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  1. Going to do some quotes from famous people in my status from now on. So here is one of my favorite ones:


    Sun Tzu Quote: “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      “Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.” - Ambrose Bierce
  2. I am glad you got this trophy. I've did a test run of save scumming after I got one of the choices. The No Time for Distractions took tons of work yet worth it doing once for the trophy. Congrats on pulling it off.
  3. I did was ignore the two, started on Unwelcome Guests and hit The Bizarre. Did Knock Knock to get in. After this did A Nightmare in the Bizarre. After this got the caravan guy to get the refugees, turned in Unwelcome Guests to advance the story and failed Heads or Tails to get No Time for Distractions.
  4. You can pause the video on sections you need to look over. Other than if you don't like the video let see you make one.
  5. Thanks. The only time quests do get locked out is if you get to the point in the Hungering Blade Story Quest to pick up a certain item. That said item will warn you. So this means before that point all these quests you can pick up now and do later. Many of em them are like that. There are zero quest lockouts too so do em all. It helps with the experience points.
  6. Thanks. I wanted to post this since the forums complained about the RedCaps. Yes that song I used ever since the Redcap encounters and even used it on my platinum run for this game.
  7. Here is how you complete all the henchmen quests in Chapter 2 video guide. This video guide will guide you quickly through each henchmen's tale in Chapter 2. Just remember in order to earn the trophy Not Just In It For The Paycheque you must have the henchmen your going to turn in previous chapter 1 item (IE Pendant of the Elf +1 from chapter 1 Linu's Tale) so it will get upgraded in chapter 2. So check out my video below:
  8. Thanks @syn1905 and I will consider that in the future.
  9. Cool. I wanted to list the trophies in their own categories as I gained them in the game. Just gotta watch out for the bugs, glitches and the bad save system. Other than that this is a good game to play.
  10. I've figured it was time I do something new and share it with the fine people of this website. It's my overview guide on how to get the Platinum Trophy for The Bard's Tale IV Director's Cut video. This will work on the steam version (Yes my let's plays and a few videos I posted here is that version) and the Xbox One 100% Achievement score. So here is the video and something new. If any of this helps that I did my work. If you want to use this video in your written guide just give me credit for this video that is all I ask.
  11. I decided as my last The Bard's Tale IV video of the year to guide people with a video for The Bard's Tale IV. The Redcaps are the toughest foes in the entire game and with this video guide you can actually cheese them. So if you need help by defeating in Haernhold look no further by watch the video down below: The method I used can be using against other encounters in the game to make the game much easier. Thanks for watching this video guide.
  12. Here is my video guide on how to defeat Mangar during The Secret of Cialhmar. I did a play by play guide on how I got it done. This isn't an easy fight so I am showing everyone how to get it done. NOTE: One thing I forgot to mention is you should be level 16 to 18. Just hunt down every foe you can and do all the side quests. The Strifespear from Song of the Sentry helps.
  13. I will say the show is pretty good right now. I am enjoying Mando and yes even Baby Yoda. I cannot wait to see the rest of the season. Pretty good job Disney+ did with Star Wars so far on their service.
  14. With the three official campaigns I'm afraid not and yes I've played all three many times. The original you start at level 1 and end around 15-19 depending on how lucky you are. Shadows of Underentide you start at 1 and end up around 12-14. Hordes of the Underdark the sequel to Shadow of Underentide you get leveled up to 15 and start there. The end game levels are 25-27 depending how lucky you are and your setup. As for the extras I'll list them by experience or research from others: Darkness Over Daggerford starts at level 8 and gets up to that level. End of the module level is 16-20 I've read. Kingmaker is level 1 module, and that module end level is 6 to 8 Pirates of the Sword Coast under level 5 you will get leveled to 5. So it starts level 5 to 10 than ends at 16. Shadowguard starts you at level 3 and ends at 5, yes short module. Witch's Wake starts at level 1 and ends at 3 and yes no official sequels, consider this one of those quickie modules. The Wyvern Crown of Cormyr starts you out at 6 to 7. Ends at 11 give or take a few levels. Tyrants of the Moonsea when it is out starts at 15 and ends at 22 give or take a few levels I saw from other soruces. If there was Infinite dungeons premium modules coming out on the consoles YES it would be possible due to the nature of it being randomized and tailored to your character yet it isn't. I am going to be honest unless they add more modules getting to 40 on the consoles would be tough unless it's on an online world that is authorized by Beamdog.
  15. Busy with YouTube, Neverwinter Night Achievement pops on Steam, Gaming, YouTube, and Oh yeah building a nice character in Neverwinter Nights.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. lordfenton


      Thanks. Some of the PC version of the achievements are bugged. Hopefully it isn't bugged on the consoles including the PS4.