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  1. Why MGS 5 before peace walker??? 😟 Not that i'm complaining! Things like gift others and leaderboards can't be p2p so there should be a server for it too i guess.
  2. But Hitman ps4 was already on ps plus? Edit: i've read only the topic not the title
  3. i hit the reputation cap for today, dang!!! Best asnwer ever ahahah 😂 I don't feel like commenting on this news i mean it's such a meme at this point.
  4. I'm playing the ps4 physical version on a ps5 and in around 10 hours of playing and 2 clears it never crashed once.
  5. yh, they promised the new season on console with that patch as well (Season of the Void Brethren wich on pc began July 6) and i'm waiting to start the game, I'ts kinda annoying to say the least 🙃
  6. I just got here searching for the same thing, i was scrolling through my game list on my (new! xD) ps5 and noticed that i had the plat for this game and got kinda confused because I never played the game! But indeed i have played strech (a very fun game too) when it says i have played slyde. So this problems persist even after months.
  7. That doesn't mean or justify that ANY company should abandon a game that people brought off with their hard earned money (with expensive dlc on top it too in this case) with features not working because people payed for them, and in this case it's not about trophies or small things too, the games is riddled with bugs from the very launch. And this is a fair warning from the user and people imo should definitely not support or justify in any way shape or form a company who abandon a game in the state this game is.
  8. There was any kind of update on this game, is it any good now? It's a bit that i keep an eye on this game because the idea behind it sounds good and atm it's only 1€ but if the performance and the bots are so bad and it's only a plat grind i'll skip it.
  9. That's reassuring, i was so hyped to play this finally, i brought it after a couple of minutes it was released ( i literally kept refreshing the store 😁) but then i got so much crashing when i was playing 😞 it gave me flashbacks of a game i was playing just a couple weeks before this...
  10. Well, lots of good options there, with some games that i love like bioshock, days gone is simply incredible, but the only game in there that surprised me was rise of the tomb rider, i was never a fan of the series (and i basically play everything) and tried the game only because of psplus, and now is one of my favourite games ever that i replay just for fun! And the sequel (shadow of the tomb rider) it's even better and i cannot reccomend it more (despite so much hate for that game), if there is a sequel to the reboot trilogy it's dy one for me! Definitely try it out at least.
  11. Hi, i know it's a longshot, because no one seems to be interested in this game at all, but i kinda like the idea of an offline mmo like game, and at least the first hours seems interesting. I know the game it's a long grind so i'm thinking (it was mostly because the store closing tbh) about buying the dlc, but i've never found such vague descriptions in any other items in the store, so i'm looking for some feedbacks. I already brought the one that gives money for walking (that one seems easy enough), can someone with the plat/lots of hours/dlc give a descriptionsor tips on the others? The clerks and the others npc dosen't seems useful, what about the different class, there's 2 types if i understand it right one that is an early unlock and one that you can only buy? Again no description at all about the class itself, are any of them useful? (i'm playing as a warrior atm, i usually play as a midlainer in games like this). Sorry for the wall of text, but it's so hard to find informarion about this game!