to buy both of them to be able to earn the trophies and enjoy the new content or is Afterbirth+ just an updated version of Afterbirth and only the purchase of the latter is required? Hope this makes sense guys! Thanks for help. J
  10. Guys, just a quick one - is it actually the same version of the game that was released on PS3 or have they added anything new?
  11. I'm very sentimental about the first part of the trilogy for two reasons. I've played it on my first PlayStation console back in the day when France beat Brazil 3:0 in the FIFA World Cup Final, Godzilla and Armageddon hit the cinemas and Buffy the Vampire Slayer was all the rage! New, remastered version on the other hand reminds me of my reconvalescence - it helped me a lot with taking my mind off the thoughts associated with my illness. It is -without a doubt - my favorite one out of the new trilogy. I was wondering what are my best parts/levels/hubs of the game, so I've decided to compile a quick TOP 3. 3rd Place: Twilight Harbor in Gnorc Cove - It will be one of the last levels that you'll encounter in the first game. I absolutely adored dark orange/industrial harbor vibe to it. To me sundown was a perfect metaphor for the imminent end of the game, an experience that was somewhat short. 2nd Place: Ice Cavern in Peacekeepers World - Oh, how much I loved all of the icy and snowy levels in Spyro. Ice Cavern had it all. Big lumps of gorgeous looking snow. Starry, open sky. Frozen stalactites. Insides of the cold caverns warmly lit up by the weak flames of the lanterns. I think it's the most beautifully recreated level, ex aequo with Dark Hollow (Artisans Hub). 1st Place: Artisans Home Hub - It was the first level that I saw after almost 20 years of not playing in any Spyro game. Seeing Artisans Home Hub being re-done really well with a new palette of colors, new dragons, grass and everything else made my eyes water. Especially the new version of secret waterfall entry to Sunny Flight world and the moment when Dragon Head opens right before you. Absolutely loved it! This feeling was so powerful that it stayed with me until the very end of the game. What are yours favorite levels in the first part of this very enjoyable trilogy?
  12. Go for God Of War. You've started it so might as well finish it. You won't regret it and you'll have a blast playing it.
  13. Is there a way of playing this version in Europe? I know that the actual console is region free but I guess that only applies to discs. I'd love to give it a go.
  14. I remember playing it on X360 when it first came out. I've really enjoyed it, fun racing game. I'd love to earn some trophies in it or even plat the game. It's a shame the servers are not so occupied by gamers these days. It would be really fun to actually be able to get a group of people together and sort of earn the trophies together while just enjoying it for a change. Anyone up for it?
  15. Sweet, that's good news! I'd welcome a new, nice and shiny platinum trophy in Onimusha game!