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  1. That’s a shame! Obviously they forgot the Japanese version lol. You’re correct though that dlc will not work with the eu/us version of the game. I can comb through the regional stores to check if it’s still there maybe by a different name? They don’t always successfully remove all versions
  2. Perfect! Thanks for the clarification! Was hoping I could play it on PSNOW instead.
  3. Escape: dead island has the free DLC underwater labs, does anyone know if it is included on the PSNOW version? If so that one can be added
  4. The JP version of the DLC is still up. I know I bought the DLC for the US version on another account maybe 2 weeks ago. I would suggest combing through the ps3 console store as sometimes dlc are separated from their home games and just loosely in the store.
  5. WWE 2k20 Shutdown postponed for at least a little while https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500007021462-An-Update-About-WWE-2K20-Servers