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  1. This looks very similar to the Hori Gem Pad 3 (it might even be exactly the same but maybe it's called the mini in Japan?) If they are the same, my only complaint about this controller is it's super light which I hate with controllers. I like controllers to have a bit of heft to them when you hold them because otherwise they feel a bit cheap (I even hate the original six axis controllers because of this as well, dualshock is perfection). Aside from that, it is a great controller and it looks amazing too. I recently ordered 3 of these as insurance in case my original controllers ever break. Looking forward to trying them out since I've heard such great things about them
  2. That's awesome news, super happy to hear it! 😀 Hopefully they fixed whatever the issue was for good
  3. Sheesh you're cursed at this point lol. Try this: 1) Go here: 2) In the 'Your Information' tab, edit your residential address and make sure it's accurate 3) Click the 'Security' tab on the left 4) Try changing your: - Password - Security Question 5) Make sure 2 step verification is set to disabled 6) Generate a new device password after all this is done and try signing in 7) If it still fails, you can also try changing your sign-in ID to a different email from the security tab in step 4. You'll have to verify the new email address so make sure it's an email address you actually have access to 8) Repeat step 6 now after changing your sign in ID
  4. Did you try generating a new device password for the PS3 after deactivating? Change your system clock back to automatic/sync through internet and change your daylight savings setting now to disabled since DST ended. Does the clock still go back an hour when you attempt to log in?
  5. I've lost almost all interest in this program at this point. Time limited and buggy challenges, limiting challenges (and the program itself) to specific regions/players, underwhelming rewards...
  6. Nice. Yeah this one I got like maybe my 2nd attempt. I found it was easy to get lucky with the air/crushing takedowns as long as you were actively hunting for them (plus you only need 3). 12 takedowns on the other hand is a ridiculous amount solo (but yeah luckily you can co-op it. I was tempted to but decided to keep trying solo and finally got it)
  7. Yeah with only 1 PS3 there's 0 risk to doing this. You'll get a notice saying that you can only deactivate your devices this way once every 6 months, but that doesn't really matter in your scenario since you'll be immediately activating them again. I hope this works for you...
  8. Can you account for all the devices that you see listed? I would say if you get desperate, you can give it a try (maybe make it your last resort since it may not even fix the problem). One potential problem you might run into by doing this is if you have more than 2 PS3s currently associated to your account. Before, you could associate more than 2 PS3s to your account (I think the limit was 5 PS3s) and they reduced this number from 5 to 2 some years ago. If you deactivate your consoles, this means afterwards you'll only be able to associate 2 PS3s at a time. If you currently only have 1 or 2 PS3s, then it doesn't really matter or make a difference, otherwise then I could see why you might be hesitant to pull the trigger. It's a lame situation indeed and I hope you can somehow get past this...I know I would be annoyed in your shoes and it is weird that not everyone is experiencing this so I'm hoping there is some solution.
  9. Weekly is still accessible. This week's is "tag 100 enemies that are then killed by your teammate" There is still no daily challenge available at the moment
  10. I'm seeing it on your profile so hopefully you see it too now. Try checking again
  11. Which makes sense. What I'm saying is, even when you have it set to 'On', your time should not be changing when you attempt to log in because the PS3 doesn't detect or change your DST setting automatically (it's a manual setting you have to either turn on or off in the date/time settings). Your time going back an hour by itself is odd so I'm curious if this is just isolated to you or if others who are getting the same error message experience something similar. Only other thing I can think to try is deactivating/reactivating your PS3 or checking to see how many PS3s you have activated on your account from I wonder if maybe it has something to do with having too many PS3s tied to your account but again, I don't think this would necessarily stop you from logging in. Grasping at straws at this point lol
  12. 29 friends should be fine so yeah not related I guess. The thing is, PS3 doesn't have programming to automatically change the time for DST. You have to manually set whether DST is in effect or not, so the fact that the time changes back an hour when you attempt to log in (when you have the machine to check for time automatically) is bizarre. Would be curious to hear if others experience the same thing. Like I said in my previous post though, having the incorrect time shouldn't really affect logging in so it may not be related to the issue at all.
  13. For anyone else who is experiencing this issue, do you also notice the time go back by one hour when attempting to log in? If this behaviour is consistent with everyone who's experiencing the problem, I do wonder if it's somehow related to DST. Maybe try manually setting your clock back an hour? This is really a shot in the dark as I don't think having the wrong time should really affect login and it does seem like it's something specific with your account, but worth a try at this point. One other thing you can try maybe is delete some friends from you list if you have a lot on your list. Again this normally shouldn't really affect logging in but you never know and it's worth a shot. Aside from that, no idea. Clearly it's affecting a lot of people but not everyone, so if we can determine some constants between the affected users, might help with figuring out a solution to this problem (timezone, amount of friends, age of account, etc.)
  14. I got it at level 73. I used my gold to buy the country tombstones and had to grind 2 extra levels for 2 extra boxes and got it.
  15. I got 11/12, the enemy had 10 seconds left, and the timer rocketed down to 0...Pain 😭 EDIT: Finally did it...after what felt like 50+ attempts (I kept restarting after the first ~20 seconds of the match if I didn't get 3-4 kills. Definitely the hardest challenge in the game by far....glad it's over.