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  1. all of the tombs are displayed on the map in the 1st cave near Ravensthorpe, 2 new ones on the map and then after you've done those the door in the 1st one will open
  2. yea i dunno, managed to accept the terms just fine using the ps+ streaming, it was weird like my game and my console just froze to the screen where i was supposed to accept the terms
  3. that was my problem, i could not accept the terms.
  4. so in the end i never did figure out how to solve it but for those who encounter the same problem you can try to stream infamous 2 with your ps4/5 it worked for me on there
  5. my game and console freeze on the screen that's supposed to be about accepting the terms of ugc anyone else got this?
  6. Hey, i just started playing today and after the mission "Karma's a bitch" i am supposed to be able to access the UGC but my game and console get stuck on the screen where i'm supposed to agree to the terms but that screen never pops up and the only way i can get out of it is to force shutdown the console from the power button, anyone else have this? can i bypass this if i just play offline? since right now i'm basically stuck
  7. i never played the original ps3 one but from what i understand this one is a bit easier than the ps3 version, it took me just a bit over a week to plat, it's really easy and a super amazing game but i'm sure you already knew that, the hardest trophy here is to upgrade 33 weapons to the max level but here's where the remake comes in, there's a few weapons from nier automata added in the remake thus you can upgrade those instead of the few weapons that require super rare upgrade materials saving you lots of time
  8. If i were to pick from my list they would be 1. Bloodborne 2. Okami 3. Ghost Of Tsushima 4. Nier (both automata and the remake) 5. Astro's Playroom
  9. yeah so if you do ps4 or ps5 1st the way to pop the trophies on the other version that i found was to start a run and either die, give it up from the menu or complete it and that seems to pop the trophies
  10. i got the trophies now and since i didn't trust the autopops i kinda played around with the cloud saves and the autosave between the two versions but once i finished a run some trophies that i only had on the ps5 version popped on the ps4 so i tested, i got a trophy on ps5 and then went on the ps4 version and went into a run and then from the inventory menu i gave up that run and that popped the trophies so i think autopopping does work
  11. so before i start to go for these, i have to do both of the versions ps4 and ps5 so i just want to ask were any of you able to autopop these or did you have to do them 2 times?
  12. yeah i think it only works the other way so if you play ps4 and then load the save for the ps5 version it should autopop, now that hasn't worked for me at all so it's a real pain to keep both of these versions 100% i'll have to start this soon myself
  13. ok so funny but i now got it, i honestly can't believe i made it KV-1S with the 122mm howitzer is the tank to do it in a tier 4 match
  14. aight bois i've been at it for about 3 days now, multiple times getting 2/3 but the last one just always dies out somewhere else, anyone have any tips or just anything for this really? i've been trying on tier 5 and 4 since tier 3 is too populated with lt's and going higher tier the tanks get more hp and there's also the problem with the wheeled tanks
  15. yeeeeah i cannot see myself getting this trophy, i have about 55K battles on wot pc and only have 2 of the medal (naydins medal it's called on pc) i've been close twice with 2/3 but just how are you supposed to be in 3 places at the same time?