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  1. the Japanese version has 1 problem, this is a control, because it is implemented very crookedly, It looks like it is highlighted that you need to press "O" for an action, but due to the peculiarity of the layout, it is impossible to do some actions, due to the fact that the developers left at this moment the control of the computer as in other regions, and replacing the buttons in the set-top box system does not help to solve this problem. Because of this, you cannot get 2 "Pandemic" and "A work in progress" trophies. There are 2 such places: 1- In the basement, when you need to install the "CronOS 5.61" program, after completing the installation steps the character cannot disconnect from the computer. 2- in Elena's memoirs, at the very beginning she takes a test on a computer answering questions, after 4-5 questions to which we simply answered yes or no, questions appear to answer which we need to press "Triangle" the answer is counted, "O" is the answer count, "X" and here the game does not respond to pressing the buttons. There is a possibility that an Asian version of the console could fix the problem
  2. No. It's mainland china ver.