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  1. Thanks for reading, we've got quite a few games in common, looks like you've already finished most of the ones I still need to go back to I'll definitely get fifa 15 done eventually but it's one of those where it could take 20 minutes or 5 hours so it's probably getting avoided until I only have difficult stuff left
  2. You've got so many games under 10% completion if I were you I would work out which of those I wanted to play the most and start from there, not sure which I would recommend because you've got a lot of different genres so it depends on what type of game you feel like playing
  3. Cleanup enjoyment = 6/10 Cleanup difficulty = 3/10 I remember playing this for about an hour when I first got it and and deciding I wasn't interested in a more simulation style race track based need for speed game, coming back to it now when all the nfs games follow the same arcadey open world formula I enjoyed the change in approach. There were enough different things to work towards that I never felt like I was pointlessly grinding but I started to get a bit bored near the end and could've done with it being a couple hours shorter. Start of Cleanup: 20th April 2021 - Progress: 20th June 2021 304 games played/83 completed - 315 games played/121 completed Completion % - 64.5% (estimate) - Completion % - 68.68% 3892 unearned trophies - 3558 unearned trophies Made a lot of progress in the first 2 months, feels good to be nearing 70% completion because the last time it will have been that high must've been at least 9 or 10 years ago. Not included in the completed games are 5 games that I've cleaned up and now only have unobtainable trophies left meaning I still have 189 games to go back to, a massive amount but until the PS5 starts doing enough to make me really want one I can see myself working on this for a very long time.
  4. Cleanup enjoyment = 5/10 Cleanup difficulty = 1/10 Anyone that has completed this probably knows about the glitch that can turn it from about an 8/10 difficulty to 1/10 by making what are meant to be trophies done in a single run cumulative over all runs, I tried to do the hardest trophies legitimately for a few hours before giving up and getting them done with the glitch in about 25 minutes. I like this game but not enough to put an unknown amount of hours into getting good at it when I have so many other games to get through. Cleanup enjoyment = 6/10 Cleanup difficulty = 4/10 Thought I was going to really struggle with this at first but after watching some videos of the best routes I finished it pretty easily, went from being 5 seconds outside the time needed for the time attack trophy to being 12th on one of the leaderboards out of about 2000 players. Very satisfying game to play once I got used to the mechanics and could feel myself improving quickly, I thought the trophy for playing 50 games would just happen naturally but I ended up having to grind it for a few hours after finishing everything else which dropped my enjoyment a bit.
  5. I don't see the point of the Series S
  6. Think I might reach level 50 naturally by the time I get all the badges but if not this will be useful for not having to grind it
  7. This seems high on the list of unnecessary remasters
  8. That's a bit of a joke that it's being allowed back up when one of the versions still doesn't work properly, I would also expect it to still be 59.99 because digital pricing rarely uses common sense when compared to physical
  9. I must have at least 20 games on my profile with unobtainable trophies because the servers are gone, you just have to accept it because a petition isn't going to do anything
  10. I have no faith in this being good
  11. Fall guys doesn't make me angry but I get bored really fast playing it, because of the infallible exploit I feel like I don't have an excuse to not get the plat now though so I just play it for 30 minutes at a time to work towards the last couple trophies when I don't feel like playing anything else. It's been a long time since I played it but I remember really enjoying Never Alone, only takes a few hours to get through as well.
  12. The complete dlc bundle is still there in the ps3 store for me? At £24.99 it's a massive rip off though unless you are desperate for the 100%
  13. GTA San Andreas, it's easy compared to the grind that the other GTA plats require
  14. Something about it being spread over a bunch of different countries with half of the teams just playing at home makes it feel like not a proper tournament for me
  15. Thanks, I'd like to go for under 3000 unearned trophies by the end of the year like you are but not sure how realistic it is so just keeping it as a general goal for now. Yeah I've seen a few people say they prefer the writing in the first game, already bought the second one but holding off on adding any new games for a while but I'm looking forward to it more now if there are actually no missables. Thanks, you don't have much to go back to but it looks like it's mostly difficult or unobtainable stuff left, I would probably be happy with my account in your position to just focus on new things especially if your free time is limited but it's going to probably take me years to get to that point.