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  1. Pretty much your feet can’t touch any of the environmental lava in the dungeon, where you are probably touching it and not realizing it is the Minotaur fight, I went as a healer and purposely let the Minotaur kill me on the middle of the island, my friends killed it with ease then I did all of the jumping without touching lava. It has to be done on veteran.
  2. Not entirely true, 1 trophy will so beware. I ran into a glitchy area while doing the platinum on the PS5 and the game would crash as soon as I logged in, booted up the game on the PS4 because I thought none would unlock and that I could move my character out of the spot then log back onto the PS5 and continue. Soul Shriven in Coldharbour popped. So I tried to hide the PS4 list, and it hides the PS4 and PS5 list if you hide one of the lists 😑
  3. Same problem also, but for me it’s usually if I fast travel back to back or zone multiple times in quick succession. Will probably be fixed with a patch; and as far as dlc goes, they release one every 3-4 months.
  4. Hopped on the store this morning and saw that they had released it, ran through and did the entire game, all of the trophies including the platinum popped however the game and none of the trophies for it are showing up on PSN.
  5. Worked for me also, did flying lap, the top bulldozer race then the first race of the dlc over and over and they eventually all popped. Thanks!
  6. I had no issues base game, as for the dlcs however... I did all of the requirements for the energy dlc and even after doing all of the workaround methods I could find, I was only able to pop the 30 miles trophy. The 4 event related ones still remain locked, even after restarting my console, finishing each of the races in different positions with different cars, etc. if anyone has any other ideas let me know.