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  1. Same thing for me on the suburb conversations. I did all the optional on my first playthrough but didn’t hear the joke. I reloaded that chapter but I now can’t trigger the optional conversations except for the automatic bbq one. If you figure out a fix lmk.
  2. I just checked the “latest achievers” sections. There are people that start playing in march 2022 and got the ply within a week so I guess the patch resolved it. Going to take a chance and buy it on sale. I imagine I’ll probably play through it within the next couple weeks. Whenever I do I’ll report back.
  3. I can see your final score in the video but unless I missed it I didn’t see any thing like a combo meter showing your current streak so it was a bit difficult to tell how accurate you were being. look like you just barely made the score requirement. Was that a near perfect run or were you missing some notes? Just trying to get a sense for what accuracy % you might have to aim for here.
  4. @amurnin100 could you elaborate on what you did when the trophies glitched on you? As an example today I played through the first 5 levels collecting all the first 5 statues. I didn’t the trophy for using the screwdriver, eating a burger and collecting 1 statue. However I did not get the trophies for use the supersonic button on the spaceship or collecting 5 statues. I also couldn’t get the trophy for “look at yourself” to pop. what was it you did to get trophies to pop for you? Did you have to delete the game and restart or did you just reboot and play the levels again?