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  1. With the three official campaigns I'm afraid not and yes I've played all three many times. The original you start at level 1 and end around 15-19 depending on how lucky you are. Shadows of Underentide you start at 1 and end up around 12-14. Hordes of the Underdark the sequel to Shadow of Underentide you get leveled up to 15 and start there. The end game levels are 25-27 depending how lucky you are and your setup. As for the extras I'll list them by experience or research from others: Darkness Over Daggerford starts at level 8 and gets up to that level. End of the module level is 16-20 I've read. Kingmaker is level 1 module, and that module end level is 6 to 8 Pirates of the Sword Coast under level 5 you will get leveled to 5. So it starts level 5 to 10 than ends at 16. Shadowguard starts you at level 3 and ends at 5, yes short module. Witch's Wake starts at level 1 and ends at 3 and yes no official sequels, consider this one of those quickie modules. The Wyvern Crown of Cormyr starts you out at 6 to 7. Ends at 11 give or take a few levels. Tyrants of the Moonsea when it is out starts at 15 and ends at 22 give or take a few levels I saw from other soruces. If there was Infinite dungeons premium modules coming out on the consoles YES it would be possible due to the nature of it being randomized and tailored to your character yet it isn't. I am going to be honest unless they add more modules getting to 40 on the consoles would be tough unless it's on an online world that is authorized by Beamdog.
  2. Busy with YouTube, Neverwinter Night Achievement pops on Steam, Gaming, YouTube, and Oh yeah building a nice character in Neverwinter Nights.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. lordfenton


      Thanks. Some of the PC version of the achievements are bugged. Hopefully it isn't bugged on the consoles including the PS4.

  3. This Fair Weather Henchmen Trophy Guide is a very easy one to follow. You have to do all the Chapter 1 Henchmen quests during the Original Campaign in Neverwinter Nights. This needs to be done BEFORE going to Helm's Hold or you will miss out on it. This video will show you all the henchmen, their quests and location of said item. It even shows you the stats of the rewards you earned by completing each henchmen quest. Please note that Grimgnaw if you tell him to get lost can make this a missable trophy. This trophy is related to the other two chapter ones so I'd advise doing this one than the other two so you can nail all three in your playthrough. So here is my video guide for Chapter 1 Henchmen and what to do on their quest plus the rewards: If you have any questions just PM me or post a reply here. Happy questing in Neverwinter Nights.
  4. Here is my video guide for the These Swords are Poorly Balanced. This is when you defeat all four Swords of Never at level 8 or below In Chapter 1 of the Original Campaign. Please note I was using an mix of a Fighter/Bard/Red Dragon Disciple to get this done. It might be EASIER or Harder if you use other classes. Wizards might have it the toughest. Anyways here is the video on how to get this done. Any other questions just PM me, or post a comment. I hope this helps.
  5. I've played this game many times from the release to the enhanced edition. Let me tell you all it is one of the great Bioware before they got bought out by EA. Even though I am currently doing an let's play with a few spare guides here and there, some of the trophies/achievements aren't bad. Bummer no premium mod trophy support, a few of those are quiet good. As for the ones I saw not bad to do, even the These Swords Are Poorly Balanced if you know what you doing and what class build your using too. I will say if you know the campaign all three of em than you will do fine. I am glad these classic DnD Games are getting released for a new generation to joy. So that is my trophy thoughts and more.
  6. Even though I am playing on the PC Steam version for the most part they are simple except for the defeat the final boss with 3 and the DLC dungeon that came free with the Director's Cut version. Most of em are simple and yes you can load the save when your high enough to get all the class ones. Those are my thoughts.
  7. While working on my YouTube page, I'm sorta working on DLCs and Misc things until Borderlands 3, possible an Dungeons and Dragons game or anything else I feel like. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

  8. I did do The Conqueror Trophy and I will say this, Adonis quests has the Liberate ability. Use Spartan kick if foes near death and time it right otherwise they drop a far distance, into lava or anything else bad will null and void the human to be Liberated, Use Paralyze arrows, or Unarmed combat to knock down the mind control humans. Free Their Minds, The Rest will follow quest will be gained during Dead Kings and Pretty Things Quest that Adonis has for you. Best places to farm the humans in each region are are: Fortress of the Three Sisters Iphigenia's Compound Mausoleum of the Kingless Queen Than if you did during the main story quests keep Adonis rebellion alive, and other steps that mostly pleases Adonis including warning his spy at the wine tasting party, than during The Rebellion Uprising you should gain The Conqueror. Like others say on this post and site, Make back up saves if possible. Helps really. I
  9. Here's my video in case anyone needs help on Anger Management. I did the Pipe Bomb method on a Rank 1 Expedition.
  10. When I am ready I am returning to Kingdom Hearts 3 for Platinum 225!

  11. I did was toss the remote bombs and than ran it over and blew up. Yeah I died but the wingless plane flown up!
  12. The non-Story members information for clues and to track em down. One clue is at Shipwreck Cove. That leads you to Patrai. To be exact northern Patrai in one of the hostile areas. The other one is at the fortress south of Shipwreck Cove inside the nation's treasure room for the clue. The location of this one is north of Shipwreck cove in the seas. The third one will be revealed after the first non story mode two are dead. After those two are dead, you will get the reveal of the third which she is in sync point that is by the fortress. Really easy to find. The other two are in story mode. I hope it helps.
  13. Finished LEGO DC Super Villains which is Plat number #223. Working on Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition for now until Resident Evil 2 (PS4) and Bard's Tale 3 (PC). 

  14. New games and ect in 2018 disappointment: Far Cry 5 - Crappy MP, Ok SP. Yeah Ubisoft spent time more on MP than SP. Mad Max - Like anyone who got it on release and found out the buggy trophies and game yeah it happened to me. Mad Max is my coaster of the Generation. Fallout 76 - Rush job big time it sounds like. Glad I avoided that.
  15. Cool list and thanks. That Ranger hardcore mode. Let's see what it has for all of us.