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  1. I wish the Practice Range: Airplane Training didn't tell you return to the combat area because when you start, they don't tell you how to control the plane and expect you to immediately take down enemy planes. Why couldn't Dice let the player experiment with controlling the plane or better yet, give a tutorial.
  2. Rocket League doesn't explain everything to you during the tutorial. I am shocked to see that the game had 75 million players before it went free-to-play.
  3. I am on Level 12.
  4. I think it's too late to get good at Rocket League as I've been playing that game for two months. Can you give me some advice?
  5. Thank you for your advice, I will use that for future games.
  6. My kill/death ratio is a laughable 0.1 and I am always chosen to play against people not my rank. Could it me sucking at the game or am I being chosen to play against veterans?
  7. I was trying to be fair to the people who didn't have their profiles updated in years.
  8. I noticed that some users' profiles have not been updated in years so I updated them. It worked until I got to kaikazato's profile. His hasn't been updated in 4 years and when I pressed update, it went private. He went down to 0 and I feel guilty of this horrible mistake. Am I a bad person?
  9. Now that Sony killed Japan Studio to make room for a developer that exclusively makes tech demos, what's next for Team Asobi?
  10. When I play Battlefield V, I keep dying during online games. What are some tips on how to get better?
  11. Do you use Remote Play on your phone?
  12. How do I get good at Oddworld Soulstorm? I got it two weeks ago for free.
  13. Do you like my PlayStation games and trophies so far? What are some recommended games for me to play?
  14. When I went on Trophies, I noticed that there is less PS4 achievers than PS3. What happened?