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  1. 4th March - 1% overall progress since start of year achieved, 256 trophies earned 17th May - 2% overall progress since start of year achieved, 565 trophies earned I'm planning on finally getting into the Yakuza series and starting Yakuza 0 soon, my progress has already been slower than I was hoping it would be and I know Yakuza is like a 100 hour plat so I'm expecting it to get even slower
  2. Very underwhelming initial list for me, need to see a lot more ps3 games
  3. This, either do it in squad battles or at least score an own goal instead of wasting peoples time
  4. WWE 2K22 done for Non-Gaming IP (I guess WWE can count for this?) and Little Nightmares for Frightening/Horror Glad I finally got around to playing Little Nightmares and I can see why it gets so much praise, the gameplay side of it is pretty forgettable but the visuals/sound/atmosphere are so good, wish it was longer but at least I've still got the DLC to play and I'll definitely buy the second one at some point. Player choices/multiple endings - Oxenfree Isometric view - Untitled Goose Game Metroidvania or Rogue-like - Yoku's Island Express Player Operated Vehicles - Manual Samuel Has no humans - Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair By an Independent Developer - Songbird Symphony Award Winning - Lost Words: Beyond the Page
  5. 1 - My Name is Mayo 2 1/1/2022 2 - Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection 20/1/2022 3 - God of War 2 31/1/2022 4 - Sly 3 10/2/2022 5 - Uncharted 2 28/3/2022 6 - Crash 2 1/5/2022 7 - Yakuza 0 8 - Unravel 2 9 - Crash 4 10 - Fall Guys 17/3/2022 Had been putting off getting the rest of the relics I needed in Crash 2 for years but it really wasn't as bad as I was expecting, looking forward to playing Yakuza been interested in starting that series for a long time
  6. Starting %: 74.72% End of Jan %: 75.27% (+0.55%) End of Feb % 75.70% (+0.43% for the month, +0.98% total) End of Mar % 76.30% (+0.60% for the month, +1.58% total) End of Apr % 76.56% (+0.26% for the month, +1.84% total) 8.44% required in 8 months to reach 85% end of year goal Really slow month for progress as most of my time went into WWE 2K22
  7. I think PS3 definitely did a better job with the trophy lists of making you experience everything a game had to offer but I'm glad massively grindy trophies just for the sake of being a grind aren't as common anymore
  8. I'm 70 tokens away after playing 445 matches in total, I've just finished proving grounds on legendary and have only played faction wars up to the final token reward (175 wins) I've still gotta do a couple weeks of daily challenges so I'll get the remaining tokens I need from that and the daily loyalty rewards easily, the 150 tokens that are now available from the weekly towers help a lot as it's probably saved me from having to grind the remaining 325 faction wars matches Found proving grounds pretty enjoyable for the most part and beat most matches first try, the 8 person ladder matches were definitely annoying and required some luck but the only match I really hated was the 8 woman pin only match in chapter 3 tower 3 and I was relieved there weren't any more of those
  9. Cleanup enjoyment = 6/10 Cleanup difficulty = 5/10 Been holding off on going back to this for a few months as when I started getting close to the 10,000 trophy milestone making it the platinum for what was one of my favourite PS3 games felt like a good choice, after playing it again for the first time in 12 years it's still very good and the story especially is a big improvement from the first game but it's not a contender for my favourite game in the series anymore, I would definitely rate 4 and LL higher and probably even 3. Also realised one of the reasons I enjoyed this so much when I first played it was because I did it on normal difficulty, I found hard to be a lot more frustrating than I was expecting because of a few sections and I ended up using the exploit to have one hit kills and unlimited ammo for my crushing playthrough, the final boss actually ended up being a lot easier than I remembered though. Cleanup enjoyment = 2/10 Cleanup difficulty = 2/10 Having to win every race and complete every objective in the career mode is one of the most boring things I've done in the last year that I've been going back through these different old games, my total playtime according to the in game stats was 26 hours and I remember checking it at the 8 hour mark thinking how it was already starting to feel like a chore but I was commited to finishing it before moving onto another game at that point. There's not much variety between the different stages you have to race and the events in career mainly just consist of a few different stages thrown together, I could've made it less boring for myself by not playing on the easiest difficulty but when a lot of the events take between 30 minutes to an hour (one of the final ones takes about 5 hours) it wasn't worth risking not completing what I needed to and having to replay them. First Year Cleanup Progress: 20th April 2021 - 20th April 2022 304 games played/83 completed - 344 games played/181 completed Completion % - 64.5% (estimate) - Completion % - 76.47% 3892 unearned trophies - 2882 unearned trophies Feel pretty good overall with what I've done with my account over the last year increasing my completion by about 12% and reducing my unearned trophies by just over 1000, not every game has been fun to go back to but the satisfaction from improving/cleaning up my profile makes it feel worth grinding through the boring ones. The progress slowed down a lot in the second half of the year compared to the first 6 months and will probably keep getting slower so I feel like a good goal for the next year is to reduce my unearned by another 500 from where I started (2392) but I'll be happy enough to just get under 2500. My aim with this checklist was just to keep myself motivated and by making sure I update it at least once a month it's serving its purpose, I can't imagine it's very interesting to read so to anyone that has followed my progress at all over the last year I just want to say thanks
  10. I wouldn't expect a lot of modes or match types, they're probably just focused on making sure it plays well
  11. Think the servers are just having problems today, two of the daily challenges aren't registering
  12. I don't think it's that bad as long as it's only done in free-to-play games, no doubt they will try it in paid games but hopefully that would get massive backlash
  13. Don't understand the excitement for this, looks like another cash grab to me
  14. I'll never go fully digital as long as physical is an option, buying and reselling games has saved me a ton of money over the years. Also hate the idea of being trapped into only having one market to buy your games from, look at how long it takes for some games to hit a good price on the ps store compared to the amount of deals available physically