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  1. Chapter 1 The scratch point is a tree imediately after you jump up the second wall, right at the beginning Chapter 2 After you drop a paint can through the glass skylight, The scratch point is a rug in the apartment as soon as you walk in Chaper 3 At the first apartment in the second room there is a rug Chapter 4 As soon as you enter the main square where the Guardian is, rug is in the room just behind Chapter 5 Right at the very start on the first rooftop. There is a rug next to two big green/white striped beanbags/balls (Before you cross the girder) Chapter 6 Upon entering the apartment, rug right in front of some stacks of books Chapter 7 Half way through after speaking to Doc for the first time, head right into a room with blue clock on the wall (where the Defluxor is). Scratch the wallpaper before interacting with the defluxor. Chapter 8 Towards the end after opening and going through a large square gate (the one with two locks) you will go up a short set of stairs and rug is in top left corner of the room Chapter 9 Opposite the guys playing majhong in the alcove with two sitting below the bed there is a board to scratch Chapter 10 When you first come overground out of the metro you will turn right onto a promenade area. Take the left hand side up the ramp and then turn left at the first opportunity and run along the banister by the wire fence. Behind there is a mattress Chapter 11 Right at the end, after you trap the pair of guardians, go through the door, under the skirting to the right and there is a tree in the next room Chapter 12 One of the panels leading the control room has to be opened and then the cables "scratched". Unmissable
  2. I also found, when you come out of the sewers after rescuing the chap and his blaster, the ball will be sat at the top of the ramp waiting for you
  3. Interesting reading this thread. I am, I guess what you might consider a target demographic for this game. I like short, relatively slow paced, walking games and since buying a PS4 in December last year have played and enjoyed, Firewatch, Last Day of June (Loved), Abzu, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Never Alone, Dear Esther, Sea of Solitude, Erica (Granted, bu the FIFTH play through that got tedious), Edith Finch, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and in that time multiple play throughs of Journey Virginia, I thought was hot trash frankly. My biggest gripes: Story - was just utterly confusing. The only time it started to make sense was when she took LSD towards the end as that at least gave some sort of justification for the haphazard story. The constant jumping around - this infuriated me. One of the things about all the previously mentioned games (with the exception of erica) you could explore, or at least look at your surroundings. This, every time you started wandering down a corridor you suddenly teleported to a taxi, if you tried to take in what was on the walls at the cafe you suddenly teleported to somewhere else. Even the driving scenes, rather than letting you drive the whole journey it would jump around in segments. The one plus was it was on the PS+ Extra tier so cost me nothing apart from the sub. I will however give it another run through tomorrow just to get the plat. I have literally got a headache from the confused expression I have had on my face for the last two hours :')
  4. It's not a "masterpiece" but it is a very pleasant, easy to complete walking sim that has very nice environment, decent enough story. I had been waiting for it to go on sale for an age, and its certainly worth £5 for an afternoons chillout. BUT.. unlike some other games of the genre, Dear Esther, Abzu, Journey, Edith Finch, etc etc, I don't feel it has any replay value at all. Play it once, enjoy it, but that's really it. It's not a go back to time and again game.
  5. Have just played through for my first time (blind, no guide) and honestly, I left feeling completely underwhelmed. I should say, I am a huge Journey fan. Have done very very many "journeys" and every one to me somehow still feels different. Maybe it is unfair to compare Abzu to Journey when Journey really set such a high standard, but hell, if you are going to model yourself so obviously on Journey then you deserve to be compared to it. The positive.. Graphically its a beautiful game, its simply stunning to look at, and the gameplay and controls are easy to grasp (although why camera default view is reversed I dont know). The areas of full of life and colour, loads of fish, and flora to explore in contrast to the starkness of Journey but... First issue is purpose. In journey the purpose was clear, reach the summit of the mountain, and that in turn justified everything you did. When you were struggling against the wind trying to climb the summit, the struggle was to get where you were aiming to get to. When dodging the creatures in underground, you were dodging them because you were driving to reach that ultimate goal. Thats what drives you from both a gameplay perspective and emotionally to complete the game. Abzu had NONE of that. Why were you doing this, were you just out for a swim, what was the purpose. Sure, towards the end you got a bit of "why", but ultimately there was never that end goal which meant i struggle to ever connect to the game emotionally. Second.. level design. In journey each level was very very distinct. In Abzu it was all much of a muchness with the one exception being the red sea with the electric things. The rest of it was very samey, water with seaweed and fish. More water, with more seaweed and fish. The ending.. came very suddenly, and i was literally "was that it".. it just ended out of the blue without warning. Mega anticlimax. Like I say, maybe unfair to compare it to Journey when the bar was set so high, but when you are going to blatantly recycle numerous elements from it, you deserve to be compared to it. Journey after multiple plays still hits me emotionally with every trip. Abzu didnt trigger me emotionally at all. Very very disapointing
  6. yeh, theres still loads. I did a run tonight (9pm to 10:30uk) and met three travellers on that run. I always run red robe, just because as white robe you cannot meat 1st time travellers
  7. and also, download the app onto a phone rather than a tablet. I did my first run on a 10" tablet, i did my second run on my phone, and boy, the phone was waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier, especially when it came to clearing dust from stones, wiping windows etc.
  8. Little tip for people. When you first go in the sewers in Rilgar and you drain the water, Groove the two fish floundering in the bottom. Think this is one of the few places you can make the fish dance. I just had the trophy pop up on my first challenge play through and hadn't even been worrying about it on my first regular playthrough.
  9. For those who want to track cars / weapon kills a bit easier now there is no community to check, i made myself a printable checklist copy as pdf here. https://cloud.dimspace.xyz/s/W7tNRZQcc6karzD just has all the cars on, as well as the weapons needed for the all weapons achievement,.
  10. Aha, that did it. First just picked up the sword and used it but didnt trigger, but disarm from regular did it. Cheers. that was driving me nuts
  11. If anyone is still playing this, this one is driving me utterly insane. There are 9 to do for the Abergasto challenge. I have done 8/9 but i cannot for the life of me work out what the 9th is. So far I have done: 1) Kill someone with default sword/dagger combo 2) Hidden Blades kill 3) pistol kill 4) Rope Dart kill 5) Berzerk Dart kill 6) Berzerk Grenade kill 7) Shrapnel Grenade kill 8) Musket Kill (Shoot) - disarm from scout 9) Musket Kill (Stab) - disarm from scout 10) Axe kill - disarm from Brut 11) Knife kill (thrown) - disarm from agile guard 12) knife kill (stab) - disarm from agile guard 13) Puckle gun on boat I'm slowly going insane
  12. the simple solution is that when a company takes a served offline, then they put out a small patch for the game that awards everyone all the online trophies. but as long as servers are online, suck it up, either you plat, or you dont
  13. Just played through on a Monday night. Met a first run red cape in pink desert and played to the end with them. definitely a fair few people still playing. I've met a fair few in the last two days, mostly in pink desert hanging around the tower.