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  1. The lag for this game is exceptionally bad. At the main menu there’s a full 1 second input delay and in a game filled with QTE’s it’s a disaster. I saw some physical copies on eBay but they’re all $100 so that’s a bummer. Hang in there dude good luck.
  2. no save transfer nor auto pop
  3. everything is pretty straight forward with maybe 1 missable trophy with using a certain power to kill 25 enemies but if you use it every chance you get you won’t miss it. All collectibles and the bar tender mini game can be collected post game. Make sure to do every side missions as soon as they show up too.
  4. I just can’t picture re2r Leon doing back flips and dodging lasers
  5. Yes, but there’s a level later on that has 7 burglars that makes it significantly faster to get the 50 kills.
  6. oh boy that trophy. I saved it for the last trophy personally. What I did was made a save before the ending, then I sent all of my scouts with the “Drop Rate increase” to the dungeon called Halo Forest (it’s in verts area). Once I got 30/30 chips left to the hub area. I opened items, used the cpu chips item by using square and just rinsed and repeat until I got a card. Once I found a new card I saved and if I still had at least 20 left I kept going. If I got under 10 I would go back to halo forest and grind more cards to rinse and repeat. You can watch just the first 10 seconds in this video to understand what I mean by opening the cards from the menu cause I didn’t know you could do that until like super late in my time
  7. progress through the story and Ann’s sister will call you saying you can come back to bartend at anytime time. It isn’t a missable phone call it happens automatically
  8. I actually completed this last week. It’s pretty straightforward for the missions but if you’re referring to the endings I used this . There isn’t a lot of share manipulation needed like the other games it’s just get them to see a certain point, watch some events and you’re good. Nothing is missable since all equipment/lily levels/items/exp carries over in NG+ The only thing that resets is investment progress and the story.
  9. Bloober team is gonna find a way to have James walk through looping hallways pt style while hallucinating like all of their other games.
  10. fortnite collab confirmed??? I agree. The combat feels a little slow especially when comparing to how the characters felt in Arkham Knight. I am glad that they got rid of the numbers and health bar personally though
  11. I’m playing the ps5 version at the moment. It so far has been running smoothly. The only problems that happen consistently are 1.) on the map there are “?” that hold a special event and sometimes the game will stutter when it ends 2.) the load times sometimes are a little long like around 10-15 seconds. No trophies have glitched so far
  12. The sereph vender sells a relic that counts if going for the trophy if you don’t wanna fight the dragons
  13. It’s been a while but are they by any chance dropped by the mini-bosses in the last/2nd to last chapter? If not, try checking the monster encyclopedia and seeing which has ??? Most sub bosses have a main drop and a 2nd drop
  14. That sucks. I can’t say I’m surprised though, gearbox has always been scummy when it comes to dlcs. Remember the BL2 headhunter packs which was basically just one boss + a new head? I rented wonderlands and I liked it enough to buy it but I’ll probably wait for the GotY version like others above me has said.