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  1. I think mine has glitched. I have drunk every single drink, stood at bars drinking 20 at a time. Sat for 2 hours drinking over and over at the start party etc. Simply wont unlock.
  2. 9/10. A lot of em, including some obscure (to me) titles. Not all easy either.
  3. I found the game very enjoyable. Its in the same catagory as Call of Juarez Bound In Blood; nothing spectacular or unique but what it sets out to do it does well, is enjoyable and has many merits. As a platformer, yes, its distinctly average, but thats ok. I think this is a problem with our rating system again. We say its 'out of ten' but we all know games are rated 6-10, with 6 being interpreted as bad, 7 ok, 8 good/great, 9 brilliant and 10 outstanding. Whereas, in a REAL 10 point system, 6 would be 'good', 7 very good, 8 brilliant, 9 outstanding and 10 'Holy crap'. (5 average, 4 poor, 3, bad, 2 terrible 1. Godawful) I liked it. Did i love it? No.But man the visuals sure were purdy.
  4. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. The racing game Pure.
  5. Was in a text screen (to add my name to something, or name a character; can't remember). And the whole thing went nuts. The cursor went all over the onscreen keyboard in a random way, really fast, it kept going in an out of that menu, going out to the game menu, flinging my camera view all ov er, going back in to text menu, typing gibberish (AAAaagggshshBBgshsysush)- it was as if the controller was dying or broken or had a mind of its own. So me and my sister start laughing and pretend screaming as I try to force it (as its still trying to move around) to the 'delete' key on the on screen keyboard to delete the gibberish, and I do, but its still going and (I kid you not) types in 666 and stops. me and my sister go quiet for a second, then start laughing hysterically and pretending to scream even more. It was just so perfect a coincidence.
  6. Games like Fallout, Elder scrolls etc And racing games.
  7. I've seen loads of sexist ones, and many outright misogynistic ones (killallbitches, uexistformyd*** - slightly changed for privacy obviously)
  8. Fallout 3 - progamming on it is shockingly bad. I've heard it described as 'the worst best game ever'. Its just so fun and easy to get lost in. DAO - Love the setting, story and gameplay. Still irritated it was so dumbed down in DA2. Deus Ex Human Revolution - Just amazing. Arkham Asylum/City. Bioshock (1). Dead Space (1)- replayed it a while ago- still awesome. The Last of Us. Red Dead Redemption - Miles better than GTAV btw, imo.
  9. Quite simply, games I dont like. I'm a trophy hunter, but not a trophy whore. Trophy hunting is an extension of the fun for me, and some bad games hunting makes fun. If I really, really don't like the game... well, you know. Alone in the Dark Inferno and Bayonetta are too that I can't make myself play, I just don't enjoy them at all.
  10. Not working on anything as I finished one (NFS MW) today. But I think the next game on my list (yes I have a written list with games in a particular order) is an Insanity playthrough of Mass Effect, Jak 2 or Dishonoured. They're my next three anyway. Fav platinum or trophy has to be 10,000 kills on R2. It was way back in 09 or something when shooters had never been my thing. I stuck the game on and looked like a newbie to gaming- I was that bad. By the time I got half way my k/d was awful (0.3 or something). But through all that work and practice... I became a beast. About 8.5k kills in I was averaging a k/d of 3 or 4 per deathmatch, finsihing 1st 70% of the time. So when that platinum popped I had such a feeling of achievement. Trophy hunting made me better at a game. Unfortunately my k/d is still at like 0.8, because no matter how good I got later, those 1st couple hundred games were still awful.
  11. Lightning Returns.
  12. FALLOUT 4 FFXV Dragon Age Inquisition Elder Scrolls 6 Elder Scrolls Online
  13. So disappointed with Lightning Returns' try-hard cop out ending. :(

  14. The Last Of Us Red Dead Redemption Dragon Age Origins Deus EX: Human Revolution Arkham City Bioshock (1) Uncharted 2 Dead Space Littlebigplanet FF14 A Realm Reborn. (If MMOs are not allowed, then Fallout 3)
  15. Heavy Rain. 5 days.