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  1. I thought it was weird that the dispute was closed with no explanation but how does anything about this imply racism? Seriously tired of people playing the race card for everything nowadays as it undermines actual incidents of racism
  2. The amount of profiles with trophies earned before trophies were even invented or years before a game was released is laughable, I don't know why there isn't more automation because it's impossible for the CRT to keep up
  3. Red Dead Redemption #150 Legend of the WestYou've become a true legend of the west! Came back to this after 12 years to get the few multiplayer trophies that were stopping me from the plat to make it a milestone, the grind to level 50 actually isn't much of a grind thanks to glitches/exploits.
  4. This is the first thing to really make me want a PS5
  5. Your profile says 639 platinums
  6. I just wish I had been more of a completionist when I was younger, must have well over 500 unobtainable trophies now which sucks but I wouldn't delete them if I had the choice
  7. Ended up starting a new game and found it immediately in the same area I'd been looking for hours on my previous save, not surprised with how glitchy this dlc is
  8. I don't suppose you remember where you found the War Horse in Undead Nightmare? It's the only thing stopping me from finishing all the single player content (apart from the unicorn but obviously need to find all the horses for that) and I'm about to give up because I've already wasted several hours looking at different guides and searching the most common places people said it spawned
  9. Starting %: 74.72% End of Jan %: 75.27% (+0.55%) End of Feb % 75.70% (+0.43% for the month, +0.98% total) End of Mar % 76.30% (+0.60% for the month, +1.58% total) End of Apr % 76.56% (+0.26% for the month, +1.84% total) End of May % 76.79% (+0.23% for the month, +2.07% total) End of Jun % 77.20% (+0.41% for the month, +2.48% total) End of Jul % 77.57% (+0.37% for the month, +2.85% total) End of Aug % 78.11% (+0.54% for the month, +3.39% total) Got a lot done this month, finally went back to Arkham Asylum (the combat challenges weren't anywhere near as painful as I was expecting) making it my new longest plat at 12 and a half years and I'm also on the verge of finally getting the plat for Red Dead Redemption (the multiplayer grind wasn't anywhere near as painful as I was expecting) which I'm going to make my 150th plat milestone. Currently trying to decide if I want to commit hundreds of hours to getting good enough to platinum Tetris Effect after starting it last week, I really want to make a point of 100%'ing any new game I add to my list nowadays but I'm also not going to avoid difficult games I'm interested in to guarantee that, biggest concern is I put all of that time in and still end up not being good enough lol
  10. I feel bad for the people that put this off as 3 months notice from the start would have been very doable, nice for anyone who doesn't need that many points and will be able to finish it now though
  11. Sly should've been on there from launch, I don't like that their idea of premium content is to drip feed what was already on PS now but it's not surprising I just hope they put the PS3 ports of the PSP God of War games back on soon
  12. I assume none of the mods have been on the site today because how has this thread lasted so long
  13. God of War Ascension done for With Gorgeous Vistas, they really loved panning out the camera to show those gorgeous vistas leaving you wondering which pixel is Kratos as you try to fight off 10 enemies I wasn't planning on using it for any categories but I was playing Coffee Talk and realised the drinks you make work for Crafting Mechanics, if you like visual novel type games and haven't played this I would definitely recommend it
  14. Until it gets more exclusives I'm interested in that's going to be my logic as I don't care about having a PS5 just to use as a glorified PS4 pro, if my PS4 died tomorrow then yeah I would immediately buy one but for now I can handle the worse performance/load times
  15. Still not bothered about getting a PS5 for myself anytime soon but was planning to buy one as a present for someone in the next month so this is annoying, saw the rumour a couple weeks ago about the price increase but wasn't sure they'd actually do it