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  1. Does anyone know what difficulty or settings you need to complete the no continue trophies on? I have done this multiple times on Strikers 1945 with multiple different settings and default but nothing is unlocking. Thanks for the help. Edit: Must be done on difficulty 4 or higher. Can use second controller (Strikers 1945). Strikers 1945 2 can be done on “Monkey” difficulty. I have yet to try out the rest.
  2. Try using the yellow ship and doing this in Novice difficulty under the Original game mode. I found trying this with the red ship it made it impossible to get a full red meter but after switching to the yellow character I got it the first try. Here is a video of someone else doing it for reference that I referred to while going for this trophy: Feel free to message me on PlayStation if you need a more in depth description. Hope this helps.