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  1. Cant wait to pop my Blops 2 plat for #200 and see the fuss!
  2. Dont follow many people other than a few I've made friends with over the years. Powerpyx has some awesome stuff that I've used. Roosterteeth I used to use all the time. Will say that I just heard of @Lawless_Llamas reviews and those sound awesome. Will definitely check those out and hopefully hell do one for me sometime!
  3. Twisted Metal!!! Vandal Hearts Morrowind and Oblivion Vagrant Story Syphon Filter
  4. Is Hoxton Breakout still messed up? Just started this up and was wanting to go for 100%. If it is, any word on fixes?
  5. Dont see a Five Finger Fillet trophy!!!! That's freaking awesome
  6. I had Cannon Connoisseur glitch on me last night! Guess I'll be waiting around for the patch that does fix this junk.
  7. I want that Destiny plat!!! Dang flawless raider and dumb people make it so much harder.
  8. Lol I could name 10 easily, but I'll keep it short. Anthem, AC Odyssey, and AC Chronicles.
  9. I think a new Xmen game would be amazing. Especially if they did them like Xmen Legends series. I could see Punisher, Blade, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, and many more being great games if done right (each one has to be completely molded around the character). Punisher can only kill bad guys, Blade has to feed or find serum for power, etc. Or they could just go really crazy and give me my Ultimate Alliance 3 with the entire marvel roster!!!
  10. Yeah man to be honest really no way to wear them out fast enough to get done in time. Main key is pick the easiest ones and make sure to learn which way to swivel for each move. Knowing the right swivel and doing it fast as hell usually wins over AI. Either way if u can manage to get 5 done for standing tech each time. U can get away with 3 ground techs each time. Usually 1 or 2 easy ones outta each list. That's how I managed. Good luck need anything else let me know.
  11. I had issues and couldn't find any help. This is the best I could figure out just going for it.
  12. I was a Khajit archer and married Aela the Huntress. We made a hot couple of archers lol.
  13. I am only missing this trophy for the platinum, but last night I hit my 100k and the trophy never popped. I played a few extra matches with no luck. Anyone else have this problem or no why it may not be unlocking.
  14. Surprised no one else has said it, but mine is Assassin's Creed with 9: AC II, Brotherhood, Revelations, III, Liberation, Black Flag, Rogue, Unity, Syndicate. All 100% as well. Soon to add #10 with Origins and 3 100%s with the chronicles.
  15. Yes that one lol. "Trophy Collector"