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  1. Yep woke up to a beautiful update for LoS!!!
  2. Yeah im sure man. I been askin the question for days and I went and tested myself since didn't get any confirmation from anyone else. Dlc nodes don't show up so no access to dlc
  3. Can confirm LoS Collection needs patch as well and is not updating either.
  4. Yeah but the nodes should still be on map
  5. Nope 1st time. Nah man if u have installed they should show right after tutorial.
  6. Yeah I checked for patch and it says its up to date. I'm hoping the updates r on disk but gotta knock out tutorial to check later
  7. @VoidVictorious hey man I've already got the collection. Gonna run tutorial tonight and see whats up
  8. Do you have the LoS Collection or just vanilla?
  9. Yeah mines a US version. Want give me the update option on launch or from XMB.
  10. Does the Castlevania Lords of Shadow Collection disc need updates? It says the most current version is installed. Wasnt sure since it released later if maybe updates where on disc?
  11. Cant wait to pop my Blops 2 plat for #200 and see the fuss!
  12. Dont follow many people other than a few I've made friends with over the years. Powerpyx has some awesome stuff that I've used. Roosterteeth I used to use all the time. Will say that I just heard of @Lawless_Llamas reviews and those sound awesome. Will definitely check those out and hopefully hell do one for me sometime!
  13. Twisted Metal!!! Vandal Hearts Morrowind and Oblivion Vagrant Story Syphon Filter
  14. Is Hoxton Breakout still messed up? Just started this up and was wanting to go for 100%. If it is, any word on fixes?
  15. Dont see a Five Finger Fillet trophy!!!! That's freaking awesome