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  1. #98 Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare.
  2. If just got it for the first time in 70 hours of gameplay, hope it doesn't become more of an issue and is just once or twice.
  3. Iv got 19, not listing them all but Destiny is my latest.
  4. #96 Destiny So glad to get flawless done before the next update that might patch the templar. Been playing Destiny far too much lately need a break until the next dlc, off to Dragon Age Inquisition.
  5. Dragons Dogma #95
  6. Currently Dragons Dogma, half way through my second play through and as long as I don't screw up the the hero trophy I'll be fine. Had a good time with this game and I'll definitely get the sequel, whenever that is.
  7. Without doubt its SOCOM Confrontation, loved that game at the time and got the platinum after 300 hours. Most of that was playing for fun then i put another 150 into it after that.
  8. #94 FIFA 14 Just in time for FIFA 15 next week.
  9. Hope this comes to the european store tomorrow, i wouldnt mind murdered soul cheap.
  10. Looks interesting, ill be sure to keep an eye out for this.
  11. SOCOM Confrontation, i loved that game and it was all i played for a few months. Then when the hackers took over it wasn't worth playing.
  12. Iv got a HTC One, dont use half the features of it tho, just calls, texts and a bit browsing when im in bed.
  13. Iv got 16 FIFA 11 - 1.14% FIFA 10 - 1.20% FIFA 13 - 1.37% GTA IV - 1.57% SOCOM Confrontation - 1.94 % FIFA 12 - 2.00% CRYSIS 2 - 2.32% Midnight Club LA - 2.37% Killzone 2 - 3.22% Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 - 3.32% PES 2011 - 3.55% PES 2010 - 3.63% Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising - 4.24% Battlefield 3 - 4.37% CRYSIS 3 - 4.44% Operation Flashpoint Red River - 4.82%
  14. I didn't like the new layout at first and i don't know if Sly has moved some things around since the first time but it looks a lot better and i hope it doesn't change anymore because iv got used to it.
  15. GTA V, i stopped playing it when i heard they were releasing it on PS4. Never even finished the story and hardly touched the online.