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  1. Still seems like a very pointless remaster to me, I guess they'll suck some people into spending money on the cheap upgrade path who wouldn't have bothered otherwise though
  2. Couldn't help but laugh that he was wearing a PS5 shirt
  3. That makes it sound like what Plus and Now give compared to Gamepass is similar which it's safe to say is definitely not a good comparison
  4. About time they merged now with plus, I really hope they put a focus on increasing the PS3 library even if those games can only be streamed as the amount of ps3 games on Now isn't anywhere near as big as it should be
  5. I think people complain far too much about the quality of games ps plus usually gives but this Godfall situation is a joke
  6. Going to be waiting an extremely long time for that and I doubt it's ever going that cheap on the psn store
  7. Pretty sure that is what he meant and my first thought was also Watchdogs Even then it's pretty crazy to think how few modern open world games there are considering it feels like open world games have been done to death
  8. Looking at my trophy list has bothered me a few times over the years but I never had the motivation to actually do anything about it, mainly because I never planned on going back to PS3 but last month I dusted it off for the first time in 7 years and decided I finally want to start cleaning up a lot of the unearned trophies I have. As far as trophy hunting in the past I was definitely closer to being a casual player than a hardcore one, if something felt too long or difficult I would stop and move onto the next game I want to play. I do have some games I bought purely because of trophies but I'll try and limit that going forward. When it comes to skill I'm average at best (or maybe I just give up too quickly), most of my trophies don't require much skill and that's one of the main things I hope to work on eventually. My first goal is just to get under 3000 unearned trophies and then see where I'm at from there, having this thread as somewhere to track my progress should keep me motivated. Start of Cleanup: 20th April 2021 304 games played/83 completed Completion % - 64.5% (estimate) 3892 unearned trophies
  9. Thanks, I just wish I'd had some of this conviction 6 or 7 years ago and then I wouldn't be trying to dig my account out of the massive hole it's in now 😄 You don't have much left to go back to but looking at some of it I can't blame you for not wanting to especially the online stuff I like that I've got the longest completion time on this site for Fez, may as well be the slowest if I can't be the quickest 😆 It's a very cool game but even following a guide I almost got lost, there was one point about 3 hours in that I thought I'd gone through the same portal as the guy I was watching but I came out in a completely different area, led to 20 stressful minutes of wandering around until luckily matching up to where I was meant to be because I was starting to think I was going to have to start again, pretty sure it was just another reminder that my attention span is awful rather than anything related to the game though
  10. Cleanup enjoyment = 5/10 Cleanup difficulty = 2/10 Very unique puzzle/platformer game that I would definitely recommend if you want a good challenge (all of the challenge comes from the puzzle solving side of it), it got too difficult for my tiny brain but even doing a completely guided playthrough I really enjoyed the look of the game and the soundtrack. According to my save file from when I first played this I got about 60% through before I assume I got stuck/lost and gave up and given that you need 209% to complete it I really didn't get very far. Coming back to it I decided it was best to just start a new save and follow a guide the whole way through and I'm glad I did as I have no idea how you would figure out every puzzle/find every collectible playing it blind without putting a serious amount of time into it, I appreciate the complexity of this game but I just wanted the remaining trophies as efficiently as possible and a fully guided run took me about 6 hours. Cleanup enjoyment = 3/10 Cleanup difficulty = 2/10 Not much to say about this apart from it being an annual wrestling game, definitely an annoying one to look back at as the 4 online trophies could have been completed in about 10 minutes, all of the offline stuff is pretty easy with the different settings you can use to weaken the AI. Cleanup enjoyment = 4/10 Cleanup difficulty = 4/10 Just needed the trophies for getting the last collectible in the secret area and beating the game with 5 or less deaths. The secret area was easy enough because despite having to do most of it in the dark they are very generous with checkpoints but the 5 deaths run took me way longer than it should've, I enjoyed this game the first time I played it but this trophy was a chore. Most of the game isn't particularly hard and it only takes about an hour to beat but I had a few failed runs around the 30 and 45 minute marks and one right at the very end because I kept making stupid mistakes and wasting lives at points I shouldn't because I wasn't paying enough attention, I think if the trophy required a deathless run I actually would have done it quicker as it would have forced me to focus the whole way through. Cleanup Progress: 20th October 2021 - 20th November 2021 328 games played/155 completed - 329 games played/160 completed Completion % - 73.65% - Completion % - 74.54% 3096 unearned trophies - 2987 unearned trophies That's my intial goal of getting under 3000 unearned trophies achieved already, I think my ultimate goal would be to get under 1000 but it might already be impossible because of server shutdowns and delisted dlc not even including obtainable trophies that are probably just going to be too difficult. I'm already at 196 unobtainables from 21 games I've gone back through so I would have to average less than 6 each for the remaining 148 games on my profile and it's not like I'm gonna 100% every new game I add in the future either, for now my next target is to get under 2500 which I expect to take a while as the quick and easy stuff I have left is drying up fast now.
