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  1. I've tried having a look myself and can't find any information on this subject hence my thread. Does anybody know if there is anymore planned DLC with trophies for this game after the Wild lands pack? Cheers
  2. I watched a few videos on YouTube and people are getting shot and seem to be ok whereas one shot with myself and my health is obliterated. I also seem to start the chase section with only three med kits as opposed to other people's four. I've started a new game and will max out my health perks before starting a NG+
  3. I have just come back to this great game to earn the trophy for completing the game on Infamous difficulty on NG+ but I can't seem to get past the car chase when the Marshall is driving right at the very start. Can you co-op this part or does anybody have any tips for this section? Many thanks
  4. Ace

    This game is flawed. Not only does my game freeze up to four times for every round but I just hit a hole in one on the official Atlantic beach course. The game then froze, again, and my trophy didn't pop. This game is really frustrating me now.
  5. Just had a response back from the developers and they suggested clearing your cache on your consoles and that should help with the lag on the game.
  6. How do you turn off the replay system? I've contacted HB studios and asked if they can patch it already!
  7. I have too whilst playing single player in the PGA tour. It's quicker to close the game and reload it again! Are you playing on a PS4 OR PS5? I'm playing on the latter.
  8. Remember to collect your rewards. This can be found under User Profile on the main menu. Click X on this option and then tab over to the right using R1. You can then collect a significant amount of coins for doing set criteria. You can even collect 8,500 coins every season for winning eleven tournaments during a season. This can be easily done by competing in one star tournaments only.
  9. Is there a Delta event today?
  10. I'm currently hunting the last trophy on Resistance mode to get myself back up to 100% once more. Does anybody know if Ubisoft are now done with this game or are they planning yet more updates and DLC/S? Many thanks.
  11. I didn't say that it was! You might have gotten the trophy but you certainly didn't get the joke......
  12. Please tell me that they have patched the 'is it all mine?' trophy in the most recent update. This trophy is breaking me down piece by piece everytime I play this damn game!
  13. Thank you for both of your replies on the subject, cheers.
  14. Looking for some help/ assistance. Does the year one upgrade include all of the DLC released up until now? This includes energy, uproar, super size and wild spirits. Many thanks in advance.
  15. I saw a YouTube video on this about half hour after I posted this. I done exactly as you mentioned and it was extremely easy. Thank you for posting a reply as if I hadn't of found that video then your reply would've worked just as good. Thanks