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  1. Thank you for commenting but you should go back less than a page in the thread. Nobody is requiring you to sign any petitions. Have a good one.
  2. We're about to get our 700th signature tonight, thank you to anyone who took the minute or so to add theirs, it was very much appreciated.
  3. ` Thank you very much for the signature.
  4. For those who might be interested:
  5. This. Thank you for saying so, showing interest in things like this is exactly what made PlayStation retract their discontinuation of the PS3 and Vita digital marketplaces.
  6. It's a shame when people make the trophy hunt about others and not themselves. We're all here to get trophies/achievements for different reasons, but the strangest part about this site that I never see on PSTrophies or TrueAchievements is such a large number of people that are toxic in every single thread that they join. Who cares what other people are doing to earn their trophies? Isn't the reason you keep track of them for you? I don't know a single person once I turn this computer off that would be impressed if I had more or fewer trophies than I do haha, this has no extrinsic value what we do here. We're here in this thread to discuss a game's alleged closure. The subject line of this specific thread doesn't suggest it's even a trophy discussion, just that the game can't be played online right now. If legitimacy for anything were ever upheld, then the thousands of people with trophies w/out timestamps from when their accounts were just sub-accounts or were offline PS3 users would have been banned, online trophies in games w/out anti-cheat wouldn't be listed, modded controllers wouldn't be linked in threads on every FPS or FG on the site, and - exactly - boosting threads would be gone, too. It's a waste of energy. If we used this thread to find ways of communicating with developers or community managers, there'd be a chance that what happened back in May with the digital market places would get repeated, and then there'd be absolutely no concern about the trophy legitimacy for anyone currently present. If there was a grace period provided, then anyone who complained at that point would have nothing to stand on. As it is, we were given false advertising and inaccurate, vague, and obscure communications in video game news outlets as well as social media posts. I found out this afternoon that they still haven't listed the server closures on , which has been accurate and up-to-date w/ every other first party title that has been closed, and some major third party titles as well. I'm not saying that there's a hidden agenda or that this is evidence that we are guaranteed anything, but I find that very strange, especially given the brevity of their update on Monday and the lack of social media presence they've had since (usually, for example, the Twitter account posts constantly throughout the day about community content regarding Sackboy: A Big Adventure, but even that isn't happening).
  7. Didn't know you were a dev, that's pretty cool Almost like I wasn't making anything up and there's no reason for detractors to still be here in this thread. Nothing to gain from shooting down others here.
  8. Funny you ask all this since they're actually the same servers. Very strange, isn't it.
  9. You should read my other posts. My comments here have absolutely nothing to do with trophies. I also have no delusions about being entitled. I am entitled. I paid for a product. They gave no warning and were not only not transparent but dishonest. If I don't say anything then they will surely keep the servers shutdown. If I act like you, I'll only hurt my fellow consumer by encouraging others to keep quiet. I don't know what you gain by telling me it's not possible. I know it's unlikely. But if you don't like these threads then don't come to them, it's not hard. A lot of people seem to also forget that the legacy digital marketplaces were going to be shutdown permanently, and that that was the narrative for almost 3 weeks. Have a good evening.
  10. Regardless of whether or not I sound entitled (I won't argue that, because I do feel entitled, I won't deny it, I gave them money and now am entitled to a product that I want to use), that's not the point of why I interact with these threads and social media posts about the subject. Resigning to them shutting this down means that there is a 100% chance that it's over. And coming in here and telling other people - to no benefit to myself - that they shouldn't try is pretty dumb, since I am also a consumer and would appreciate it if there was an easier way to interface with businesses. On the other hand, I could either say nothing - no loss to myself - or, if I want this thing to stay alive, I could continue to pressure the company - again, no loss to myself or others. People have been crapping on me all day for pressing this, I won't stop, so don't waste your time. You're only hurting yourself if we get to a point where we have no bargaining or negotiations on things like this. There were almost three weeks this year where everyone thought there was no way we'd get to keep the old digital marketplaces. Keep that in mind. And on top of this, this reaction is warranted: if they're not going to be transparent and say early on that it's not expected the legacy platforms can be saved, they should have said so. The 30-90 day warning should be standard. Max Payne, for example, has given ample time for people to know. Warner Bros. did the same with many of their open world games. Activision did this with many of their legacy titles that actually had license expiration as a cause, not technology getting old or loss of money or lack of popularity. I understand they didn't plan for a DDoS. But there are numerous precedent studies for how to migrate your services elsewhere after a shutdown. I get that takes resources. What if they asked the community? What if we could fund that? It's not black and white, and if people are annoyed by anyone hanging on, they can go to another thread and ignore what we post here. Simple as.
  11. I like that more people are posting about this. It shows that players care. For almost three weeks, PS3 and Vita owners thought that the digital marketplaces would be gone forever and players would be unable to access thousands of games and hundreds of thousands of trophies. Now, we've been given an indeterminate amount of extra time because we showed we cared. That was for a decision much bigger and more difficult to implement than recovering a server that hosts 4 games. Not saying it's easy or even possible, just something to consider. Plenty of case studies I could list suggesting that this has potential. I obviously don't use booters so I don't know how serious the DDoS attack was, or how much it costs to continue pursuing a fix. But if we never say anything then they'll certainly never know that we're upset.
  12. Super doubtful and also not even a fix, honestly. It's not about trophies for me, but if it were, I'd still be unable to have someone host the Muppets levels (I'm not alone with that), and the enjoyment of earning the trophies would be lost, too. They'd be unearned and far less valuable. That doesn't solve the issue unfortunately, even if they do implement it. I don't know of any precedents where thats been used either, with so many online trophies for so many titles being hosed in this case.
  13. Seems to be the first first-party title, certainly. Killzone titles were shutdown ages ago but they were given warning, same as Twisted Metal, ModNation Racers and ModNation Racers Road trip, Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Ratchet Deadlocked The Last of Us, and Uncharted 2+3, and people have been having difficulty with the User Generated Content- related trophies in InFamous 2 but those issues are not consistent and Sucker Punch has not issued any statements as to how long those will continue being available. God of War Ascension, Ratchet & Clank: All4One, Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault and Journey (is that technically indie if Sony Santa Monica developed it...?) are all still available, and outside of that I don't know of any other first-party titles that even had online features outside of some kind of leaderboard. Certainly. It's why so many of us are insistent that this is something that, with pressure, might be reversed. Pie in the sky? Definitely. Likely to end in failure? Of course. Won't know if we don't try, though. We don't know enough on THEIR end to say for certain.
  14. Continue posting about it. Anywhere that they'll see it. Use the same social media platforms as them, make alt accounts if you have to, @ them on Twitter and Instagram, make petitions. I'll gladly support where I can but I have a full time job and can't dedicate myself to this as much as I wish I could. Before anyone says that there's no guarantee— of course there isn't. Never is. But plenty of games have made changes for many different circumstances. None of us are on the inside. If we just resign to saying that it's impossible, though, then yes, it will be because nobody even tried. I can provide signatures, I can provide reposts and likes and follows, I can provide upvotes on Reddit. I can @ developers if anyone wants me to and can give me their handles/usernames. I'll send emails if anyone has addresses. I'm not suggesting to harass obviously, but this is how it's been done elsewhere. The possibility of the PS3 and Vita content being shutdown as a result of assumed lack of interest means proving them wrong might change how this goes down. And if this has to go on for long enough (which requires us all to continue caring and not give up easily), what really needs to happen is we stop buying new games they put out if they continue to do this to games we enjoy. Vote with your wallet. Refuse to let them sunset games suddenly or to allow their networks to be breached without either having security or alternatives or solutions.