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  1. This is my understanding of it as well unless I'm missing something
  2. I know right imagine caring about trophies on a website about trophies.
  3. I'll be surprised if this is anything more than a cashgrab but I would happily be wrong though as these games badly need modernising, GTA 3 especially had aged like a turd when I played the PS4 version a few years ago
  4. It's stupid that the timer starts from the minute you start downloading the game and not when you start playing it but downloading it on a second account is a good tip
  5. I could've done without that sex scene in TLOU2 tbh, for more reasons than just censorship
  6. Took me about 15 minutes, wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting from the way people have described it
  7. Cleanup enjoyment = 5/10 Cleanup difficulty = 2/10 Football management sim, not much to say about this as there's not much depth to it tactically and can be completed in under 5 hours. I enjoyed the first couple hours but then I was already at the point where my team was strong enough that I didn't have to pay attention so the last few hours were just mashing buttons to get through the menus as quick as possible for the remaning trophies. Cleanup enjoyment = 4/10 Cleanup difficulty = 3/10 Just needed to complete the Valley of the Yetis dlc, I've looked at buying it a few times over the years but always felt the price was too steep and it rarely ever seemed to go on sale, when I finally did notice it on sale a couple of weeks ago any real interest I had to play it had been replaced by "I can finally get this out of the way". Didn't help that I hadn't played a Far Cry game in almost 4 years so felt pretty rusty going straight into the dlc with no tutorial and the first few hours were a struggle, started to enjoy it more nearer the end but I didn't find the Yetis or the story around them very interesting. Cleanup enjoyment = 4/10 Cleanup difficulty = 2/10 Decided to clean up both at the same time as 1 month of EA play was on sale allowing me to go back to the PS4 version and all I had left still obtainable on the PS3 version was the offline party pack dlc, the dlc has been delisted but is included in the physical version of the ultimate edition so I just bought a cheap copy of that. Sucks that I can't get the 100% on the ps3 version as it's one of my favourite ps3 games, my first platinum and the second game I ever earned a trophy in, I was expecting to have to boost the remaining online trophies for the ps4 version but thanks to some helpful people in random lobbies it was easier than I thought. Cleanup enjoyment = 3/10 Cleanup difficulty = 4/10 Also used EA play for this as I sold my copy a few months ago, I'll take this as a sign that I'm tired of the NFS series because I don't think this is necessarily a bad game but this was the least fun I've had playing a Need for Speed, for some reason it always felt like a chore to play and I was just bored throughout even though it's not much different from NFS Payback which I really liked. This game was sort of the unofficial start of me deciding to clean up my account as when I came back to it at the start of April I hadn't touched it since January 2020, I wanted to at least play through the story and get the easy trophies done and then a couple days after selling it I decided I wanted to actually go for every obtainable trophy on my account which meant coming back to this for the more tedious stuff mainly being to 3 star every activity. Very similar to Payback in the amount of activities and the difficulty of them but the amount of traffic in this is far worse and unlike in Payback playing in an online lobby doesn't reduce it which made a couple of the speedtraps especially frustrating. Even more frustrating was when the trophy for 3 starring every activity then didn't pop at the same time as the trophy for getting every collectible and 3 starring all activities, I just started redoing random activities and thankfully it popped about 5 minutes later, very glad I didn't have to redo all of them but now those trophies are out of order which just sums up what an annoying experience this game was to play and my hype for the next NFS that is meant to be coming next year is now non existent.
  8. None, only time I would hide trophies would be a GTA V/COD situation where you might accidentally get trophies that can get you kicked off the leaderboards
  9. I've enjoyed reading through this thread over the last hour, the roadmap updates have made it easy to catch up on your progress over the last year (and your interesting obsession focus on stats) Congrats on the incoming plat #100
  10. I don't understand why they didn't just delay it?
  11. Looks like you can get all the trophies in 2 matches, I would be surprised if they don't add trophies when each new mode gets added
  12. Death mode isn't particularly hard but it's funny that this used to be one of the go to games for easy trophies when you compare it to what classes as an easy game now
  13. There's something about the art style I don't really like that has always put me off Little Nightmares when I've looked at it in the past but I think your review has convinced me I need to try it out at some point, especially if the rest of the soundtrack is as good as that one track you posted
  14. Good to see you've decided to keep going with this account, taking a "fuck it" approach on a 100% profile is pretty brave especially when it comes to online trophies as it could be taken out of your hands any time with a random server closure I see you added Tennis World Tour 2, bunch of easy ultra rares as the only real difficulty is trying not to fall asleep as you've got at least 30 to 40 hours of mindless grinding to get enough coins for all the equipment
  15. Seems a bit dramatic, a year from now will be a much fairer point to start judging it