  11. I've noticed it being slow for about the last month or so as well
  12. Been looking at buying Mass Effect Legendary edition and GoT Directors cut for PS4 recently and these black friday deals are barely any better than what I can already buy the physical copies for off of Amazon
  13. I'm surprised that people are surprised by this
  14. Was convinced this would be a cashgrab from the moment it was announced and the trailer didn't do anything to convince me otherwise even though it seemed to win over a lot of people, the lack of information pre release apart from that trailer and not giving early copies out to reviewers was very telling.
  15. Wouldn't be a Bethesda game if it worked properly
  16. Only 700mb being on the disc was true for just the Xbox Series X version as far as I know
  17. I bought GTA V for PS4 thinking it would be cool to play through the game again with the new first person camera, it ended up sitting on my shelf for a couple of years before I ended up just selling it still sealed, wasn't actually much of a regret though as the game retained its value so well that I barely made a loss on it
  18. Just coming back to this game now and for some reason I actually still have a sealed copy, sucks that the pass that comes with it had an expiry
  19. Cleanup enjoyment = 5/10 Cleanup difficulty = 1/10 Just had 2 career mode related trophies left, the quickest you can finish it is 51 fights unbeaten so I decided to play on the easiest difficulty, there's an exploit where you can max out your stamina and power which I used and then just went into every fight swinging like a madman winning most fights with a 1st or 2nd round KO and because the knockdowns are so satisfying in this game it was fun despite the lack of a challenge. Cleanup enjoyment = 3/10 Cleanup difficulty = 1/10 Telltale style game but with even less gameplay as the only controls are left and right to select dialogue and the occasional x button to perform an action, it can be completed in 3 playthroughs (inlcuding backing up and reloading your save at certain points) but took me 4 as I did a blind run 2 years ago and then left it until now. As a single playthrough I would give it a 5 or 6 out of 10, I liked the graphics and soundtrack but thought the story was average at best with the apes side of the story a lot more enjoyable than the humans. Pretty short game with a playthrough only taking about 4 hours but having to sit there following a guide 3 times got boring very fast, if you like story based games I would recommend this but only if it goes on sale. Cleanup enjoyment = 2/10 Cleanup difficulty = 3/10 Pretty sure I liked this when I first played it but coming back to it now it just feels like a less enjoyable version of Burnout Paradise, the collectibles are glitchy and not tracked well in game, I had to complete the requirements for a couple of trophies several times before they would unlock and one of the trophy descriptions is just wrong making this a pretty annoying experience to get the platinum. The only real positive I got out of coming back to this is now I have the platinum for every Need for Speed game that I've played on my profile, the dlc is still available but unless I change my mind for some reason there's no way I'm paying £24.99 for it as they don't deserve that amount of money for this mess and from looking at some of the requirements the dlc doesn't look fun to complete anyway, the dlc for NFS Hot Pursuit has been delisted meaning I can't get the 100% for every NFS on my profile which makes the decision easier as well. Cleanup enjoyment = 7/10 Cleanup difficulty = 6/10 Has to be one of the weirdest trophy lists on this site, 15 easy ultra rares that can be completed in under 30 minutes but then the remaining trophy can take anywhere from 6 to 20 hours depending on your skill level. I completed about half of the 500 challenges when I first played this but left all of the hard ones, I actually came back to it a couple of months ago but after struggling with some of the harder challenges put it off again till now. Actually wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be after playing for a couple of hours and getting familiar with it again, I had to watch a video for 1 challenge because I couldn't figure out how to get enough momentum to perform the trick required (turned out I was trying to do it on the wrong part of the level even though it seemed like the only place to do it) but everything else I completed myself after enough attempts and this was a very satisfying completion.
  20. Answered my own question as I ended up having to use funds in my wallet as the store refused to accept my card for some reason Also a bump for anyone that is unaware of this deal and might want to get it before it expires tonight
  21. Had to shake my head when I saw someone complaining a few days ago because a football team's defending had been described as suicidal
  22. Don't you have to use a card/paypal or can you use what's in your psn wallet for a yearly sub
  23. Nice I'll make sure I get this on Sunday before it expires, they might do another offer for black friday but maybe not and I doubt it would be cheaper
  24. Impossible for you maybe but that doesn't make something impossible to do